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Female Reproductive Herbal Aid for Female Reproductive Organs Formerly Nu Fem

Usages: This is an amazing combination of herbs to aid in rebuilding a malfunctioning reproductive system (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.). Over the years herbalists and patients have seen painful menstruations, heavy flowing, cramps, irregularity, etc., that have been helped and the patient now has a painless menstrual period, good menstrual timing, and a new outlook on life by using these aids to readjust the malfunctioning areas. In addition, you can take the female corrective formula Female Reproductive and the hormone-estrogen formulas Hormonal Changease to work out problems in the feminine tract. These formulas can correct almost any problem you might have; they are non-specific and they are mild, so you can take them over a prolonged period of time without any problems. If you exercise well in addition to following the above suggestions, eventually your PMS should disappear. For coping with the problem while you are healing, hot peppermint, catnip or camomile tea can relieve some of the pressure; try Dr. Christopher's nervine combination. Foods containing good B-vitamins, such as sprouted wheat and brewer's yeast, and those containing C, such as lemons and rose hips, are excellent for balancing the system. These two combinations, the female corrective Female Reproductive and the hormone-estrogen combinations Hormonal Changease can be used during the entire time of pregnancy (and also before and following) as it is an herbal food like any other food and "is there to be used, if needed," but can do NO harm in any way. Dosages: Recommended dosage is one cup or 2 capsules or tablets morning and evening or three times a day if desired, six days a week for as long as required to get results desired. We have seen many severe cases who have had many years of suffering cleared up in 90 to 120 days. Some get relief sooner, some take longer--no two cases are alike. This is a food to rebuild the malfunctioning organs. Ingredients: The female corrective formula consists of three parts of golden seal root, and one part of each of the following:

blessed thistle cayenne cramp bark false unicorn root ginger red raspberry leaves squaw vine uva ursi Testimonials: 1. Ten Dollars of Herbs Cure Ten Year Old Problem: One woman in American Fork, Utah, was having difficult periods. These had started in puberty, and she had spent the whole of her adult life traveling from coast to coast, averaging a cost of over $1,000 a year for ten years, paying medical doctors to tell her what was wrong. She suffered vicious menstrual cramps and extremely long periods. No one was able to help; she was very discouraged; but one of her neighbors said, "Why don't you go to the next town, to Orem, where a man called Dr. Christopher lives? He could give you some help." When she arrived, Dr. Christopher read her eyes, noting that she did have problems with the reproductive organs. He told her to start on the female corrective formula Female Reproductive and the hormone and estrogen formula Hormonal Changease (which consists of black cohosh, sarsaparilla, ginseng, blessed thistle, licorice root, false unicorn root, and squaw vine). He promised her that if she would follow through, within 90 to 120 days she would get results. Within 120 days, she came back, saying that she was on a 28 day cycle, with no menstrual pains. She was delighted! Where she had spent over $10,000 traveling from doctor to doctor, it cost her approximately $10 for the herbs to cure her. [EWH p.16] 2. Rh Factor: Dr. Christopher worked during pregnancies to heal women with serious problems, and his results seem to us miraculous. One of his students from northern Utah had had three children with the Rh problem; in each case, they had to have a complete blood transfusion, having their blood completely drained out of them. This lady was told that because of her advanced Rh problem, she was not to have any more children. In addition to the Rh problem, she would require open heart surgery, and another pregnancy might kill not only her, but the child. She asked Dr. Christopher for help. He could promise her nothing, but tried to help her cleanse her blood. She took the Blood Stream Formula tea in order to cleanse the blood, the female corrective formula Female Reproductive and hormone-balancing formula Hormonal Changease, and plenty of red raspberry leaf tea. After a lecture some time later, the lady approached Dr. Christopher with a new baby, born naturally with no Rh problem whatsoever. The lady had several children since that time, with no more trouble. This shows that the Rh factor stems from a problem of

toxicity inside the mother, which can be overcome with herbs and diet. [EWH p.50] 3. No More Caesarean Sections: A lady in Springville, Utah, came to Dr. Christopher's office in Evanston, Wyoming. She had had three children, and her doctor told her the only way she could bear children was by Caesarean section, because she had a pelvic area that was rather immature. She had so much scar tissue on the abdominal area that the doctors said she could not be cut again. She wanted another baby very much so she came to Dr. Christopher to see what he might be able to do. He put her on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet. She was to drink at least a quart of red raspberry leaf tea a day, to drink a gallon of steam-distilled water a day, and to use the Three Oil Massage over the abdominal area. That would be two days of castor oil massaging the area, two days of olive oil, and two days of wheat germ oil, and a day of rest. Dr. Christopher felt that if she would follow this program, she would heal rapidly. She also was to take the female corrective formula Female Reproductive and the estrogen-hormone formulas Hormonal Changease internally, and to keep her bowels clean with the lower bowel formula Lower Bowel. She visited Dr. Christopher every week, beginning to feel much better. The hardness of her abdomen had softened so that it became pliable. The scar tissue began to show signs of new life. During this time, Dr. Christopher moved into his offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Dr. Loretta Foote, who took care of all the obstetric cases, came in one day and said she would be gone for a couple of days, because she was going to assist a lady in delivery down in Springville, a patient of Christopher's. She reminded him of the lady who had had three Caesarean births, who was planning a home delivery. Dr. Foote returned to help the mother for about ten days (in those days it must have been easier than today!). The woman who was told that she could only have C-sections now had natural childbirths at home with ease. Many years later, this lady came up after the lecture, and trailing her were four teenage children; she informed Dr. Christopher that all four of these were born after she'd been told she'd lose her life and her baby's if she dared another birth. She was a very happy woman. [EWH p.50] 4. Young Woman Gets Well Enough to Marry: Dr. Christopher told story after story about sick women he helped with simple remedies, simple treatments. For example, a man and his wife brought their daughter to Dr. Christopher's office in Salt Lake. This young lady was the sickest, saddest-looking person he had seen in a long while. She had met a young man who came to love her very much, and he wanted to marry her. But she refused, saying it wasn't fair to him, being in her condition, so anemic and sickly. He told her that he loved her enough to marry her and take care of her under any circumstances. She was in a very serious condition, so they put her on the three-day cleanse and

mucusless diet. She took extra cups of Blood Stream Formula tea, and drank a minimum of one pint of grape juice a day, chewing each mouthful. When she could, she took even more. She also ate plenty of raisins and grapes in addition to the juice. She used the yellow dock as a tea, and soon she began to show improvement. She exercised adequately, being careful not to overdo it, and changed her diet from mucus-forming food to the mucusless diet, having lots of salads and fruits, emphasizing as much raw as possible. She used the female corrective Female Reproductive and hormone-estrogen formulas Hormonal Changease, and she also used the vaginal bolus V.B. and Yellow Dock Combination in the slant board routine. She showed improvement from the very beginning. The parents had brought her to Dr. Christopher in the spring, and by fall they sent him an invitation to her wedding, because she had cleaned up her system and was very happy to get married. She was menstruating regularly and had gotten over her case of anemia. She was living a new life, healing it herself by following through on Dr. Christopher's instructions. [EWH p.111] 5. Myriad of Problems Cleared: Dr. Christopher always checked his patients with iridology before advising them. A lady came to him, aged about 45, asking for a reading to help with her condition. He saw that she had a prolapsed transverse colon which had dropped to a point where it tipped her uterus and pinched her bladder, and she was having a very serious trouble there. She had problems with the ovaries, with infection in both of them, and she was troubled with vaginal drainage. In addition, she had one breast that was badly infected, which might necessitate having part of the breast removed if she had asked another doctor for treatment. After the reading, Dr. Christopher asked why she had come to him and what she wanted him to do. She said that she had just spent three days in a clinic, where they had verified everything he had read from her irises, but they wanted her to go to the hospital immediately and have the uterus removed and the bladder stitched up to the spinal cord area, and also have her breast removed. She was frightened of all this cutting, so she wanted to find help in some other way. She promised that she would stay on the program that Dr. Christopher advised. She took the female corrective Female Reproductive and hormone-balancing combinations Hormonal Changease, used the vaginal bolus V.B. six nights a week, flushing out each morning with the slant board routine, massaging 15 to 20 minutes a day on the abdominal and pelvic area while the tea was inside. She was also to use the Three Oil Massage over the abdominal area, and go on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet. In addition, she was to drink a gallon of steam-distilled water a day, and plenty of red raspberry leaf tea. She kept her bowels clean with the lower bowel formula Lower Bowel, and kept the bloodstream cleaned up with the Blood Stream Formula tea.

Dr. Christopher did not see her again for six months. When she came to see him this time, she bounced in, not dragging as she had before, a totally different woman, much happier and healthier. She had no operations, and yet her prolapsed transverse colon had gone back into place, and her uterus and bladder had gone back into position. She was feeling like a new woman, and she did indeed have a new system by following through with the entire herbal problem. [EWH p.112] 6. Woman Helped: When Dr. Christopher was traveling, using chiropractic offices and naturopath's offices, diagnosing, reading eyes, and helping with herbs, another lady with a similar problem as the above came to see him. In addition to the prolapsed transverse colon infecting the entire reproductive system, it had impinged on the bladder, so that whenever she laughed, sneezed, or coughed, she would void her urine, a very embarrassing problem. In addition, one of her breasts was so infected that the doctors were urging her to have it removed. Dr. Christopher told her he could give her advice as to what to do, but that he was traveling and wouldn't be able to guide her or see her for several months. She agreed to follow his instructions, and asked to see him when he returned. He put her on the full program. She was to clear the bowel with the lower bowel formula Lower Bowel, to clean the bloodstream using the Blood Stream Formula, and to rebuild the reproductive organs with the female corrective Female Reproductive and the hormone-estrogen formula Hormonal Changease. She was to continue the whole program, six days a week. When he returned to that city six months later, she had called and prearranged an appointment. She bounced in, looking years younger, all smiles. She said her urine loss was under control now, with no unwanted voiding. She had no pains in the ovaries; in fact, she had dropped some stones from Dr. John R. Christophers "Three Day Cleansing Program". She had also passed some tumors, one almost the size of a grapefruit, and cysts as well. When she went to the family doctor for an examination, he was astounded, because her body was rebuilding itself. The breast they were going to cut off had healed itself, with no more infection. She felt that it was a new world, and that life was worth living again. Although she healed rapidly and consistently, Dr. Christopher pointed out that herbs don't work all at once, but you have to apply yourself and be patient to wait for the results of your hard work. [EWH p.113] 7. Spider Cancer Comes Out of Woman: A lady came to Dr. Christopher because she was having trouble with her reproductive organs. He asked her to follow the full female routine. One day, some months later, she came back to see him. She said, "This morning when I woke up, I thought, 'Look, I have been in this program for months now. I have taken the herbs orally, I have used the vaginal bolus V.B.,

and the Yellow Dock Combination, and after so many months I am sick and tired of this.'" She hadn't seen much change in her system, although she felt a little better, but not enough to continue. While she was thinking this, she was sitting on the toilet. And when she got up, she happened to turn around and glance into the bowl. And there was something about the size of a half dollar, with legs on it, swimming around in the water. This something had dropped out of her! She screamed, and her husband came in. They put it into a bottle and took it right over to the family doctor. He examined it under the microscope and said, "I have never seen one of these whole like this. They have to cut them out of a person; it is a spider cancer. They never give up and leave by themselves." He was simply amazed that it had just come out of her. The reason was that her body had now become so healthy that the spider cancer didn't have any waste materials to maintain itself. When this lady saw the spider cancer, she determined that even it if took six months or years she was going to continue with the program. Sometimes it takes shorter or longer with certain people than with others, but Dr. Christopher encouraged everyone to keep with the program, if they are doing everything properly. [EWH p.113] 8. Young Woman Healed of Ailments: A lady called Dr. Christopher in Salt Lake City from Provo, Utah, saying that her daughter had flown in from out of town, extremely ill. She was afraid that she was going to die, so she had come to her mother to take care of her. She asked if he would come and read the young woman's eyes. When he arrived, the young woman ridiculed him, and said she thought it was a bunch of crazy ideas that her mother had, and she wasn't going to let him look into her eyes. So Dr. Christopher bowed out and left. Nearly a month went by, and the lady from Provo asked him to come again, that the daughter was so sick that she was frightened and would talk with him. When he came, they told him that they had tried the best doctors they could find, but no one could help the girl (Dr. Christopher never said what the problem was, however). He gave her an eye reading and she would remark, "Who told you that!" Each thing he told her was the same thing that the doctors had diagnosed. When he finished, she said she was still dubious about the natural program, but that the reading was so accurate, he must have something good. She agreed to follow the natural program. She was too sick to even get up and walk. So they started off gradually on the Incurables program, using juices to rebuild the body. Before many weeks had passed, she came to Dr. Christopher's classes and became quite a faithful student. She even began to study iridology and became good at it. She watched her own eyes and could see the healing taking place. She

had been told, though she had been married for some time, that she could never have a baby because of an immature pelvic area and an underdeveloped uterus, as well as other problems in her reproductive system. By using the mucusless diet and herbs to rebuild her body--the female corrective Female Reproductive and the hormone-balancing combinations Hormonal Changease -- and doing the exercises they advised, even these problems began to heal. Eventually Dr. Christopher got a call from her husband on the West Coast; he was angry. It was a call of abuse, accusing the Doctor of keeping his wife up in Utah when she should be down with him. He was an electrical engineer, with a very important job, and felt he needed her with him. Dr. Christopher told him his wife had been too sick to even sit up alone, but with the aid of the program and the mother's assistance, she was improving. He told the husband she would be home with him as soon as possible. The man told Dr. Christopher he was one of the worst quacks there could possibly be, let out some abusive language, and slammed down the receiver. The wife did heal eventually, and traveled home on her own, without anyone assisting her. She was an excellent housewife, and she showed so much improvement that the husband was astonished, because he figured she didn't have too much longer to live. Best of all, she had two beautiful children, with natural childbirth, and although the husband was an electrical engineer with a high-paying job, he was so delighted with the results that he became a chiropractor. He delivered their two children. [EWH p.116] 9. Woman Gets Off of Commercial Hormones: Dr. Christopher recalled the case of a lady in Vancouver, B.C. She was climbing the wall with nervous tension due to menopause. Her hot flashes were driving her almost insane. When she would throw off the covers at night, her husband would get cross, and she was keeping him awake at night as she would get up and down with discomfort of hot flashes. She was using estrogen, but she felt it was doing her more harm than good, so she asked Dr. Christopher for help. He put her on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet, and she suffered for a time from extreme withdrawal symptoms from taking the commercial hormones. She took the female corrective formula Female Reproductive, two or three capsules, three times a day, and the hormone-estrogen formula Hormonal Changease, using those three capsules, three times a day. After a short time, she came to Dr. Christopher and said that her whole life had changed. She could sleep all night, without throwing the covers off. She didn't have the nervous screaming jags as she had before, and her husband fell in love with her again. She felt that it was worth the dietary change and the effort to take the herbs to make this difference. [EWH

p.171] 10. Letter to Dr. Christopher: In the past 20 years I have had a history of nine miscarriages. I have three children ages 20, 19, & 14. All the miscarriages took place in the 2nd and 3rd months. Also with the three children I have, I was in bed most of the first 3 months with spotting and threatened miscarriage. Since I have been taking female corrective herbs Female Reproductive and others for general building of health, I have become pregnant again. I am now 5¨ö months along and have not been down at all. The first 3 months if I felt any cramping I took the False Unicorn, Lobelia combination and the problem went away. Also, during the first trimester of this pregnancy, we did quite a lot of traveling, attending 2 conventions in the mountains where I did a good amount of hiking which I never could have done. Because of my age of 41, I am at a disadvantage, but thanks to the herbs I feel better than I ever have. I had a miscarriage last Spring just before I knew about the False Unicorn & Lobelia combination. I started taking the combination during the miscarriage and had the easiest miscarriage that I ever had. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge in this field. I know of many others that are being helped by the natural method that God has given to us. [NL 2-2] 11. Freedom from Menstrual Pain: My greatest pleasure has resulted in freedom from pain for my seventeen year old daughter during her menstrual period She has been hospitalized three times in the past year for vomiting which could not be stopped over a six hour lapse of time. The Hormonal Estrogen Combination Hormonal Changease & Female Corrective Combination Female Reproductive have truly given her a "new lease on life". [NL 2-2] Useful in Treating: * Amenorrhea * Cysts * Infertility * Menopause * Menstruation * Miscarriage * Pregnancy * Tumors * Uterus * Vomiting