Juice Fasting


There are SO many reasons why juicing is so beneficial, here are just a few:

 Juice requires hardly any digestion, so all its nutritional goodness gets rapidly into your system while simultaneously giving your digestive system a rest. Your body can then use that saved energy to clean out old matter, especially from the small intestine. The average person holds 5-10lbs of toxic old matter in their intestines, and Feasting is an ideal way to release it, giving the body a phenomenal chance to rejuvenate and restore. Far from being a time of ‘deprivation’, this extraordinary healing programme is an experience of abundance and massive nutritional intake…e lose weight, skin becomes radiantly healthy, illnesses are healed, scar tissue rejuvenates, and we detox our whole system on a massive scale. – Angela Stokes

 When you juice, you use waaaaaay more fruits and vegetables than you could actually eat at one time. As a result, you are drinking a HUGE quantity of vitamins, minerals and other plant-based nutrients that would be impossible to get otherwise.

 You give your WHOLE BODY a chance to "clean house". Without the added burden of digestion, which takes a LOT of time and energy, the body is now free to work on other things like detoxing the liver and kidneys. When we drink Raw vegetablejuices, the situation is entirely different, as these [micronutrients] are digested and assimilated within 10 to 15 minutes after we drink them and they are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells and tissues, glands and organs of the body. In this case the result is obvious, as the entire process of digestion and assimilation is completed with a maximum degree of speed and efficiency, and with a minimum of effort on the part of the digestive system. – Dr. Norman Walker: " Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices", Pg 9

 All vegetables are alkalizing. The benefits of maintaining alkalinity in the body are crucial. There are entire books written on the subject and this is something that I cover in detail in my private one-on-one sessions, so without getting into too much detail, here are just a few benefits of maintaining an alkaline environment in our tissues:

 Improved focus and mental clarity

 Cancer does not like an alkaline environment.

 Improved heart and cardiovascular function

 Anti-Aging

 Improved bone & joint function

 Stronger Immune System – infections and disease thrive in an acidic environment

 Better digestion

 Better overall mood

 Healthier hair, skin and nails

 Natural body weight


 Heart Health: Both antioxidant vitamins C and E prevent the damaging effect of free radicals on artery walls. They prevent blood from sticking, clotting, becoming toxic as

well as helping to lower triglycerides levels. Great levels of vitamin C can be found in most fruits and vegetables. Good levels of vitamin E can be attained by adding blackberries, kiwi, asparagus and spinach in your juice recipes.

 Liver Detoxification: One of the primary functions of the liver is to serve as the body’s detoxifier. It is involved with detoxifying harmful substances (like environmental toxins, chemicals, food additives, preservatives, drugs, etc) before they can enter the bloodstream and harm the body. Periodic cleansing of the liver through juicing can be important in maintaining good health. Fresh juices reduce the burden on the liver and give it a chance to catch up. Juicing allows the liver to rid itself ofaccumulated toxins, thus permitting it to operate more efficiently.

With all of those benefits, how could you NOT do a juice feast?

For more details and many recipies taylored for specific ailments read the booklet "The uses of Juices" available in the shop or I can email it to you.

Some tips:

To do a juice fast is easy. Most people think it will be hard and can't imagine not eating. The key to success is not to let yourself get hungry. Drink as much as you want. You can drink 4 litres a day without problems. Drinking high fructose fruit and veg will stop any hunger cravings and if you are diabetic high fructose won't interfere with your blood glucose levels or insulin. Be creative and have as much variety as you want. Putting ¼ of a whole lemon, that is peel + flesh, per glass adds a zing and is refreshing as well as enhancing the cleansing. Using anti-oxidant spices will add flavour and increase cleansing, healing and regeneration. (see anti-oxidant foods and herbs handout). Use organic as we are trying to rid ourselves of the chemicals that cause disease and juicing will increase our consumption of these toxins many fold. Doing a juice fast while on a bowel cleanse is the best way to go, especially if you have not done a bowel cleanse before. If you get detoxing reactions then drink lots of water and make hot teas of ginger, peppermint and clove. Headaches can be relieved with a hot tea of willow bark. Whatever you do don't stop the cleanse even if you think you are going to die. You wont. I had one lady who got the worst migraine and she thought she was going to die. I encouraged her to keep going and she was later thankful for my encouragement to keep going.

Detox can create a number of symptoms in your body as your body goes through the process of purifying itself and eliminating toxins. Some common detox symptoms include:

 headaches

 lethargy

 temporary muscle aches

 mucus or other discharge

 a coated, pasty tongue

 flu-like symptoms

 irritability

 difficulty sleeping

 weakness

 cravings

 nausea

 constipation

 diarrhea

 gas

You may even find that the detoxing process causes you to suffer the old symptoms that you have had that the body has suppressed. You may think that you are becoming ill but it is important that you continue with the detox and don’t take any medications to help with the symptoms. The aim to flush chemicals from the body, and what you are experiencing is them poisoning you as they leave.

Things you can do to help with detox if it gets unbearable:

 Drink more water.

 Sleep as much as you can. The body will detox faster so the detox will be over sooner

 Do coffee enemas. Helps the liver get rid of toxins

 Have a far infra-red sauna.

 Swim in the ocean

 Take an Epsom salts bath

 Deep breathing helps

 Take charcoal powder

 Have a lymphatic drainage massage

 For headache Drink willow bark tea, rub DMSO 70% and Magnesium Chloride on forehead, temples and back of neck.

Some suggestions:

 2 Apples

 1 Cucumber

 1 cup Blueberries

 2 cups of Grapes

 2 Kale Leaves

 1″Ginger

 1 Cucumber

 1 Granny Smith Apple

 4 Stalks of Celery

 4-6 Kale Leaves

 1/4 Lemon Peeled

 1″Ginger

 1 Cucumber

 1 Beet Sliced

 1 Carrot

 1 Granny Smith Aple

 4 Kale Leaves

 1/4 Lemon Peeled

 1/4 Lime Peeled

 2 Apples

 1 Orange

 1 Cucumber

 1/4 Lemon Peeled

 4 Kale Leaves

 1-2 Garlic Cloves Peeled

 2 Tomatoes

 1 Bunch of Basil (20 Leaves)

 1/4 Lemon Peeled

 2 Apples

 4 Kale Leaves

 2 Cups Spinach

 1/2 Cucumber

 2 Celery Stalks

 1 Med Carrot

 1″Ginger

 2 cucumbers

 4 med size apples – I used fuji

 1 bunch kale

 1/4 bunch parsley

 2 small lemons

 3 med sized apples

 2 cups red grapes

 1 small sweet potato – yes! you CAN juice sweet potatoes!

 1 pear

 1 peeled grapefruit

 3 peeled oranges

 1 peeled lemon

 1 inch knob or ginger