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alkaStream Antioxidant water filter "on tap"

The water filter that turns your ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants!

It's a water filter, a water ionizer, a microclustering system...


"I believe the alkaStream offers by far the best value on the market today." - Rob Thomas, waterfyi.com, world's leading water alkaliser blog resource.  

"My wife and I have homes in both Sydney and Melbourne and were concerned about the quality of the town water. Friends had recommended the AlkaStream system and we purchased one unit for both houses. 

We are delighted at the results and more importantly we are delighted that David and Leon extended huge efforts to ensure the installations went smoothly,

 A huge thank you to both of them”

 Tim Rossi

The fresh water AlkaStream delivers is completely safe and chemical-free. alkaStream's advanced filtration system filters harmful chemicals including fluoride then remineralises your water with beneficial alkaline minerals. At the same time its proprietary ionizing media charges the water with negative hydrogen ions, giving it very powerful antioxidant ability.


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Powerful Antioxidants

Did you know most of the beverages you consume in your daily life are oxidants? Every sip that you're taking from your coffee or favourite drink is compromising your health and accelerating the aging effects. One of the methods scientists use to measure the antioxidant ability of liquids is through “Oxidation Reduction Potential” better known as O.R.P.

We've compiled a small sample of beverages just so you know what your body is absorbing:

The higher positive(+) numbers = unhealthy The higher negative(-) numbers = healthy

Healthy Alkaline Levels

Here's how alkaline levels affect your health: pH allows scientists to measure if things are acidic (harmful) or alkaline (healthy). A lot of ailments such as diabetes, arthritis and even obesity thrive in acidicenvironments. The more acidic your body is the more likely you'll have a hard time living a healthy life. Most of the foods and drinks we enjoy (meats, junk food, alcohol) are acidic.

If we cut down on the harmful foods and consume more healthy foods you could turn your health around. Unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles that option is difficult to achieve. That's why water is so effective. After all, our bodies are roughly 70% comprised of it.

Acidity and disease Many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer thrive in acidic environments. This means the more acidic your body is the more vulnerable it is to ailments. It doesn't help that most of foods and drinks we enjoy such as meats, junk food, and alcohol are acidic. Nor does it help that according to many scientists today, the stress of modern life is a super-acidifier.

Alkalinity and healthy bodies Balancing out the acidic foods we eat is the key to healthy disease free bodies. Some fruits and most vegetables are alkaline, so consuming more of these foods will help offset the acidity level in your body.  Eating right is obviously the key to health, but unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles, we need all the help we can get.

Alkaline Ionised Antioxidant Water May be the answer to balancing acidity in your body and feeling great. Our bodies roughly 70% comprised of fluids. What makes more sense? Drinking water or changing your diet (to fruits and vegetables)?

Alkaline water may assist in neutralizing the acidity in your body and bringing it back to its healthy balance. Becoming healthy could be that easy.

Ultra Filtration

The AlkaStream is comprised of 8 filter layers that delivers the cleanest possible water out of your tap. AlkaStream actually remineralises with healthy alkaline minerals in so your body receives all the proper nourishment. You've never tasted water quite like this. See the results from an independent laboratory of a toxic brew of chemicals created specially to test the alkaStream. Your results may vary dependent on your own water supply.

For a full lab report click here

Easy Install

How The AlkaStream Alkalizer Works

AlkaStream’s unique water is created through 8 layers of filtration and energising media working synergistically. The process is based off of scientifically proven research by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan. For a full breakdown of each layer and their functions please see below:

  1. Neodymium Magnetic Fieldto stabilize the IONIC charge and reduces molecular size.
  2. Centaur Catalytic Carbonand KDF to improve final taste and remove unwanted non-beneficial trace elements. (NSF approved).
  3. Trace Mineralsand Far Infrared energise and soften the water with negative hydrogen ions.
  4. Energizing Mediacreates anti-oxidants and reduces the size of water molecules thereby increasing hydration.
  5. KDF and Magnesium in an activated carbon mediaremoves heavy metals such as lead and mercury and creates free hydrogen.
  6. Extra Centaur Catalytic Carbonreduces organic contaminants, colour, odour, taste, pesticides, THMs, chlorine and VOCs.
  7. SGS approved Activated Mediareduces fluoride.
  8. Ceramic Filter Membranestops up to 99% sediment, and bacteria over 0.2 micron in size.
    How long will a filter last?

An AlkaStream filter will last 6 months – depending, as always, on water conditions. When the filter is replaced (a 3 minute job) your AlkaStream returns to full filtration, pH and ORP power. Please note that filter life always depends on input water quality. The AlkaStream has as its first stage, a ceramic membrane that halts sediment entry. Most filters simply let it in and replace the filter when flow slows up due to accumulated sediment. The AlkaStream filter can be ‘sanded’ down with the included cleanse pad to remove all sediment and restore flow.

How does the alkaStream work?

Connected to your faucet with the robust steel diverter valve, the alkaStream may be activated by a simple twist of the diverter lever. This passes water from the faucet into the AlkaStream, through the filter and out into your glass.


How does AlkaStream’s pH perform?

In a special laboratory created ‘witches’ brew’ of pesticides, volatile organics, fluoride chlorine, and minerals, the AlkaStream changed a pH of 6.5 to an output pH 9.5. Please be aware that like any water ionizer, pH output is always dependent upon the mineral makeup of the input water.


Can AlkaStream remove Fluoride? The AlkaStream uses activated alumina to filter fluoride. AA's performance relies on pH of your incoming water and time in contact with the media. For optimum fluoride reduction performance it's best to draw one glass at a time, which gives the inlet water the maximum time in contact with the fluoride-neutralising media.

Can I connect it in-line to my existing RO?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be connected to your RO in place of your faucet. It will add powerful alkalizing and ionizing abilities to your ‘neutral’ RO water.

Can I connect it in-line to my cold water pipe under the sink?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be attached but you'll need a optional kit available from your dealer -plus a small hole in your sink bench top.

Technical Specs

Install Method Bench top or Undersink
Filter Life 6 Months
Filter Micron Rating 0.2 μM
pH (Depends on Source Water) pH 9-11
ORP (Depends on Source Water) -90mV to -600mV
Micro Clustered Water Yes
Structured Water Yes
Waste Water No
Warranty 2 Years
Frequency of replacing filters 6 Months
Dimensions (cm) Diam: 13cm, Height: 36cm



Waterman Mini Bio Mineral Pot

Take it to Bali. Take it anywhere!

As endorsed by World Champion Triathlete Felicity Abrams


It's not a substitute for your own Jupiter Water Alkalizer, but it's the best thing going to take anywhere.

It's an Alkalizer!

Using alkaline minerals in the filter it alkalizes - as it filters.

It's an Ionizer

Although not as powerful as the electronic water alkalizer, the Waterman uses the same form of ionizing as found in the BioStone filter in the Jupiter;Far infra Red emitting Tourmaline ceramic which changes the molecular cluster of the water giving you better hydration ability.

Removes harmful chemicals, prevents bacteria propagation, improves freshness and taste of your water.

It's an Eco-Winner!

On our recent trip to Bali for 2 weeks we calculated that the Waterman saved us sixty plastic bottles! Every local we met wanted one! Ours is now in the hands of one grateful local in Ubud!

Just use the handy funnel top to pour water through the inbuilt repleaceable filter, and wherever you are you have dechlorinated, reduced fluoride, purified water with added calcium and magnesium, plus bio-energy.

The Waterman Mini Bio Mineral Pot is a bio-mineral portable water source.  It provides you with clean, pure alkaline mineralised drinking water anytime and any place!

Water Filtering Function:

The Mini Waterman improves tap water, giving clean, sweet tasting water using the principles of nature.  Water passes through the filter under the influence of gravity.  Layers of natural ingredients are used including Somelite, activated carbon and coral sand.

Water remains fresh even during storage The Mini Waterman uses “Somelite” to suppress the propagation of bacteria and to produce the minerals which are essential in the human body, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium etc.

Waterman: Specifications

Height: 190mm

Weight: 350g

Materials: ABS plastic and PET

Diameter of pot base: 100mm

Capacity: 600ml

Filter Replacement: 182 days or 800 litres

Waterman portable alkaliser/ioniser & filter

Turn tap water into filtered, alkaline mineral water wherever you go. The 600 ml Waterman filters out chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals and bacteria to produce safe drinking and cooking water without endless plastic bottles. Waterman is great for: Home, school, work, sports, travel, hiking, gym etc.  Waterman has a replaceable filter, with a life span of up to 800 litres or six months.


Give your body the alkaline hydration it deserves – anytime, anywhere!

The Waterman is the unique portable solution to safe drinking water. Its central cartridge contains alkaline minerals, magnets and activated carbon filter medium. It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. The Waterman is easy to use. Simply fill it up, drink it down, or take it with you to immediately enjoy the benefits of fresh alkaline hydration on the go. The Waterman makes it easy to drink two litres of good water a day.

  • Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces impurities - chlorine, heavy metals & bacteria.
  • Quickly re-mineralises tap water with alkaline mineral cartridge
  • Clean, fresh tasting water
  • Portable for hiking, sports, travel, in flight, gym, camping, school and work
  • Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters
  • No landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles
  • Filters up to 800 litres and has a replaceable filter cartridge
  • Compact size, lightweight - no electricity or tap connection required

Environmentally friendly choice Store-bought bottled water isn’t just expensive. It contributes to the consumption of tonnes of environmentally un-friendly plastic waste made from non-renewable fossil fuel resources. When these bottles are emptied, the greater percentage become landfill - or garbage that ends up in waterways. Greenhouse gases are the by-products of manufacturing these disposable, store-bought plastic water bottles & many of the reusable bottles which still have a limited lifespan. So to are the carbon emissions from vehicles that transport these bottles to shops. The re-usable Waterman makes it easy to drink fresh alkaline water anywhere – without wasting your money or the planet’s resources in the process.

It’s a powerful, long-lasting filter

The Waterman filter significantly reduces chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water. Water quality tests show that the Waterman removes up to 99% of chlorine - a harsh, unpleasant tasting toxic chemical used to disinfect bacteria in municipal tap water. To help remove and prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria

The Waterman filter contains long lasting silver-activated coconut shell carbon, magnets, bio ceramics and Somelite™ coral sand. The result? Cleaner, healthier, great tasting drinking water for you or your family's hydration needs. Pets too.

It’s an ioniser

Beneficial negative ions abound in Nature in good quality air and some naturally occurring minerals. The minerals in the Waterman filter significantly reduce the positive ion count of the tap water filtered through its filter medium. Our patented Bio ceramics, which emit a far-infrared energy into the water creating negative ions which increase the energetic nature of the water giving it life & creating a clean fresh taste. Also helps to reduce the water molecule size to help you hydrate faster & reduce acidic build up in our cells.

It’s an alkaliser

Stress and over consumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood's natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4. This balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The Waterman minerals produce an alkaline pH of around 8.5 – 9.5 to the filtered water. This aids your body in neutralising the acidic build up from our lifestyles & diets & helps to restore optimum functionality to major organs & immune system while noticeably increasing energy & concentration.

It efficiently delivers fresh, easy-to-drink alkaline water, wherever you are. It is lightweight and easy to take it with you so that you never need to go thirsty or drink acidic drinks again (Teas, coffee, soft drinks & most bottled water). The taste is excellent, clean & crisp as water should be!

It’s magnetised!

The waterman contains special magnets, which restore waters natural hexagonal cell structure giving a reduced cluster size & surface tension. This enables the water to penetrate into your cells faster & with greater ease thus increasing your rate of hydration.

It re-mineralises tap water

The Somelite™ coral sand in the Waterman re-mineralises water, working together with bio ceramics to enrich water with around 60 essential sea based minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  A mineral-deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behaviour. A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.

De-oxidised water

The ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) value of the mineral water from the Waters Bio Mineral Pots is very close to the structure of the water in a living cell. Giving this water a greater cellular affinity for hydration & helps to combat cellular & DNA damage from acidic lifestyles.

It’s completely portable!

Completely portable, compact and lightweight, the Waterman goes where you go. It fills easily from any tap, making it great for home, sports, travel, gym and work use. Rather than carrying the weight of a lot of heavy water when travelling, carry the Waterman, and filter as you go. No electricity is needed.
It’s safe!

The Waterman is made from BPA free materials & is non-leeching & due to the nature of the filter it retains a bacteriostatic function. This prevents the propagation of bacteria, which is one of the biggest problems with other reusable & also disposable bottles.


Water Quality Test Report

(Translation from Korean)

No: WRI-25018

Flow velocity: 100 ± 50 ml/min

Influent water: Water product

Outflow water: Mineral Pot ACE-Super 100 outflow

Test date: 4 June 2006

Test results are as follows:

Test items

Inflow water (mg/l)

Outflow water (mg/l)

Removal efficiency (%)

Test method

Lead (Pb)




Drinking water quality

process test

Testing equipment : Ion chromatography, etc


ND (Not Detected)

NT (Not Tested)

Please note; This is not to be used as proof of performance. it is indicative data only;

Zinc (Zn)




Cadmium (Cd)




Chlorine (Cl)




Aluminium (Al)




Fluoride (F)




Nitrate (NO3)




Decision and Opinion:

The above results apply to the tested product only and are not for other purposes

15 June 2005 Director General, Waters Research Institute, Seoul, S Korea


Phoenix Freedom

The Phoenix Freedom is your very own portable water filter, unlike many portable water filters on the market today; the Freedom truly enables you to enjoy great tasting water on-the-go without the harmful waste that plastic bottles produce.

It's high-grade polished stainless steel body holds 1 litre of filtered water. Utilising gravity filtration technology, the Freedom contains a Ceramic Spirit Filter Cartridge which removes 99.99% of bacteria. Activated Carbon in the inner chamber of the cartridge removes chlorine, bad taste and odours from tap water.

The Phoenix Freedom is your very own portable water filter, unlike many portable water filters on the market today; the Freedom truly enables you to enjoy great tasting water on-the-go without the harmful waste that plastic bottles produce. It's high-grade polished stainless steel body holds 1 litre of filtered water. Utilising gravity filtration technology, the Freedom contains a Ceramic Spirit Filter Cartridge which removes 99.99% of bacteria. Activated Carbon in the inner chamber of the cartridge removes chlorine, bad taste and odours from tap water.

It's sleek portable design allows you to enjoy clean crystal clear water wherever you go and can be perfectly placed on your desk, coffee table or wherever else it may be that you like to enjoy fresh clean water!

Potable water filters, the greener option

Every year 118,000 tonnes of plastic water bottles are consumed; only 35 per cent of which are recycled. This enormous amount of waste is not only detrimental for our environment but also for our wallets. With bottled water costing an average of $2.50 a litre, the Phoenix’s portable water filter offers an economical solution for clean water without creating harmful waste.Its sleek portable design allows you to enjoy clean crystal clear water wherever you go and can be perfectly placed on your desk, coffee table or wherever else it may be that you like to enjoy fresh clean water!

Ditch the plastic

  • 65% of plastic bottles end up in landfill
  • It takes 3 to 5 litres of water to make a 1 litre plastic bottle
  • Filtered tap water is more greenhouse friendly than bottled water
  • Tap water costs around $1.20 a tonne. Bottled water can cost between $3000 and $9000 a tonne
  • Phoenix Freedom costs less than a 1 cent a litre!*

How does it work

The Freedom water filter is very simple to use. Simply fill the top chamber with your tap water and you will have freshly filtered water dribbling through to the lower chamber. 

The ceramic cartridge is like a mesh - the smaller the holes in the mesh, more impurities are filtered out! The size of the pores in the ceramic is 1 micron which is one thousand times smaller than the thickness of our hair strand. 

Once the top chamber is filled, gravity takes control and squeezes out crystal clear filtered water free from bacteria, cyrptosporidium, Chlorine, VOCs, bad odours and many more harmful contaminants. 

In about 60 minutes you will have your lower chamber filled to three quarters with great tasting drinking water. 


Phoenix Gravity


The simple solution for great tasting, clean drinking water which require no power, no plumbing and no heavy lifting of bottles. The gravity can be conveniently placed anywhere in the house or office, does not need to be close to the mains water tap.  

It comes with two filters for quicker filtration and can be upgraded to use four filters when using at the office or homes that require more water.

The Gravity water filter is constructed from the highest quality food grade stainless steel, and utilises unrivalled three-stage ceramic filtration technology. Simply pour tap water in the upper chamber and enjoy clean, healthy delicious water on tap. Unlike many other gravity water filters, the Phoenix Gravity does not contain any plastic inner-drum, where your water comes in contact with chemically treated plastic and becomes further filled with contaminants.

The Gravity water filter has a polished stainless steel finish which adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Not only will its sleek design compliment modern kitchens, the Gravity water filter is extremely portable and uses no power, making the perfect solution for clean water when camping or outdoors.

Stainless steel is quickly becoming the most demanded material for manufacturers seeking the highest quality products. Not only for its stylish look, but more so its chemical free and odourless properties. The Phoenix Gravity water filter is constructed from the highest quality food grade stainless steel available (304), meaning your water is not compromised by any further contamination.


The Phoenix Gravity contains two Spirit water filter cartridges, which are both capable of producing up to 3000 litres of drinking water, depending on the quality of the water intended for filtration. However,Phoenix recommends the cartridges to be changed every 6 months, due to the exhaustion of the Activated Carbon’s filtration properties.