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Ancient and Wild Organics Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty 100g

Ancient and Wild Organics Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty 100g

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Say hello to eternal health and beauty and uncover the secret of natural anti-aging, one teaspoon at a time...

Ancient and Wild Organics welcomes you to the next generation of natural & eco-friendly anti-aging solutions. The Australian Made and owned Youth Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty uses 100% pure and natural collagen peptides derived from deep sea fish sustainably caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

We are an Australian company you can trust to deliver the highest quality Marine Collagen at the most affordable price on the market. Our collagen is known as super collagen for its advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons, it is the finest collagen in the world!

Finally ladies, a 100% natural wholefood supplement that's safe for the whole family during all stages of life. Learn more about marine collagen for pregnancy and breastfeeding 🤱


Youth Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty with added Vitamin C, for increased absorption, is a clinically proven wholefood supplement that will;

*Improve hydration and plump your skin for noticable signs of deep wrinkle and fine line reduction

*Improve your skin suppleness and viscoelastic properties

*Reduction of UVB induced skin damage

*Reduction of red and dry/patchy skin

*Reduction of cellulite and stretch marks

*Thickens your hair and increases volume

*Strengthen your nails

*Heals your gut lining, promoting healthy gut microbiome, healing ulcers/leaky gut

*Encourage weight loss

*Regulate your hormones

*Restoring Bone Mineral Density which helps to treat and prevent Osteoporosis

*Supports your joint and ligaments to promote flexible mobility

Replenish and stimulate your bodies collagen production by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of Youth Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty powder to any food or beverage, hot or cold. Its tasteless and odourless so it wont ruin your favourite flavours! Consumed daily in addition to exercise and a healthy, balanced diet to guarantee visible anti-aging results from as soon as 4 weeks.

Our mission is to unlock the natural beauty inside every woman by providing natural Australian made and owned products that women can use easily in their everyday lives. without having to go broke.

WA Made & Owned Marine Collagen
Odourless and Tasteless
Highest Absorption Rate
95% Type 1 Collagen (most abundant in the body)
Provides 8 of 9 Essential Amino acids
Chemical Free
Heavy Metal Free including Mercury
GMO Free
Antibiotic Free
100% Natural
Most Affordable
For more information about Youth Elixir Marine Collagen Beauty click here

For more Information about our mission at Ancient and Wild click here

*** NOT from china or antibiotic fed farmed fish, dont get caught out ***

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