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Compact Vert 2: Multi Purpose Living Juicer

The New Compact Vert 2 Juicer from Healthstart

Introducing an amazing new living juicer from Healthstart Life Products, the Compact Vert2. This incredible new machine is not available through retail stores.

All vertical living juicers are not created equal and even though some of them may look similar on the outside there are certainly many differences on the inside between different brands.

There are 3 drum mounting locations for extra stability compared to others that only have 2.

With over 14 years experience in the manufacture and selling of living juicers in Australia and other countries we are a leader in a field. We are probably the only company where the CEO is personally involved in the design and engineering of all of their branded products (Healthstart Life Products) and personally inspects every production run of each product prior to leaving the factories.

We are the World's first manufacturers to design and include a Homogenising Screen for a Vertical Juicer.

Vert2 has a higher capacitor than other vertical juicers and therefore can deliver more power when required to ensure a continual smooth operation.

The New Vert2 had evolved from 3 years of development and market testing and we believe it is without doubt the best Vertical Juicer on the world market.

The Compact Vert 2 is the first machine of it's kind to come with three screens that are made from the new Ultem material. This means they are 8 x stronger and totally BPA Free. The fine and coarse juicing screens give you much more control over the thickness of and the fibre in your juice. The homogenising cone allows you to make wonderful fresh frozen desserts, sorbet, hummus, nut butters, salsas, dips and more.

The Compact Vert 2 uses a cold press dual stage juicing process. The juice is extracted through the first crushing stage, then it is squeezed during the pressing stage, resulting in more juice and a very dry pulp. This dual stage juicing process also keeps the nutrients and enzymes alive, giving you a healthier living juice that can be stored for up to 48 hours.

The easy rinse system (ERS), enables you to quickly rinse your machine in between most types of different produce without having to completely stop and disassemble the machine for cleaning. It also reduces your final clean up time and making it easier to have the Compact Vert 2 ready for the next time you want to use it.



  • Slow gentle speed (65rpm)

  • very quit to use (70dB)

  • keeps nutrients and enzymes alive

  • reduces the amount of foam

  • no air, only fuice

  • living juice hardly separates

  • very dry pulp

  • easy to clean and rinse between different types of food

  • lifetime motor warranty

  • 5 year parts warranty

  • the only vertical juicer to use BPA freeUltem on all screens

  • retains more vitamins and minerals

  • uses a cold press dual stage crushing and wqueezing action


DC wound field motors are constructed with brushes and a commutator, which add to the maintenance, limit the speed and usually reduce the life expectancy of brushed D.C. motors. A.C. induction motors do not use brushes; they are very rugged and have long life expectancies. The final basic difference is speed control.


Juicer Specifications

Model: Compact Vert 2

Approx Weight: 7.5Kg

Dimensions: H-40 cm L-17 cm W-24 cm

Power Supply: 240v

Power Usage: 150 - 200 w

Speed: 65 Rpm

Electric cord length
Cord Length: 1.2m

Continuous Use: Approx 25mins

Remark: Household use only.


Testimonial from one of our clients

I have had my Compact Vert 2 for over a week and all I can say is YES I love it. The R&D department have really put every effort into the design and useability of this juicer. It’s more than just an upgrade.

So where do I start

First off, its upright, round design fits perfectly on my bench and the jugs mould around the base neatly but also can stack on top of each other.

All the parts just slot into the drum with ease and because of its upright position you can see there is no stress on the drum especially when processing hard fruit and veggies.

The feeding chute is larger making it easier and quicker to drop the fruit in and so far I have not had to use the plunger.

The cones and auger are much larger and after all the carrots, oranges and apples I have juiced this week it did not clog once.

And it juices perfectly. Simply drop the fruit pieces in the chute and naturally with gravity the juice and pulp is extracted into the jugs. The pulp in my opinion is definitely dryer especially when juicing carrots, compared to my original Compact.

The new rinsing system is ideal for a quick flush through so there is no need to clean all the parts before starting another product but at the same time the whole machine is much easier to clean as the parts are bigger to get a cleaning brush around, and there are less of them. Just the thought of having to wash and put back all the parts to the original Compact actually put me off using it.

But the biggest overall improvement for me is the quiet motor. A joy to be able to juice first thing in the morning without waking the whole apartment block. You can be on the phone or having a conversation face to face and make your juice. It really is that quiet.

So to sum it up for me, It really does take up less space, makes less mess, makes no noise and yields more juice.

Without Prejudice

Jacqui Davis