Burn Paste

BURN PASTE   (Complete Tissue another testimonial) 

One of Dr. Christopher's most dramatic cases of skin regeneration involved two ten- year-old boys who were playing with matches and gasoline, when the gas burst into flame. Both boys were severely burned. The surgeon at the hospital said that the hands would either have to be amputated at the wrist and iron claws attached to both arms, or the boys could endure several years of painful skin graft surgeries. After years of such surgery, the boys would have nothing better than mummified claws which could never move like fingers. 

One set of parents told the surgeon to begin operations; the other set of parents took their child to Dr. Christopher. He cringed at the badly scarred skin, tendons, muscles and nerves. He gave the parents a salve made of comfrey, honey, and wheat germ oil. He told the parents to keep a thick layer of this burn ointment on the area. 

Within a week, the parents took their son to see the surgeon, who was dumbfounded. The burns had healed from third-degree to first-degree. "What on earth have you been using?" he asked. The parents just said, "An old-fashioned remedy." "Whatever it is, keep on using it. I don't think there's need for surgery now. I can't believe it. But these hands are going to heal without scar tissue." 

A year after the burn, the first boy remained in the hospital. The parents had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on the surgery and skin grafting, but the boy ended up with stiff, unbending claws that the boy hid with gloves. 

The other boy, whose parents had applied the herbal salve, healed completely. The tendons, nerves, muscles and flesh were all renewed, with no scar tissue. Even the fingernails grew back. The family's total investment was less than twenty dollars for the herbal salve.