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BCN Health Rest and Replenish 270g

BCN Health Rest and Replenish 270g


BCN’s Rest & Replenish may help to promote restful sleep!

BCN’s Rest & Replenish contains ingredients that may provide relief from insomnia and help support a quality nights sleep. It also contains magnesium which may provide relief from muscle cramps and spasms, aid muscle recovery from physical activity, and reduce the risk of magnesium deficiency.

BCN’s Rest & Replenish may help to:

  • Promote restful sleep

  • Provide relief from insomnia

  • Allow you to wake up feeling refreshed

  • Relieve muscle aches and cramps

  • Aid muscle recovery

    Each 9g dose (2 metric tbsp) containsGlycine890mg

    Magnesium glycinate dihydrate


    - Equiv. magnesium




    Total amount of glycine per dose from all ingredients

    3g (3000mg)


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