CellFood and Live Blood

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Clinical observations on the nutritional efficacy of Deutrosulfazyme (Deuterium Sulfate) or CELLFOOD® utilizing the Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis Microscopic Evaluation Procedures.

Michael Coyle, Founder, NuLife Sciences


Michael Coyle was recognized as one of the definitive authorities in darkfield and brightfield microscopy and nutritional evaluation. He has written two books on the subject, The Four Underlying Causes of Illness and What To Do About Them and Advanced Applied Microscopy for Nutritional Evaluation and Correction. He was a lifelong Nutritional Therapist and Biological Researcher with 35 years of experience. He offered microscopy training both in the U.S.A. and abroad to both medical professionals as well as newcomers. His courses included Advanced Biological Blood Evaluation Techniques, the application of Nutritional and Complementary Therapies, and Applications of Isopathic Therapies. The training Michael provided represents the newest scientific understandings that reinforce or negate the traditional concepts related to this subject. His powerful legacy will always be maintained and passed on by the team at NuLife Sciences.

Blood: The Perfect Mirror of Health

Due to the observed clinical efficacy of Deutrosulfazyme (hereafter also referred to by the brand name CELLFOOD®) in the clinical application over a fifteen (15) year period, the following compilation of research results utilizing darkfield and brightfield microscopy has been compiled.

The object of this study is to demonstrate the efficacy of using Deutrosulfazyme as a terrain balancer, oxygenatorand hydrogen ion donor. The effects of terrain therapy, especially the balancing effect of re-mineralization on the hormonal, enzymatic, digestive, structural and eliminative systems of the overall physiology are depicted in the darkfield and brightfield blood studies presented here.

Through the observation of blood in a layered, dried brightfield, many useful observations may be made. The combination of brightfield and darkfield screens paint a picture of the subject's overall state of well-being or health imbalance, which may indicate the need for laboratory testing.


Normal Blood

Normal blood is characterized by cells that are approximately the same size and do not stick to each other or clump. There are the proper number of white

cells, platelets and chylomicrons. There are very few other inclusions in the serum.


The blood has the appearance of a stack of coins. Rouleau is due to poor nutrient utilization and dehydration. The oxygen and carbon dioxide carrying ability of the red blood cell is greatly diminished due to a lack of available surface area of the cells. Recommendations: Take Protease enzymes on an empty stomach and dietary plant based enzymes with every meal.

Fermentation: Fila on Ery Debris

Filamentous growths on the RBC’s. Excess carbohydrates and pH imbalance. Digestive enzymes, especially amylase.


Blood cell breakdown is occurring too rapidly. Poor nutrient assimilation. Digestive enzymes are required.


Normal Blood

Normal blood is characterized by cells that are approximately the same size and do not stick to each other or

clump. There are the proper number of white cells, platelets and chylomicrons. There are very few inclusions in the serum.

Degenerative Stress

High degree of free-radical activity due to disease, degeneration

Calcium Spokes

The tissues are too acid and the body is losing calcium.


A dark center represents bowel toxicity and possibly fungal complications. A foundation therapy for these conditions (9 in all cases) is to reestablish the proper mineral balance.

I propose the question, "If minerals are just colloidal metals, and those metals are the ‘wiring’ of the body, how can there possibly be the all-important whole-body physiological communication of this life factor (electricity), if the minerals are deficient?" It is like trying to power a 300 watt halogen light with a micro-

thin wire that also has numerous breaks in it! In other words, it is not a viable proposition.

This de-mineralization is without a doubt the number one physiological factor for the incredible amount of disease experienced by Western or even Westernized Man. Because this is a nutritional factor rather than primarily an environmental factor, there is a lot that we can do about this de-mineralization factor, namely, get mineralized!CELLFOOD® is a most efficacious means of accomplishing this due to its excellent balance of 78 minerals in colloidal form.

The therapeutic effects of CELLFOOD are: Aids in the digestive process. Contains enzymes and also is catalytic to the activation of the digestive enzymes.

Assists in the cleansing of upper and, lower intestines and restoring normal bowel functions. This effect will be noticed within 24 hours by those who need it.

Enables the blood stream to deliver a minimum of 78 assimiable elements directly to each cell for complete and direct nutrition.

Splits the water molecule, thereby providing a steady flow of both oxygen and hydrogen to all parts of the body.

Deuterium sulfate or CELLFOOD produces simultaneous oxidation and reduction. This process is well understood by the scientists associated with Deutrel Laboratories, the developers of CELLFOOD.