Cold Sheet Treatment for Fevers


When excess mucus, toxic materials, drug accumulations, poisons and other undesirable materials accumulate within the body, the body's natural reaction is to unload this material before it reaches a high enough level to cause death.  The body then reacts with colds, smallpox, measles, chicken pox, or some other childhood disease.  The first indication of disease that generally appears is a fever.  An adult's first thought, when he sees that his child has a fever, is to hurry and lower the temperature to normal.  This is a mistake because the fever is nature's way of letting us know the child has toxic material in his body which should be removed quickly.  The fever should not be ignored, but we should work with it.

Fevers work in several ways.  One is to raise enough temperature to move the body-building materials from one part of the body to a malfunctioning area.  A good example of this is when a baby is trying to cut teeth.  The tooth bud appears, becomes swollen and red, painful and irritating; but there is not enough calcium in the mouth area to help get the tooth through.  When there is no surplus calcium available, the fever goes higher and higher, and the infant often goes into convulsions.  Time after time we have seen the fever drop quickly as organic calcium has been given to the child.  The convulsion stops, and the child falls asleep (from fatigue).  In a short time the tooth or teeth start "popping through." If the parent uses medication to lower or suppress the fever and nothing else is done, he is merely working on the effect, and not going into the cause.  In other words, he is stopping the attempt of a building process without assisting it to accomplish what the body is trying so hard to do.

A fever can be an aid and a blessing if worked with intelligently.  But if it is fought against ignorantly, or ignored--it is a killer.  Our job in wholistic healing is to praise the fever and work with it, not fight against it.  Fever is the thermostatic control of the body, letting  us  know a dangerous level of toxins has been reached. One should assist the fever to rebuild a malfunctioning area with the cleaning-feeding process.  As the child develops a fever with a childhood disease, the body is doing two things; one is to draw healing aids from the body (if they are there), and the other is to discard or burn up unwanted materials.  True, a fever must not be allowed to reach too high a level, so we will now show simple ways to help it to unload the unwanted toxic poisons, filth, and surplus mucus from the body.

When a child starts a fever, you are being given a signal that there is trouble in the child's system--something that needs attention.  Trying to stop the fever without going to the cause is like bailing the water out of a sinking boat without plugging the hole in the bottom, which is, of course, the "cause" of its sinking.  The water coming in is merely the effect.

The effect (or the fever) stems from the accumulation of toxins the child has received over a period of time, and these toxins must be neutralized and/or removed.  The only thing we recommend as a natural way of gaining health are foods (herbs, which are foods) and helpful therapies that have been used for centuries.  A pleasant herbal tea (red raspberry leaf and yarrow are specifics here) can be the answer when the fever is just starting, because it may be a minor condition or just a common cold.  There may be a larger amount of toxic materials in some cases that require more help than just the herbal tea, and we will discuss this later on.  For now, let's begin with a fever just showing itself.

The first thing we do is to check the bowels, and see if the child is constipated.  If so, give the child some of the formula #8 as described in Dr. Christopher's Three-Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet, until bowels start to move freely.  Many times a good bowel movement is all that is necessary to bring down a fever.  Give a small child an herbal tea made of three parts china rhubarb (also called turkey or india rhubarb), two parts comfrey root, and one part licorice root--one cup three times a day for children twelve years or older; one half cup for children eight to twelve years old.  Vary this amount for younger children according to age.

We worry whether we should "feed a fever and starve a cold" or vice versa.  Let's consider the actions of animals of the lower kingdom.  They cannot read and don't understand "old wives tales," so they are guided by God-given intuition, or have to depend on the inner feelings.  When sick, they ignore food until they are well.  If we force them to eat, we could easily kill them!  During a fever, most people do not have an appetite, so do not force food on a sick child.  Take all solid foods away and use only vegetable or fruit juice, preferably fresh (or unsweetened bottled) juice.  Do not worry about your child falling over in starvation if he misses a meal or two.  Too much food is generally the problem, causing fever and sickness--simply and overloaded and constipated bowel area.

While the child is off solid foods, give him, in addition to juices, as many cups of red raspberry-leaf tea during the day as he can drink.  Sweeten it with honey, and he will enjoy it, if the adult does not use the negative approach; i.e., "Here is some more of that yucky herb drink." If the parent is wise, this can be a wonderful opportunity to get closer to the child and have a "tea party," drinking the tea together.  Both will benefit.

The red raspberry-leaf tea is high in a number of organic (natural and healing) minerals and vitamins and is a fine herbal liquid food for the body.  This contains the wonderful nitrate of iron which has remarkable blood-making and regulating properties as well as astringent and contracting action on the internal tissues and membranes.  It also contains pectin, malic and other organic acids, calcium, and potassium chloride, and sulphates.  Here is a wonderful healing tea that is a great blessing.

This simple routine has aided many in cleaning up the body to a point that the fever drops back to normal before the day is over.  Keep the child on juice and ripe fresh fruit for a day or two and then gradually onto the mucusless diet.  (Dr. Christopher, Three Day Cleansing Program.) If the child is restless at night and does not sleep soundly, give the following warm herbal drink a short time before going to bed.  Equal parts of catnip, peppermint and spearmint tea, sweetened with honey.  Yarrow tea will break up a fever that is high and dry, by causing the child to sweat.

Red raspberry leaf tea has been used and proven by many people, as explained above, but if not available, use yarrow or some other diaphoretic herb.

The Cold Sheet Treatment

This program will take a little time and effort for the one doing the nursing.  If you are desirous of seeing a sick friend, patient, or loved one healed, you will never regret the time spent, for this has saved many lives of people who were given up as hopeless, left to die, but were brought back, with this program, to good health.

Step one: Give the patient an enema, using an herb to assist if available: catnip, sage, red raspberry or some other type made into an infusion and administered cold.  A cold enema will cause the anus and rectal area to contract and retain the fluid until it reaches body temperature or, because of fever, higher before it will cause the rectal area to relax and allow voiding of the fluid and fecal matter.  This allows the liquid to stay in the body longer and soaking more old dried waste matter loose.

We do not encourage the use of an enema except in emergency, as they can become habit forming.  (Not long ago a man informed me he had two bowel movements each day like clockwork, providing he had two enemas each day.  As he said, no enemas, no bowel movement.  Here was a crutch.  With the program here it is used as an emergency measure; then get the bowel to work on its own.  See our booklet on the bowel, Rejuvenation through Elimination.)

Step two: A garlic injection.  In herbology an injection is never a needle; it is a syringe type application.  Into a pint of one-half apple cider vinegar and one-half distilled water, cold, blend in finely grated garlic, or use a garlic press or regular blender.  Have the garlic liquid still thin enough that the liquid will pass through the orifice of the syringe.  If in a blender just drop in cloves of peeled garlic, one at a time, until the proper amount is used to let it still flow from the syringe without clogging.  Insert the garlic tea you have already prepared in advance into the rectum of the patient with the syringe (a pint for adult or less for children), encouraging patient to retain as long as possible before voiding.  Keep patient well covered while waiting.  You will find it is easier for the patient to hold in the liquid if lying on a slant board, or with buttocks elevated with pillows.

After the garlic mixture has been voided, then we use:

Step three: The patient is placed in a bathtub, full of hot water, as hot as is possible (without blistering or scalding the flesh, of course).  The tub has been prepared before their entering the water by adding three very fine diaphoretic herbs, namely an ounce or more of cayenne, an ounce or more of ginger and an ounce or more of dry mustard.  These and the other herbs used in this program should always be on hand.

These three herbs will assist greatly in speeding up the perspiring of the patient and this is very important.  This program (or idea) is to build an artificial fever or increase the fever they already have to a higher degree.  This is being done to bring an incubation condition into place, to cause the disease germs to multiply as rapidly as is possible.  The germs are God's gift to the sick to be used to speed up a healing.  The germ is a scavenger that lives on toxins, mucus, poisons and filth.  They are nature's perfect garbage men.  We should work with them, not against them.  With the moist incubation they multiply faster and faster.  To live they must eat and the only thing they can consume is the filth of the body.  When all the garbage is cleaned up they leave, because they have nothing more to live on.

A germ cannot consume, or live on, good live cell structure.  If they could then we should have a great fear!  But after cleaning out the body of our sickness, which is accumulated waste, the germ finishes its job and leaves us with a healing climax.

If we take shots, inoculation and/or oral medication to kill the germs, we have defeated the purpose of nature.  It is like having a garbage man's strike in a large city.  We have seen this several times in our travels, and in one large city it was estimated that three thousand tons of garbage was stacked up on the streets each day.  What stinking filth.  When we kill our garbage men (germs) in the human body, we still have the original filth they were trying to consume, plus continual additions, plus the corpses of all the germs we have killed.

This causes the heart to labor, trying to pump the sludge through the system, pulling calcium from wherever it can to help in this extra labor.  Then when we are faced with a calcium deficiency we can develop rheumatic fever (causing a rheumatic heart and a weakened body) that can even (one day) go into polio, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc., etc.  The rheumatic fever condition leaves a calcium weakness that can lie dormant for years and then with a new loss of calcium at some future date, can develop into one of these maladies.

We want to build the fever as fast as possible with moisture.  Dry fever is a killer, causing infantile paralysis, brain fever, etc., but moist fever can go much higher and if used properly, by working with the germs, can only do good as the "Maker" of this human body intended.

Step four: To assist increasing the fever, we give the patient diaphoretic teas; this can be any good sweating tea such as yarrow (Achillea millefolium, our favorite), blessed thistle, camomile (Anthemis nobilis), pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberose), boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum), thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), garden sage (Salvia officinalis), catnip (Nepeta cataria), spearmint (Mentha viridis) and many other good diaphoretic (sweating) herbs.

When the patients sweat in the tub a long time, they become thirsty.  Do not give cold drinks, give hot yarrow or one of the other type-unsweetened-but stay with one type of tea to drink if possible, like yarrow, or boneset, or whichever you have.  Have them drink as much as is possible.

During the sweating scene, the patient may get lightheaded and feel like fainting.  If so, place a cold towel or washcloth on the forehead.  Leave the patient in the hot tub as long as is possible, then have him step out, or lift him out, of the hot tub, and now...

Step five: Wrap a large double white sheet, dripping wet from being soaked in cold water, around the standing patient.  With just the head and feet protruding,  the sheet is  pinned down the side.   The patient, thus wrapped, is put into a bed that has been prepared by having a rubber or plastic sheet protecting the mattress, with a cotton sheet over it.  Then a dry cotton sheet covers the patient (still wrapped, of course, in the cold wet sheet), and natural fiber blankets are put over the top sheet for warmth and to help continue the sweating routine.

The reason for using natural fibers for the covering of the patient is that synthetic cloth (which should never be used anyway, and especially in any healing program) will not breathe.  It will not allow oxygen, the breath of life, to get into the body.  Approximately 60 percent of all breathing done by the human body is from the neck down.  This is done through the skin, and if the skin is covered with material (paint as in the motion picture "Gold Finger" or synthetic cloth) which cannot permit breathing, the individual will eventually suffocate.

Now that the patient is well covered, you do Step 6.

Step six: You have already prepared some garlic paste.  This is made by blending crushed or finely grated, peeled buttons of fresh garlic into Vaseline (petrolatum) about half and half.  The low vibration Vaseline will not be absorbed into the skin, as will anhydrous lanolin or vitamin and ointment.  The Vaseline holds the garlic in suspension where the high vibration ointments would be absorbed and leave the garlic exposed to the bare skin to thus blister it.

Before applying the garlic paste, the feet, from the ankles down, must be thoroughly massaged with olive oil.  Allow as much of this oil to be absorbed into the skin as possible, covering the sole, sides and entire foot area.  After the oiling is accomplished, the next step is to use about one-half inch thick or more of the garlic paste and spread it on gauze or cotton or wool cloth and apply over the entire sole of the foot.  Do not allow the paste to get up on the sides on top of the foot - only on the sole!  The purpose of being on the sole is that this is the area where the major part of reflexology (zonal therapy) is applied,  and  here  is where the nerve ends from the entire body - including all the organs, can be controlled.  The garlic will, by being applied to the soles of the feet, be able to disperse its oxygen-carrying power (the breath of life) throughout the body for healing.

Use two-inch gauze, or torn white cotton strips as a bandage to hold the garlic paste on the sole of the foot.  When this is in place, gently pull over the foot and bandage a large cotton or wool white sock, to aid in holding it on.

Put the bandaged feet back under the cold wet sheet and pin the bottom of the sheet together so the patient will be in a wet sack.  The reason for using a large double sheet (instead of small) is because it will allow the patient to roll or turn around as we often do at night without being too closely confined.

The patient in the cold wet sheet will sleep all night, in most all cases, and you will not have to worry about the problem of wanting to get up to urinate (because of drinking all that tea).  While the body is in the cold wet sheet, the subconscious mind will automatically build up more artificial fever to warm the body.  Here we continue the incubation process and use up the teas and moisture accumulated in the body to warm the outside of the wet body.  This process causes perspiration and draws heavily on the body for moist heat.  While this is being done it breaks loose old toxins, drugs and medicines, mucus and poisons of the past which have accumulated, and will, with the sweating, carry these unwanted materials to the outside of the body.  With the heat generated, to do the job, the wet sheet will become dry.

With the poisons and old drugs being removed from the body, the patient will, during the night, proceed to rest better, and the sleep will be a much more satisfying one than can be imagined.  Now we use:

Step seven: After the patient awakens from the deep sleep he has had, take him out of the bed and sponge him down thoroughly with warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water half and half.  This is to remove from the skin the sticky poison mucus that has worked its way out of the  body,  for  some of it is still in the pores and coats the skin.  Sponging off the body this way will allow the body to breathe again through the skin.  With the pores plugged up it means the doors and windows (pores) of the temple are shut and stagnation can start setting in again

The patient now feels as though all the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders (with poisons and toxins removed), and he is anxious to start his new life, with ambition, and turn the world into a better place, because he feels better.  Put fresh clothing on him and make up the bed with fresh bedding and have your patient go back to bed and relax for awhile to gain back strength.  This house cleaning of the temple has been a hard job, and it will be good to rest a while longer.

The large white "cold" sheet that was taken from the bed when removing the patient, is now no longer wet.  The fevered body has dried it out during the night, but it is no longer white.  It is stained with dye from old drugs and toxins from as far back as childhood.  The dye from these drugs will be of various shades and colors from pastel to dark.

It is far better to have these inorganic drugs and poisons on the sheet, rather than slowing down the activities of the body they were in!  (This process has been used successfully to aid in removing the cravings for nicotine, alcohol, as well as in other drug problems.  The person to be helped must want to have this aid and must co-operate with the program.)

Step eight: Our patient should by this time have a desire for something to drink or to eat.  This is a very important step, because we can gain or lose ground at this time.  At times the cravings from the past will crop out; the patient will want a steak, full meal, processed beverages, ice cream, gooey pastries, junk.  Do not respond to these desires.  Give the patient fresh fruit or vegetable juices (juices from Dr. N. W. Walker's Vegetable Juice or green drink from Dr. Karchner's Healing Grasses) or bottled or fresh grape juice, apple juice, etc., with no additives.  Each mouthful of juice should be swished (chewed) thoroughly to mix it with the saliva for good assimilation,  so  that  it,  by chewing, will have no adverse action on the pancreas, thereby being helpful instead of reactionary as in cases of diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Do not mix the juices, but let them drink (chew) as much of any one kind as they desire, or feel comfortable with.  If a change of juice is desired, wait at least one half hour before using a different one.  After a few hours, if the patient is really hungry, let them have a little local ripe fresh fruit, but it must be chewed to a liquid before swallowing, During the day it is good for the patient to have as much distilled water as desired and good herb teas.  To the teas a little honey may be added.  It is really best when possible to keep the patient on juice therapy for one to three days before going into the mucusless diet.

Step nine: After a bad siege of body malfunction, it is wise to instruct the patient why he was in this condition and what to do from this point on so there will not be a reoccurrence of the disease.  To just work on the effect and give immediate relief is not a complete program.  This sickness has been given as an education to teach us how to clean up a bad condition and then keep the body in such a condition there will be no recurrences.  This is knowledge turned into power--the power for a better life, a higher vibrating body, a temple that is clean (God will not dwell in an unclean tabernacle), and an instrument (body) so well-tuned that it can experience the joy of living and can even tune into "That Great Universal Mind." The power of clairvoyance, intuition, etc., can come to such a clean body.

After teaching our patient the way to receive health and hold it, he may often return gratitude and thanks by becoming the "student,"  to learn more of the healing program, and thus become helper, teacher and instructor to help others learn the natural way of life.