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Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder Herbal Tooth Powder

Usages: This formula is used to help strengthen the gums (bleeding and pyorrhea-type infections of the gums), and assist in tightening loose teeth. This type tooth powder will brighten the teeth's luster and make for a healthier mouth. Dosages: For severe cases place this powder combination between the lips and gums (up and lower) around entire tooth area and leave on all night, six nights a week (as well as brushing regularly) until improvement is evident. Then continue on with regular tooth brushing with this herbal food combination. Ingredients: , oak bark, oat straw, comfrey root, horsetail grass, lobelia, cloves, peppermint Testimonials: Loose Teeth Made Tight and Didn't Have to be Pulled: I was lecturing at our former Herb Shop on South State Street in Salt Lake City, a few years ago, during a bad snow storm. We were just starting to discuss loose teeth and pyorrhea when the door opened and a lady in a snow covered hat and coat stepped into the lecture hall. She had brushed off the snow and just stood there. We asked her to come up front, as there was an empty seat but she shook her head and remained where she was, obviously just wanting to warm up before leaving. We went on with the discourse telling of using oak bark powder between the gums and lips during the night to tighten the teeth. When I had finished, the lady opened the door, and with a blast of cold air, she left. Two weeks later, on the same night of the week this lady came again and asked to speak. Not recognizing her and thinking maybe she wanted to tell about someone leaving their car lights on or something, I told her to go ahead. She told us that she was from a small town and her teeth were all coming loose. Her dentist said it was pyorrhea and that there was no cure, and that he would send her to Salt Lake City, as he was not prepared to do this type of job. He "consoled" her with the knowledge that after the teeth were pulled, she could have temporary dentures put in immediately. She was sick at heart, as she had perfect teeth with no cavities or fillings and how she would have to lose them. She had hoped

that in the larger city some dentist would show her a cure; but it was the same story. That night she went to the hotel, but was so worried and upset that she could not sleep. She decided to dress and go for a walk in the snow storm, hoping to tire herself enough to return to the hotel and obtain some rest. It was dark, and she was cold and crying, however, she was led by the Spirit to our store. There was a light and the store looked warm, so she stepped inside just as we started on the subject of teeth and the gums. The next morning, she went to a health food store, got some oak bark powder and started to use it. In two weeks her teeth became tight, and the gums were firm. She proudly showed us her beautiful teeth which she could now keep. When she said goodbye, it was with tears of happiness for finding a good healing tooth powder. Here is a good tooth powder for everyone. (Although she used just the oak bark alone, it is the largest ingredient in the Herbal Tooth Powder, so this product would do the same.) [NL 2-10] Useful in Treating: * Gums, * Teeth