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Systemic Enzyme Formula

  • Total body inflammation support

  • Supports overall metabolic health

  • Healthy blood circulation & cleansing

  • Recovery from muscle soreness

  • Joint and tendon health

Exclzyme The Original Full-Strength Formula

Exclzyme is a proven systemic enzyme therapy for overall health. A powerful blend of serrapeptase, proteases and herbs, Exclzyme supports the body’s response to inflammation, metabolic activity, blood, joints and circulation. The Exclzyme formula has been used for more than a decade by thousands of people as a daily dietary supplement.

In fact, you may have been using the original formula for years without knowing it.

AST Enzymes’ family of companies are among the largest manufacturers of enzymes in the world. For decades, we supplied enzymes to marketing companies who have built their businesses on enzyme supplements our experts formulated and manufactured. The Exclzyme formulation is the most successful non-animal derived systemic enzyme blend on the market today.  It has been commercially available since 1999.

If your systemic enzyme supplement recently changed, we have the original formula.

Some companies claim to continue to carry the original formula. One easy way to check is to see if the bottle says the enzyme serrapeptase is enteric-coated. Studies show serrapeptase, sourced from the bacterium Serratia marcescens and the key ingredient in Original Strength Exclzyme, must be enteric coated so it can pass through the acid environment of the stomach without being damaged (see chart below).

You may be asking yourself: why fix something that’s not broken?

And as for the new formulas on the market claiming to be stronger or more technologically advanced: the proof is in the results.

There is an underlying art when it comes to manufacturing enzyme products. Systemic enzyme blends must be formulated expertly and correctly for maximum effectiveness.  In fact, alterations to an already successful systemic enzyme product may not provide the same results you’ve come to expect. 

Many companies, including ours, use proprietary formulas to protect their products from being copied and used by others. But all companies must list all of the ingredients by name, and rank the ingredients according to the percentage amounts in the formula. For instance, in the original Exclzyme formula, enteric-coated serrapeptase is listed on our ingredient list as the second most prevalent ingredient in our formulation. 

If your “new and improved” systemic formula does not list serrapeptase as the second ingredient and it doesn’t say enteric-coated, you’re probably not getting the most out of your systemic enzyme formula. Serrapeptase has always been the hallmark of the original Exclzyme formula, making it the choice of companies and consumers alike.


Why Exclzyme?

Elimination of potentially toxic substances from the body is a crucial part in the metabolic processes for optimal health.  A variety of health issues can develop without a proper store of enzymes or if toxins within the body impair enzyme function or availability.

For instance, the immune system can be overwhelmed with bacteria, fungi, toxins and even food particles that doesn’t get completely digested in the gastro-intestinal tract.  In many instances, proteins the body detects as foreign initiate an immune response.  Recognized as antigens, the immune system produces antibodies to start the process of their degradation and removal.  After coupling with one another, these antigens and antibodies form circulating immune complexes (CICs), which induce attack and destruction by the immune system’s macrophages (cells specifically designed to destroy CICs). In cases where inflammation is prolonged or when CICs are predominant within the body’s tissues and organs, the body may not have enough enzyme potential to begin the next process of renewal and recovery.   Moreover, research has demonstrated that a lack of proteolytic enzymes may not adequately address a large accumulation of CIC’s in the body.

To address this problem, Exclzyme has been formulated with an ample supply of various proteases to facilitate the body’s immune defenses and breakdown free-roaming CICs which can keep the body in a constant state of inflammation.  Exclzyme also contains papain and bromelain, enzymes known for their potent systemic properties.  Enteric-coated serrapeptase highlights this powerful mix of proteolytic enzymes with its scientifically proven fibrinolytic power.  

In addition to these systemic and digestive proteases, lipase and amylase also offer their own enzyme activity to bolster the body with extra catalytic energy, especially for the complete digestion of fats, sugar and protein complexes.  And for extra synergy, Exclzyme is rounded with anti-oxidant support in the form of rutin and amla, herbs well known for their unique bioflavanoid content, especially useful for tissue rejuvenation and recovery.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy for Men and Women
For nearly 40 years, serrapeptasehas been at the heart of systemic enzyme therapy. Systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase have been used for optimal cell, tissue, organ and metabolic function.  Likewise, companies, health practitioners and consumers have turned to the original Exclzyme formulation for their systemic enzyme therapy needs.

The reality is that inflammation affects everyone, men and women alike.  However, along with nearly all other tissue and organs, inflammation can affect reproductive tissue and organs particularly.  For instance, many women experience painful swelling of the breast as well as uterine fibroids.  In men, prostate health is a major concern.  Although inflammation in each case may manifest differently in both men and women, inflammation has one thing in common: fibrin.

Fibrin is an essential protein that is produced during inflammation.  As a blood clotting protein, the body utilizes fibrin to contain blood loss and keep infection at bay after injury.  It is the initial first step in the body’s attempts at recovery.  However, when inflammation has become prolonged, fibrin along with other proteins such as collagen can begin to transform original tissue into a tough fibrous matrix.  Differentiated and sometimes sequestered apart from healthy tissue, this fibrous matrix still has the biological markers of inflammation. Nutrients and other building blocks are still needed for healthy and normal tissue. 

Systemic and proteolytic enzyme research over the years suggests that fibroids in women and swollen prostrate glands in men are indications that the body has not been able to get past inflammation.  The resulting fibrous tissue usually accumulates toxins that have not been adequately removed by the body. 

Enzymes are energetic catalysts that push essential chemical reactions in the body in the right direction.  In its quest for internal balance, the body always turns to enzymes for help.  In this way, Exclzyme helps get inflamed tissue over the hump. 

Exclzyme’s superior proteolytic action assists the body in removing those larger protein molecules from damaged cells and tissues as well as the inflammatory response itself.  In helping breakdown these compounds, the impediments for sustaining healthy cell and tissue growth are removed and the processes for rejuvenation and recovery can move forward.  Exclzyme is the #1, non-animal derived systemic formulation on the market today.  Why not use it as a part of your continual systemic enzyme therapy?

Enzyme Activity in Exclzyme® Proprietary Blend

Enteric Coated Serrapeptase

Used by silkworms to digest and emerge from their silken cocoons; studied extensively for more than 50 years; an excellent fibrinolytic (fibrin digesting) and powerful anti-inflammatory enzyme*


Hydrolyze (break-down) proteins like casein, steak, gelatin, soy, fish and other plant and animal proteins to smaller chains of polypeptides (small proteins) and amino acids for easier uptake throughout the body


A collective name for the proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes found in the pineapple plant (Ananas comosus); known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  A good substitute for animal-based enzymes a good substitute for pepsin and trypsin for digestive support*


Obtained from the latex of the fruit of the Papaya tree; used for centuries as an effective digestive aid*


Breaks down carbohydrates, or more specifically, starches, into smaller dextrins and sugars; produced naturally by humans, microorganisms and plants


Catalyzes the break-down of fats into essential fatty acids needed for healthy tissues and cells*


Also known as Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis); a natural, efficacious antioxidant, and one of the richest sources of absorbable vitamin C


Bioflavonoid; strengthens and tones arteries and veins; provides antioxidant support against free-radicals and inflammation*