Garlic and Lemon For Clogged Arteries & Much More

Garlic and Lemon For Clogged Arteries & Much More

If you have plague deposits clogging your arteries there are nutritional options you can take to stave off surgery. People know they should watch their diets to prevent plaque buildup, but did you know that ½ cup of garlic and lemons can help to reduce plaque buildup?   Sima Ash shares an effective family recipe that will help you accomplish this goal How to prepare the extract 30 cloves of garlic with the skin peeled off, 5 organic lemons (do not peel skin off) and 1 liter of water.

Place all ingredients in a blender/mixer to make a puree and then pour contents in a pot and bring to boil. On the first boil, turn off the heat and let it cool. After cooling, pour the contents into a jar and refrigerate.



Just ½ cup a day before or after your main meal is enough to attain your goal. Continue use for three consecutive weeks and then rest for a period of eight days. Repeat for the second period, taking three weeks on, eight days off.


For those who are concerned with the smell of garlic, do not worry because you will not chew on garlic and since this is liquid meal, it will not smell bad


Healing powers of Garlic & Lemon

This powerful combination is effective in:


  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Unclogging Arteries
  • Healthy for the Heart