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Ambrosia Refill 450g

Ambrosia Refill 450g

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Wholefood Antioxidant formula

Ambrosia unites the Earth's best health foods in a potent & delicious synergy, making it easy to nourish your body with a diversity of phytonutrients everyday. A colourful spectrum of freeze dried berries, antioxidant super-foods & exotic fruits fortified with grapeseed & pine bark plus bioenhancers to support nutrient uptake.

Certified Organic ingredients Zero fillers - Nothing synthetic 100% Impeccably sourced

Ingredients: KP Mango (low temp dried), Rosehip*#(10%), Blueberry^*, Viberi Blackcurrant^*, Pomegranate juice^*, Maqui berry^*#, Purple Grape-skin*, Grape-seed powder*, Bilberry*#, Noni*, Sea Buckthorn berry*#, Mangosteen*, Camu camu berry*#, Amla berry*, Rosella flower*, Joboticaba peel^*, Enzogenol Pine Bark ext 100:1 & 3% Super absorption matrix (Schizandra berry ext*, Goji Berry Juice*^, Aloe Vera 200:1^*, Licorice root* & Shilajit#)

*Organic ^Freeze Dried #Wild-crafted

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