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Miessence Natural Personal Care Products now available to buy online

To visit our online range of Miessence products, please visit: for all your organic skin care and natural personal product needs.

What Makes Miessence Different

Our commitment to good health and the environment is more than skin deep.

Every step of our production process – from harvest to packaging – is stringently checked for quality.

Miessence certified organic ingredients and products undergo quality control

No organic ingredient enters our production process before it has been officially certified organic and no product leaves our warehouse...

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Bioenergetics and Evolution: Life as an Art



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Regenerate and Rejuvenate your body! An alternative guide to exercise recovery

Long term injuries? Delayed onset muscle soreness after sports lasting too long? Read on.
As a young Australian I’ve always had an interest in sports, and with that, the accompanying 'weekend warrior' injuries, muscle soreness and fatigue that can occur as a result. This article aims to address some new cutting edge “bio-hacking” tools that you can use to speed up your bodily regeneration and recovery process. In my experience injury is more a process of the body breaking down because it hasn't had a chance to fully recover from the previous exercise session. Ever play a game of basketball with...

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