Dr Lanka on Swine Flu


If I interpret Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka correctly, then, there are no vicious viruses at all in the human body. He demanded other scientists to demonstrate a proof of vicious viruses. Nobody could. Stefan Lanka's work is very convincing. Therefore:

There is no vicious virus

There is no vicious virus

There is no vicious virus

(This was a mild type of mind control from my part)

Whoever accepts this statement, will also understand the following:

There is no H1N1, because this "virus" consists of

a swine-flu-virus that does not exist,

a bird-flu-virus that does not exist

and two human-viruses that do not exist either.

Then, it should also become clear that

no dangerous viruses can be created in secret labs.

Now an interview with virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka Interview by Christopher Ray - October 27, 2007

No Panic.

The Truth about Bird Flu, H5N1, Vaccines and AIDS

Dr Lanka, are we threatened in Germany by the Bird Flu? Only indirectly. Next year, in Germany there will be much fewer babies. If one follows the media, the storks will all have been snatched away by the bird flu. We are supposed to believe this. Do you mean that seriously? Just as seriously as there being any danger for us from the alleged bird flu virus H5N1. The danger or the disaster lies somewhere else entirely. Where, in your opinion, does the danger or the disaster lie? We have allowed ourselves to loose the habit of using our reason. That is the actual danger of the disaster. The politicians and the media are so shameless as to make us believe that that migratory birds in Asia have been infected with an extremely dangerous, deadly virus. These mortally diseased birds fly then for several weeks. They fly thousands of kilometres, and then infect, in Romania, in Turkey, Greece and elsewhere hens, geese or other poultry, with which they have had no contact, and which within a very short period get diseased and die. But the migratory birds do not get diseased and do not die, but keep on flying, for several weeks, thousands of kilometres. Anyone who believes this will believe too that babies come from Storks. Certainly the majority of people in Germany believe in a danger from Bird Flu. Is there then no bird flu at all? Since the end of the 19th century, diseases of poultry have been observed in mass animal farming: Bluecolouring of the crest, decrease in egglaying performance, lacklustre plumage. And sometimes these birds die too. These diseases were previously called Bird Pest. In current poultry farming, in particular when hens are being raised in cages, many birds die each day as a result of this alien manner of animal farming. Later, these

consequences of the mass animal farming were no longer called Bird Pest, but Bird Blu. We are witnessing that a contagious virus is being alleged as the cause of this for decades back, in order to deflect from the actual causes. Then those 100 million hens which appear to have died from bird flu in reality have died from stress and/or from nourishment deficiency and poisoning? No! If one hen lays fewer eggs or gets a blue crest and that hen is tested H5N1-positive too, then all the other hens are gassed. That is how the apparently 100 million killed hens from H5N1 was achieved. If you look at this more closely, then you see behind it a decades-old strategy: In the West, the big enterprises are restructuring themselves with this, because those animals which have died from the ‚contagious‘ disease are being compensated for at the expense of the general public, at the highest market price, while in Asia and everywhere where poultry are being farmed successfully, the poultry market there is being destroyed maliciously and deliberately under the leadership of the UN organization FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation). All big Western poultry breeders therefore, are keeping their mouths shut and by means of their veterinarians are seeing to it that, if the market price for poultry sinks, they get an infectious disease diagnosed, so that they can get their birds sold for a higher profit than would be possible with normal farming, disposed of all at once at the Government guaranteed maximum price. The common denominator: It is a modern subvention fraud along with paralyzing scaremongering, which as a secondary effect guarantees that nobody asks for evidence. Of what did those 61 persons die who were proven to have H5N1? There are only very little very few publicly accessible reports available, describing what the symptoms were and how they were then treated. These cases are explicit: Persons with the symptoms of a cold, who then had the bad luck to fall into the hands of H5N1 hunters, were killed with insane quantities of chemotherapy supposed to restrain the phantom virus. Isolated in plastic tents, surrounded by madmen in space suits, they died, in panicky fear from multiple organ failures. Does this bird flu virus then not exist at all? Structures have never been seen or proven in humans, in the blood or in other bodily fluids, in an animal or in a plant, which one could characterize as bird flu viruses or flu viruses or any other allegedly pathogenic virus. The causes of the diseases which are alleged to be caused by a virus, also those in animals, which can arise quickly, one after the other or simultaneously with several individuals, are well known for a long time. Even more: There is simply no place in Biology really for viruses as instigators of disease. There is only a place for phantasies such as disease-inducing viruses, if I ignore the discoveries of the New Medicine by Dr Hamer, according to which shock experiences are the cause of many diseases and ignore the discoveries of chemistry about the effects of poisonings and deficiencies and ignore the findings of physics about the effects of radiation. Why then are pathogenic viruses still being maintained to exist? The Orthodox medical doctors need the paralyzing, stupifying and destructive fear of disease inducing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence: Firstly, in order to harm many people with vaccinations, in order to build up for themselves a clientele of chronically ill and ailing subjects who will allow anything to be done to them. Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all the wars up to now so far have achieved. Every orthodox medicine practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it's no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the orthodox medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups. Thirdly, the Orthodox medical doctors need the paralyzing and stupifying fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal the early middle ages origin of the ‚white coats‘ as a transparent Killing and Torture instrument of the inquisition. Orthodox medicine was and is the most important pillar of support of all Dictatorships and Governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract. This explains too why Orthodox medicine really can and may do anything, and in this is subjected to no control whatsoever. If we do not overcome this, we will all be destroyed by Orthodox medicine. Are you not exaggerating a little here? Unfortunately, no! Anyone who opens his eyes will see it that way. Ivan Illich warned about this already in 1975 in his analysis The Expropriation of Health. This book still exists today, under the title: Medical Nemesis.

Goethe described the state of orthodox medicine very aptly in Faust I and has the physician Dr Faustus admit: Here was the medicine, the patients died and nobody asked who recovered, thus we have ravaged with infernal Latwerges, in these valleys, these mountains, much worse than the pest, I myself have given the poison to thousands, they withered away, I must witness that the unabashed murderers are praised. Goethe calls Orthodox medical doctors, Latwerge, that is they give poisonous substances, unabashed murderers, who are still today being praised. Here I can and also must refer to our publications, because we, the first to do so, have put the central revealing question to modern medicine and have documented and commented on the resulting admissions. At




you will find all the relevant information on this. Why have just you hit on this thousand year old fraud? I have studied molecular biology. In the course of my studies I demonstrated the existence of the first virus in the sea, in a sea algae. This proof was first published in a scientific publication in 1990, in accordance with the standard of the natural sciences. The virus whose existence I demonstrated reproduces itself in the algae, can leave it and reproduce itself again in other algae of this kind, without having any negative effects, and this virus has no connection whatsoever with any disease. For instance in one litre of sea water, there are over 100 million viruses of various kinds very different to each other. Fortunately, the health authorities and the doctors have not become aware of this, otherwise there would have long ago been a law allowing sea bathing only in total body condoms. One has never seen Biological structures however, which would do anything negative. The basis of biological life is togetherness, is symbiosis, and in this there is no place for war and destruction. War and destruction in biological life can only be alleged by a sick and criminal brain. In the course of my studies, I and others have not been able to find anywhere proof of the existence of disease-inducing viruses. Later we have lectured on this publicly and have called on people not to believe us either but to verify themselves whether there are disease-inducing viruses. Klein-klein action emerged from this, and has for 5 years been asking the health authorities for proofs and which finally has gotten admission of and certainty of the fact that there is no proof of disease-inducing viruses and no proof of any benefit from vaccination. We founded the klein-klein-verlag (publishing house) three years ago, in order to enable us to genuinely make these results publicly known. What viruses are there then at all, and what do they do? Structures which one can characterize as viruses were detected in many species of bacteria and in simple life forms, similar to bacteria. They are the constantly independent elements of living-together of different cells in a common cell type. This is called a symbiosis, an endosymbiosis, which has ensued in the course of the process of different cell types and structures combining, out of which the present cell type has arisen that Humans, Animals and Plants consist of. The viruses are component parts of cells, as the bacteria in all our cells which assist the transfer of oxygen, the mitochondria, or the bacteria in all plants which produce oxygen, the chloroplasts.. Very important: Viruses are component parts of very simple organisms, as an example of Fibre Algae, a particular type of a uni-cellular Chlorella Algae and of very many bacteria. These viral components are called Phagen. However such structures which one might call viruses have never been seen in more complex organisms especially in humans, or in animals or plants. In contrast to the Bacteria in our cells, the Mitochondria, or the Bacteria in every Plant, the Chloroplasts, which cannot leave the common cell, since they are instructed by the metabolism of the common cell, Viruses can leave the cell, since they are not carrying out any important survival tasks within the cell. Viruses, thus, are component parts of the cell which have given their entire metabolism over to the common cell and therefore can leave the cell. Outside the common cell, they help other cells, in that they are transferring building and energy substances. One has never observed anything else. The actual scientifically proven viruses perform in the highly complex interactions of the cells a helpful, a supportive and in no way a destructive function. Actually in diseases, neither in the diseased organism nor in a body fluid, one has never seen or isolated a structure which one could characterize as a virus. The allegation of the existence of any disease inducing virus is a transparent fraud, a deadly lie with dramatic consequences. Are you not alleging with this that the dangerous AIDS virus is also only virtual? It is not only I that alleges that the so-called AIDS virus HIV has never been scientifically proven, but that it is only said to be proven only on the basis of a consensus. The Bundesgesundheitsministerin, (Federal Minister for Health in Germany), Ulla Schmidt, wrote on 05.01.2004 to the Bundestagsabgeordneten (Member of Parliament) Rudolf Kraus: Of course the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is said - according to international scientific consensus - to be scientifically proven. Today, the Federal Health Authorities (Germany) no longer

allege that any so-called disease-inducing virus has been directly proved, after citizens for years have time and again questioned the Federal Health Authorities for scientific proof of the existence of the allegedly disease-inducing viruses. In an ongoing process of petitioning to the Bundestag (German parliament), the Federal Health Ministry shifted all responsibility onto the Federal Research Ministry. The Federal Health Ministry is taking the absurd standpoint that the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of science prohibits the state from verifying scientific allegations. But that is absurd. That would mean that the State is surrendering us, helpless and protectionless, into the hands of an uncontrolled science which does do and can do what it wants. Are you really of the opinion that the State is surrendering us in such a manner? I do not have an opinion here. I can only see and state the facts. We are experiencing with the current Bird Flu panic that the State, in Germany, contrary to its best knowledge, is surrendering the population into the hands of some people who are masquerading as Scientists. An enforced chemotherapy is being planned, and next spring the entire German population is to be forcibly vaccinated twice against the alleged Bird Flu Phantom. But neither has ever a bird flu virus been proven, nor was any virus proven, that would have any connecion with a disease. Such viruses do not exist. Precisely in the same manner as the Minister admitted concerning the alleged AIDS virus, they are alleged to be proven and therefore existing because of an international scientific consensus. But the bird flu virus H5N1, dangerous to humans, was quite recently very precisely proven in an English laboratory! If ever a virus coming from a specific body or a body fluid, for instance from birds, has been proven, then any average scientist can verify, in any average laboratory, within a day, whether this virus is present in for instance a dead animal. This has however never occurred, and on the contrary, indirect test methods which tell absolutely nothing are being used. For instance, it is alleged that there are antibodies which would combine with the body of the alleged virus and only with it, and with the evidence of a successful combination between body and antibody, the existence of the alleged virus would be proven. In reality, those alleged antibodies are soluble blood proteins, which play a central role in the sealing of cells which are growing and dividing and in the healing of wounds. These blood proteins, also called globulins, will combine arbitrarily with other proteins in a test-tube containing appropriate concentrations of acids and bases, minerals and solvents. Thus you can make any sample taken from an animal or a person test arbitrarily positive or negative. It is pure, and this must be quite clearly said, criminal arbitrariness. Also if it is alleged that, by means of a biochemical multiplication technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the so-called gene substance of the virus can be multiplied and thus was proven. This is a Fraud, since firstly, there exists nowhere a gene substance of a disease inducing virus, to which one might compare the artificially multiplied particles of gene substance, and secondly, only such parts of gene substances get multiplied which already existed in beforehand in those fluids which are used for indirectly demonstrating the existence of the alleged virus. And it is quite simple: A thousand pieces of indirect proofs, corn circles for instance, do not make a UFO either. You do not even have to know English, so as to read those publications to which the virus fraudsters are referring, in order to see for yourself a virus does not appear anywhere in them: If you ask those scientists for proof of the existence of the purported viruses, for instance that of H5N1, you will get only evasions in return and never a concrete answer. On TV we have heard time and again that the investigations were carried out in an English laboratory. The name of that English laboratory the public has not gotten to know. It is the reference laboratory of the EU for bird flu, in Weybridge. I have asked the scientists several times for the pieces of proof of the existence of the H5N1 virus. They have replied to me only once, and after that never again, and wrote that they did not understand my question. I also have written several times to the World Health Organization and in particular to the bird flu pandemic co-ordinator, the German Klaus Stöhr, and asked for proof of the existence of the Bird Flu virus. Neither the WHO nor Klaus Stöhr has reacted to this. What, however does this H5N1 mean that the whole world is afraid of ? The H in H5N1 stands for Haemagglutinin. the N Stands for Neuraminidase. The Pseudo-Virologists allege that the protein of the type Haemagglutinin and the Protein of the type of Enzyme Neuraminidase are found in the coat of the Flu virus. Not only are the proteins which are lumped in with red blood corpuscles called Haemagglutinin in Biochemistry but the most different substances are also called Haemagglutinin. The pseudo-virologists have agreed among themselves that there are supposed to be 15 different types of Protein with the characterists of a Haemagglutinin in the coat of the Flu-virus. The 5 is for type 5 of an alleged Protein which

somehow has only been indirectly proven. Now in order to detect a Flu Virus, red blood-corpuscles are mixed in the laboratory, with samples in which the alleged virus is supposed to be. If the red blood-corpuscles lump together, then it is alleged that a haemagglutinin in an influenza virus must be the cause of it, without a virus having been isolated from a sample or from such a mixture let alone ever seen in it. From the manner of the lumping together, precisely like the Seers in Asterix and Obelix did it, they deduce which type of haemagglutinin it is supposed to be. These scientists have available a multitude of test procedures, which by their construction guarantee that precisely that type of haemagglutinin is shown which the testing scientist already has assumed in advance. It is exactly the same with the enzyme Neuraminidase, which is alleged as a component part of the coat of influenza viruses. There are nine different types alleged to exist here by the Pseudo Virologists. In reality the Neuraminidase is an enzyme which by the separating from parts of an Amino Sugar called Neuramin acid regulates that surface tension which is decisive for the functioning of the respective metabolism. Analogously to the viral haemagglutinin there are a host of Test Procedures that one can purchase which demonstrate exactly the result, that is the type of neuraminidase, which the clairvoyant virologist already had assumed in advance. Therefore it is also no wonder that that turkey cock, which ostensibly died of H5N1, belonging to the 73 years old farmer Dimitris Kominaris on the East Aegean island of Inousses, has vanished without a trace, that at the reference laboratory in question demonstrably no sample from Greece has arrived, and that the clairvoyant media however have reported that a first sample has confirmed the suspicion. In order to detect H5N1 no sample is necessary either, since, as with all purported contagious diseases, it is a question of a planned action, intended for political reasons to induce fear. In the media, photos of bird flu viruses and influenza viruses are constantly shown. Some of these photos show round formations. Are these not viruses? No! Firstly, those round formations which are supposed to be a Flu-virus, are recognisable for every molecular-biologist as artificially produced particles of fats and proteins. The layman can verify this by asking for a scientific publication in which these pictures are reproduced and described and their characterisation documented. Such a publication does not exist. Secondly, the pictures which are supposed to show Bird Flu Viruses, are for every Biologist clearly recongnizable as quite normal component parts of cells, or even show complete cells which happen to be in the process of exporting or importing Cells and component parts of metabolism. Again, the layman can quite simply verify, by asking for those publications which those photos come from. He will never receive such publications. The scaremongerers' Guild doesn't want to reveal its means of trade: Fraud with laboratory experiments and animal experiments. If you ask the picture and news agencies where they are getting their photos from, then they will refer you to the American contagious-disease authority the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) controlled by the Pentagon. The only photo of the alleged H5N1 comes from this CDC. This photo shows the length-and simultaneously the cross section cut of tubular structures in Cells which have been killed in a test-tube. It has been demonstrated however that H5N1 kills hen embryos and can be cultivated in eggs. What is the catch? These experiments have already been used over a 100 years ago, in order to prove the existence of quite different viruses, for instance of the alleged smallpox virus. In this way, extracts are injected through the eggshell into the embryo. Depending on how much is injected and where in the embryo the seemingly virus-infected extract is injected, the embryo dies faster or more slowly. It would die from such injections in precisely the same manner too if the extracts were sterilized in advance. This killing then is presented by those virologists, firstly, as direct proof of the existence of the respective virus, secondly as proof of the possibility of multiplying the virus, and thirdly and simultaneously as proof of the isolation of the virus. Various vaccines are produced from hen embryos killed in this way, millions of which are dying silently each year at the vaccine manufacturers. There are, besides hen embryos, also cells are being killed in test-tubes in order to present the dying of these cells as proof of the existence, the multiplicaton and the isolation of a disease inducing virus. Nowhere however is a virus isolated from this, photographed in an electron microscope and its component parts described in processes which are called electrophoresis. But then what kills the animals in the animal experiments, if it is not the H5N1? One only has to examine at the publications in which these animal experiments are described. Hens are slowly suffocated to death within three days by means of administering a fluid to them through the windpipe tube. In small Java monkeys, 30 days before the alleged infection, temperature transmitters are being placed in the abdomen, 5 days before the alleged infection they are fixated in a negative pressure chamber. And at the point of the so-called infection, an amount of liquid corresponding to six schnapps glasses for humans is pressed through

the tube in the windpipe of these young animals. Parts of the same extract from dying, that is putrefying, cells are injected into both eyes and into the tonsils of the animals. In many cases, suffocation attacks are caused in the animals by means of rinsing the bronchial tubes, etc. The resulting damage and destruction is then presented as the result of H5N1. I have informed the former Minister for Consumer Protection, Künast, and the present minister, Trittin, who are presenting themselves as protectors of animals, about this, via their personal Spokesmen. There was no reaction. But the virus of the Spanish flu has been reconstructed genetically and also has been demonstrated to be a bird flu virus! What, so to speak, was reconstructed genetically is nothing else than a model of the genetic substance of a Flu virus. A Flu virus has never been isolated. A genetic substance of a Flu virus has never been isolated either. All that has been done is multiplying gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication method Polymerase Chain Reaction. With this method it is also possible to multiply arbitrarily new, never previously existing, short pieces of gene substance. Thus it's possible with this technique also to manipulate the genetic fingerprint, that is, to test someone as identical to or different from a sample that has been found. The genetic fingerprint will provide a certain probability of a match, only if a lot of the gene substance that can be compared is found. Dr Jeffery Taubenberger, who created the allegation of a reconstruction of the 1918 pandemic virus originates, works for the US-American army and has worked for more than 10 years on producing, on the basis of samples from different human corpses, short pieces of gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication technique PCR. Out of the host of produced pieces he has selected those which came closest to the model of the genetic substance of the idea of an influenza virus, and has published these. However, no virus was seen or isolated from a corpse nor was a piece of gene substance of a virus isolated. By means of the PCR technique pieces of gene substance were produced out of nothing whose earlier existence in the corpse could not be proven. If viruses had been present, then these could have been isolated, and out of them their gene substance could have been isolated too; there would have been no necessity for anyone to produce laboriously, by means of PCR technique - with a clearly fraudulent intention - a patchwork quilt of a model of the genetic substance of the idea of a Flu virus. How can a layman check on this? About these short pieces of gene substance, which in the sense of genetics are not complete and which do not even suffice for defining a gene, it is alleged that they together would make up the entire gene substance of a Flu virus. In order to see through this Fraud one only has to be able to add up the published length of the pieces, in order to ascertain that the sum of the lengths of the individual pieces, which supposedly makes up the entire viral gene substance of the alleged flu virus, does not match the length of the idea of the genome of the influenza virus model. It is even simpler to ask in what publication you can find the electron microscope photo of this supposedly reconstructed virus. There is no such publication. It is being alleged that these experiments have demonstrated that this reconstructed virus from 1918 would kill very effectively. What might be untrue in this? If I inject into a hen embryo a mixture of artificially-produced pieces of gene substance and proteins and aim at the centre of its heart, then it dies faster than if I only inject the mixture into the embryo peripherally. If I expose cells in a test-tube to a quantity of artificially-produced gene substance and proteins, then they die faster than under the standard conditions for cells dying in a test-tube, something which normally is being presented as proof of the existence, as proof of the isolation and as proof of the multiplication of the alleged virus. Based on this artificially produced genetic substance, which is presented as viral, models of Proteins are being made with computers. Proceeding from these protein models, the image of the entire virus is reconstructed with computers. That is all, but the whole world believes that you can reconstruct viruses in laboratories. Thus it's no wonder either that, referring to statements by the CIA and by the British secret service MI6, it is alleged that in North Korea, the communist regime would now be producing flu viruses even more deadly than H5N1. What conclusions do you draw from this? Since the head of the supposed al-Qaida, Bin Laden, has not been found, al-Qaida in Arabic only means -The Road- and nothing had been heard of this organization before the sudden destruction of the collapse-endangered skyscrapers in New York. Since, just as the alleged smallpox viruses have not been found, no weapons of mass destruction of Saddams were found, which were the reason for the second Iraq war, and now once more some

deadly viruses are being alleged to exist, it should be obvious who in reality are the terrorists and who in reality are the suicide bombers: All who are participating in the virus panic and are contributing to it! In the pandemic plans, a possible breakdown of the provisioning systems and of public order, in connection with the declaration of a bird flu pandemic, has been envisaged by the WHO. The estimates of up to 100 million deaths should be taken seriously. I see all inhabitants of homes for the aged as being the first under threat, who in an outbreak of chaos and a breakdown of the Health care systems, and with that public order and besides them small children as the most protectionless and defenceless victims. It would be hardly possible to imagine, if these fabricators of contagious-disease would declare the emergency during the winter. Does then the substance Tamiflu, which is now being purchased with tax money and stock-piled, protect people from the bird flu? Nobody is alleging that this substance protects against a Flu . Tamiflu is supposed to function as a neuraminidase-restraining agent. It restrains in an organism the function of the sugar neuraminidase acid, which is co-responsible for the surface tension in the cells. Those side effects which are noted on the instruction leaflets accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical to the symptoms of a serious Flu. In large quantities thus, medicines are now being stored which cause precisely the same symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-called Flu - and which will abate with a doctor after seven days, and without a doctor after a week. If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a serious Flu. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu epidemic. Then deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be expected as well, and this will then be presented as evidence of the dangerous nature of the Bird Flu and evidence of how anxious the State is that people should be in good health. In this, the well-tested AIDS pattern is being repeated. In Spain it is noted on the instruction leaflets accompanying packages of AIDS medicine that it is not known whether the symptoms are caused by the medicine or by the virus. Then you will also not recommend any general vaccination or the specially developed vaccination against the bird flu? I am not recommending any madness. Every Vaccine contains poisonous substances which have effects lasting a long time resulting in some or more serious injury. The infection protection law (in Germany) requires, as a necessary precondition for a vaccination being justified, the fact that a pathogenic agent exists for instance a virus. Since none of the so-called disease inducing viruses can be, nor should be, alleged to exist, there can also be no lawful vaccinations against influenza, and none against bird flu either. Every vaccination which has occurred in Germany after the infection protection law became operative on 01.01.2000 is a crime of serious bodily assault. Of course I am not recommending people to allow themselves to become victims of law-breaking and crimes. What in your opinion lies behind all this which we are now experiencing here? About this one can only speculate. Of course the pharmaceutical industry is happy about the big business with the bird flu panic. But in fact every individual is behind this madness. The situation is what it is. The situation could only come to this because we as citizens have allowed our State to act in this way against people, although our State is formally a democratic constitutional State. Anyone who waits for the pharmaceutical industry to do something for the good of people concerning this will wait in vain. Anyone who does not defend himself, makes a huge error. Anyone can ask the Ministry for Consumer Protection, the Ministry for Public Health etc for that scientific proof which would justify the bird flu panic. Anyone who waits for the others to do something should not wonder if those others do nothing and the situation does not remain what it is but even gets much worse. In the final instance we, the citizens, stand behind this, in that we for years without doing anything about it, have seen the whole madness around us and have tolerated it. Here we must begin to take social responsibility, if we do not want to surrender and sacrifice ourselves to the total domination and chaos of an uncontrolled Pseudo-Science. Must then in your opinion science be combated? The domination of the Pseudo-Science must be overcome by means of a Social science which is characterized by its obligation to truthfulness and by the possibility to verify it and to control its actions. The language of the present university medical science reveals that in it, an uncontrolled democratically-lawfully prevailing orthodoxy stands in the foreground, when the Orthodox Medicine Practitioners and the State are referring, as justification for their actions, to the dominant opinion of medical science to which we supposedly have to

submit even if this prevailing orthodoxy maintains that the babies are brought by the stork or that the earth is flat. We have however no reason to complain. It is us who tolerate this Governmental behavior. Anyway, nobody should wonder, if he continues to accept that we must surrender ourselves to this prevailing orthodoxy. as we are doing now faced with the absurdity of the Bird Flu allegations, if he then wakes up one morning and with horror realizes that he is dead. Killed by that prevailing orthodoxy which he as a citizen of a democratic state built on law has tolerated. In a democratic state built on law, the bird flu panic would be just as impossible as would AIDS and vaccinations. We the citizens must create the constitutional state. Then not only AIDS but also the pseudoscience and the bird flu will have no chance. I can only say: Check things out! Use your reason! Translated by: James McCumiskey, Rolf Martens and Susanne Brix Provided by