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alkaStream Antioxidant water filter "on tap"

The water filter that turns your ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants!

It's a water filter, a water ionizer, a microclustering system...






I believe the alkaStream offers by far the best value on the market today." - Rob Thomas,, world's leading water alkaliser blog resource.


"My wife and I have homes in both Sydney and Melbourne and were concerned about the quality of the town water. Friends had recommended the AlkaStream system and we purchased one unit for both houses. 

We are delighted at the results and more importantly we are delighted that David and Leon extended huge efforts to ensure the installations went smoothly,

 A huge thank you to both of them”

 Tim Rossi

The fresh water AlkaStream delivers is completely safe and chemical-free. alkaStream's advanced filtration system filters harmful chemicals including fluoride then remineralises your water with beneficial alkaline minerals. At the same time its proprietary ionizing media charges the water with negative hydrogen ions, giving it very powerful antioxidant ability.


  • Powerful Antioxidants

  • Healthy Alkaline Levels

  • Ultra Filtration

  • Easy Install

  • How It Works

  • FAQ's

  • Buy Replacement Filters

  • Technical Specs

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Powerful Antioxidants

Did you know most of the beverages you consume in your daily life are oxidants? Every sip that you're taking from your coffee or favourite drink is compromising your health and accelerating the aging effects. One of the methods scientists use to measure the antioxidant ability of liquids is through “Oxidation Reduction Potential” better known as O.R.P.

We've compiled a small sample of beverages just so you know what your body is absorbing:

The higher positive(+) numbers = unhealthy
The higher negative(-) numbers = healthy

Healthy Alkaline Levels

Here's how alkaline levels affect your health: pH allows scientists to measure if things are acidic (harmful) or alkaline (healthy). A lot of ailments such as diabetes, arthritis and even obesity thrive in acidic environments. The more acidic your body is the more likely you'll have a hard time living a healthy life. Most of the foods and drinks we enjoy (meats, junk food, alcohol) are acidic.

If we cut down on the harmful foods and consume more healthy foods you could turn your health around. Unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles that option is difficult to achieve. That's why water is so effective. After all, our bodies are roughly 70% comprised of it.

Acidity and disease
Many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer thrive in acidic environments. This means the more acidic your body is the more vulnerable it is to ailments. It doesn't help that most of foods and drinks we enjoy such as meats, junk food, and alcohol are acidic. Nor does it help that according to many scientists today, the stress of modern life is a super-acidifier.

Alkalinity and healthy bodies
Balancing out the acidic foods we eat is the key to healthy disease free bodies. Some fruits and most vegetables are alkaline, so consuming more of these foods will help offset the acidity level in your body.
Eating right is obviously the key to health, but unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles, we need all the help we can get.

Alkaline Ionised Antioxidant Water
May be the answer to balancing acidity in your body and feeling great. Our bodies roughly 70% comprised of fluids. What makes more sense? Drinking water or changing your diet (to fruits and vegetables)?

Alkaline water may assist in neutralizing the acidity in your body and bringing it back to its healthy balance.
Becoming healthy could be that easy.

Ultra Filtration

The AlkaStream is comprised of 8 filter layers that delivers the cleanest possible water out of your tap. AlkaStream actually remineralises with healthy alkaline minerals in so your body receives all the proper nourishment. You've never tasted water quite like this. See the results from an independent laboratory of a toxic brew of chemicals created specially to test the alkaStream. Your results may vary dependent on your own water supply.

For a full lab report click here

Easy Install

ow The AlkaStream Alkalizer Works

AlkaStream’s unique water is created through 8 layers of filtration and energising media working synergistically. The process is based off of scientifically proven research by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan. For a full breakdown of each layer and their functions please see below:

8. Neodymium Magnetic Field to stabilize the IONIC charge and reduces molecular size.

7. Centaur Catalytic Carbon and KDF to improve final taste and remove unwanted non-beneficial trace elements. (NSF approved).

6. Trace Minerals and Far Infrared energise and soften the water with negative hydrogen ions.

5. Energizing Media creates anti-oxidants and reduces the size of water molecules thereby increasing hydration.

4. KDF and Magnesium in an activated carbon media removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury and creates free hydrogen.

3. Extra Centaur Catalytic Carbon reduces organic contaminants, colour, odour, taste, pesticides, THMs, chlorine and VOCs.

2. SGS approved Activated Media reduces fluoride.

1. Ceramic Filter Membrane stops up to 99% sediment, and bacteria over 0.2 micron in size.

How long will a filter last?

An AlkaStream filter will last 6 months – depending, as always, on water conditions. When the filter is replaced (a 3 minute job) your AlkaStream returns to full filtration, pH and ORP power. Please note that filter life always depends on input water quality. The AlkaStream has as its first stage, a ceramic membrane that halts sediment entry. Most filters simply let it in and replace the filter when flow slows up due to accumulated sediment. The AlkaStream filter can be ‘sanded’ down with the included cleanse pad to remove all sediment and restore flow.

How does the alkaStream work?

Connected to your faucet with the robust steel diverter valve, the alkaStream may be activated by a simple twist of the diverter lever. This passes water from the faucet into the AlkaStream, through the filter and out into your glass.


How does AlkaStream’s pH perform?

In a special laboratory created ‘witches’ brew’ of pesticides, volatile organics, fluoride chlorine, and minerals, the AlkaStream changed a pH of 6.5 to an output pH 9.5. Please be aware that like any water ionizer, pH output is always dependent upon the mineral makeup of the input water.


Can AlkaStream remove Fluoride?
The AlkaStream uses activated alumina to filter fluoride. AA's performance relies on pH of your incoming water and time in contact with the media. For optimum fluoride reduction performance it's best to draw one glass at a time, which gives the inlet water the maximum time in contact with the fluoride-neutralising media.

Can I connect it in-line to my existing RO?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be connected to your RO in place of your faucet. It will add powerful alkalizing and ionizing abilities to your ‘neutral’ RO water.

Can I connect it in-line to my cold water pipe under the sink?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be attached but you'll need a optional kit available from your dealer -plus a small hole in your sink bench top.

Technical Specs

Install Method

Bench top or Undersink

Filter Life

6 Months

Filter Micron Rating

0.2 μM

pH (Depends on Source Water)

pH 9-11

ORP (Depends on Source Water)

-90mV to -600mV

Micro Clustered Water


Structured Water


Waste Water



2 Years

Frequency of replacing filters

6 Months

Dimensions (cm)

Diam: 13cm, Height: 36cm