Food Poisoning


Food poisoning is caused by compounds released by bad bacteria. Silver Hydrosol will kill the bad bacteria without killing the good bacteria and thus stops the release of these poisonous compounds. Charcoal will absorb the harmful compounds. These two products will be enough to eliminate the problem.

Drink 100ml of silver hydrosol. Repeat after 15mins and again after another 15mins. Wait another half hour and then take 4 to 10 Table spoons of charcoal. This will mop up any harmful compounds remaining after the bugs are gone. You can also use Oregano oil 1 hour after the Charcoal, take 5 drops and repeat in an hour. As a last resort take MMS (this can make you sick ie vomiting and diarrhoea but will definitely kill the bad bugs). 2 hours after the MMS you need to take a pro-biotic such as Flora Food, VitaKlenz Recharge or Ultra Blend. Take a large amount, say 5 to 10 times the normal amount.

Please read the info on Silver Hydrosol, Activated Charcoal Oregano Oil & MMS