Grapefruit Seed Extract Citricidal-NutriBiotic

Grapefruit Seed Extract! Liquid Gold!
Nature has again presented us with a substance that potentially has enormous application to a wide variety of modern illnesses.

Many people have paid glowing tribute to the power of the many grapefruit and grapefruit seed extracts world-wide including the USA, Canada, Brazil just to name a few. Which they have said cures candida, bacterial, parasitic and intestinal illnesses, as well as preventing and clearing up dysentery, and travellers' diarrhea. It's been aptly named "Liquid Gold" because of the enormous application grapefruit and grapefruit seed extracts have.
Grapefruit has essential minerals, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium, Vitamin B group especially Biotin, an important nutrient for the utilisation of dietary fats. The large numbers of amino acids and Bioflavinoids& Hesperidin found in the extracts benefit infections in some people and help the immune system.
Some health professionals are using grapefruit and grapefruit seed extracts for their gastro intestinal disorders. Its' antiseptic and disinfectant properties make it ideal for adding to drinking water and for household cleaning.
Grapefruit and grapefruit seed extracts are totally non-toxic and it appears even people allergic to citrus don't have any adverse reaction to it, largely due to its harmonising effect to cope with body stress.
Grapefruit also turns out to be a very useful medicine for the heart, and contains potent compounds that lower cholesterol. It may also clean out some of the arterial debris known as plaque. The compound suspected to be responsible is a polysaccaride unique to grapefruit, a type of fibre found in the fruit pectin.
And what about Candida Albicans (thrush)? Well this is where grapefruit and grapefruit seed extracts come into their own. The Candida "bug", which causes extreme tiredness, exhaustion, headaches, migraines, digestive bloating, wind, heartburn, loose bowels, constipation, blood toxicity creating eczema, skin rashes and itching, doesn't stand a chance as the extract kills and de-toxifies the fungus as well as other parasites that cause ill health.
I have found some patients are able to rid themselves of symptoms after only three weeks of treatment. Taking a dosage of just 10 - 15 drops of Grapefruit Extract in water or juice two to three times per day. Improvement quickly occurs due to the intestinal cleansing action of the extract. I have found it to also be helpful with some arthritis sufferers, the extract is able to reduce pain - as this amazing liquid acts as an anti oxidant and seems to be able to rid the body of toxic free radical build up. There are many different products available, and I have been delighted with their quality.
An added bonus is that the extract is very safe - allergic reactions haven't been reported, the only side effects being a mild stomach irritation ( the solution is very powerful), and some discomfort when the bacteria are being killed and released from the system. One consideration for some people is that the extract is very bitter to taste. But that's a small price to pay for getting well.

Usage Guide

Internal Use


Never use full strength
The botanical extract in this formula has been used by many health care professionals to offer nutritional support for individuals with certain intestinal problems and other conditions of ill health.
Suggested Use: 5-15 drops mixed in 5 oz. water or juice, 2-3 times daily, with or without meals.


Help control this internationally debilitating problem, take 3-4 drops of Traveler's Friend each morning in 5 oz. water or juice. Use more if needed.

Allergies (Hay fever and food sensitivity)

Stir 5-10 drops of Traveler's Friend into 5 oz. water or juice, 2-3 times daily, with or without meals.

Dental Rinse (for healthy gums and fresh breath)

Stir 3 drops of Traveler's Friend into a small glass (2 oz. or more) of water. Vigorously swish a small amount of the water for 10 seconds or more, 1-2 times daily. Also, a perfect additive for Waterpik type units. Add 3-4 drops to reservoir of water.

Throat Gargle

Stir 3 drops of Traveler's Friend into a small (3 oz. or more) glass of water. Gargle several times. Use as often as needed.

Ear Rinse

Thoroughly mix 4-10 drops of Traveler's Friend with 1 oz. of glycerin. Apply 1-2 drops of diluted solution in affected ear 1-2 times daily. Repeat as often as needed. Do not use full strength in ears.

Nasal Rinse

Mix 1 drop of Traveler's Friend with 2 oz. water. With your head tilted back, fill each nostril with a full eye dropper's worth of the mixed solution. Swing head forward and down (head is now upside down) to force solution up into nasal passages. Return head to the normal upright position and allow nasal passages to drain. Do not inhale through the nose during this process.

Vaginal Rinse

Mix 1-3 drops of Traveler's Friend in 6-8 oz. of water. Douche once daily for one week. Douche more often if needed.

External Use

Facial Cleanser (normal skin and acne)

Thoroughly moisten (splash) face with warm or cool water. With hands still wet, apply 2-3 drops of Traveler's Friend to fingertips and gently massage facial area with circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry. A tingling sensation may follow. This is an indication of the deep cleansing properties of Traveler's Friend.

Skin Rinse (minor skin irritations, warts, athlete's foot)

Apply 1 drop of Traveler's Friend directly to affected area, once daily. If affected sking is sensitive, dilute Traveller's Friend with water (5-10 drops per tablespoon of water). Do not use undiluted on sensitive areas. May cause temporary irritation to sensitive skin areas. Flush with water if any irritation occurs, and use diluted only. Irritation is only temporary. If irritation persists, discontinue use.

Nail Treatment

Apply one drop of Traveler's Friend directly on surface of nail along the cuticle and underneath the front of nail, twice daily for as long as needed.

Scalp Treatment (including dandruff)

Add 5-10 drops of Traveler's Friend to each shampooing (mix in hand or on head with shampoo). Massage into scalp and leave on for at least 2 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water. May also be used without shampoo.

Toothbrush Cleaner

Stir 5-10 drops of Traveler's Friend into a glass of water. Submerge toothbrush for 15 minutes (or leave in between uses). Rinse toothbrush before using. Change water and re-mix every few days.

Vegetable/Fruit and Meat/Poultry Wash

Sink Washing - Add 30 drops or more of Traveler's Friend to a sink full of cold water. Briefly soak any vegetables, fruit, meat or poultry.
Spray Washing - Add 20 drops or more of Traveler's Friend to a 32 oz. spray bottle of water. Spray on any vegetables, fruit, meat or poultry.

Dish and Utensil Cleaning Additive

Add 15-30 drops of Traveler's Friend to sink dishwashing water or to final rinse. Add 15-30 drops to automatic dishwasher with dishwasher detergent or to final rinse.

Cutting Board Cleaner

Apply 10-20 drops of Traveler's Friend to cutting board and work into entire board with a wet sponge or dish cloth. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with water.

All Purpose Cleaner

Add 30-60 drops of Traveler's Friend to any 32 oz. store spray cleaner or 32 oz. plain water sprayer. Use on all surfaces around the house.

Travel the World without worrying about CLEAN water !!


                                  The a natural treatment for drinking water! 

On trips to the great outdoors of to foreign lands, just a few drops provide instant water protection.

  • Beware of ice cubes; Pathogenes can survive after freezing.

  • Don't open your mouth in the shower.

  • Brush your teeth only with water treated with Nutribiotic Grapefruit Extract.

  • While eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water treated with NutriBiotic Grapefruit Extract.

"I first made use of Citricidal on my trip to Egypt in 1995. I used it according to the given directions and was able to avoid any ongoing stomach upsets.

I found by default, that consistent use of the product NutriBiotic begins to show with my skin taking on a healthy tone, and I have developed a general sense of well-being at the same time."

R. M. Newfarm Queensland.

Tinea& Fungus

Also known as: Description

Dermaphytoses; Ringworm

Highly infectious Fungal Disease caused by various detrimental Fungi. Tinea will not heal without intervention. The symptoms are itching, red, scaly skin on the area affected. These Substances Alleviate Tinea Bacteria- Beneficial Lactobacillus acidophilus (applied topically) counteracts the Detrimental Fungi that cause Tinea.


Vitamin C (powder applied topically) can kill the Detrimental Fungi that cause Tinea Grapefruit extract is very high in Vitamin C and Bioflaveniods.

These Foods or Herbs Alleviate Tinea

Active Constituents Calendula (crushed petals or ointment applied topically) helps to cure Tinea [anecdotal]. Cider Vinegar (applied topically) reputedly alleviates Tinea. Cinnamon (applied topically) inhibits the progression of the Fungi that cause Tinea. Eucalyptus Oil (applied topically) alleviates Tinea. Garlic (applied topically) reputedly alleviates Tinea, [caution: excessive topical application of Garlic can cause Skin irritation]. Grapefruit Extract is available in many products, including Foot Powder which has proven to be very effective on athletes foot. Neem Oil (applied topically) inhibits the Detrimental Fungi that cause Tinea. Onion (juice applied topically to the affected area) alleviates Tinea. Red Clover flowers (applied topically) reputedly alleviates Tinea [anecdotal]. Whey acts powerfully on the Fungi that cause Tinea.

Medical Name: Onychomycosis: Tinea capitis: Ringworm of the scalp: Trichophyton verrucosum Tinea corporis Ringworm of the body: Microsporum canis Trichophyton tonsurans Trichyophyton verrucosum Tinea cruris (Also known as Jock Itch) Ringworm of the groin: Tinea pedis Ringworm of the feet: Epidermophyton floccosum Trichophyton mentagrophytes Trichophyton rubrum

Area Affected Underlying Fungus Ringworm of the nails: Epidermophyton floccosum Microsporum canis

Epidermophyton floccosum

As for body Ringworm

Travelers Freind


Grapefruit Seed Extract for Internal Use     It is general knowledge today that bacteria and viruses cause a great many internal diseases or participate in their development. The enormous extent to which this also applies to fungi and parasites is only now being gradually recognised. The symptoms that occur through an infection with fungi or parasites are frequently identical to those of a bacterial or viral infection. This gives rise to false diagnoses time and again, resulting in ineffective treatment. To our knowledge, grapefruit seed extract is the first remedy that covers various types of micro-organisms at the same time. The list of lab analyses in the appendix of this book indicates the extremely large spectrum of pathogens for which this natural extract is effective.
    The knowledge about the healing effects of grapefruit seed extract has entered into an increasing number of practices working with naturopathy. As a result, a great fund of experience has become available to us, particularly in the area of external applications, gastrointestinal diseases, and colds, which have become the main areas of use. Yet, reports by various doctors and health practitioners, as well as experiences with animals, indicate a clear effect of grapefruit seed extract also beyond these specific areas throughout the entire body. However, little or no research has been carried out on the living organism regarding the many diseases whose pathogens have been destroyed in the lab tests.
     In the following survey of the internal use of grapefruit seed extract, we have tried to limit ourselves to those diseases and health disorders that have been adequately documented. We hope that this book will stimulate further research and that we will soon be able to report on new results. We are convinced that grapefruit seed extract can in the near future become a healthy alternative, without side effects, to antibiotics and synthetic preparations.
     Grapefruit seed extract combines very well with other natural remedies. It is a great team player and seems to augment the activity of other medicinal herbs. Homeopaths particularly value it because is does not interfere with the activity of homeopathic remedies.
    However, beyond the great help it can provide, grapefruit seed extract is most beneficial as part of a holistic health program. It should not become a quick substitute or a makeshift solution replacing a necessary change in our eating and living habits. Our illness might be telling us something about our life situation, and we shouldn't try to avoid its message. When inflammations recur in the same or other places, even after repeated use of grapefruit seed extract, we should ask ourselves why this is happening and think about any reorientation that might be necessary.
    Phlogogenic (inflammation-causing) micro-organisms prefer to settle in those areas of the body where they come across weakened tissue. This weakening is frequently caused by toxins that have settled in the body. Environmental poisons, additives or residue in foods, as well as mercury amalgam fillings in the teeth, are the most frequent source of poisons that enter our body from the outside world. This is joined by poisons from within. Processes of decomposition and putrefaction caused by unbalanced nutrition and deficient digestion, metabolic waste products, and toxins produced by micro-organisms are the sources of inner poisoning.

Prevention is Better than Cure
    After we have seen how easily pathogens--whether they are bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites--get into our body and how much havoc they can wreak, the question may arise: "Wouldn't it be smart to take a few drops of grapefruit seed extract every day as a preventative against the uninvited guests? Since it's non-toxic, it can't do any harm but will be very beneficial."
    To date there are no known side effects, even when the extract is used for a long time.
    The organic farmer Knud Dencker-Jensen, who distributes grapefruit seed extract in Denmark to both horticultural and livestock farms, told us about a farmer's wife who has taken a teaspoon of the extract every day for the past year and has never felt so healthy in her life. Its astonishing effect on her animals had inspired her to this "therapy," and it wasn't too long before other women in her neighborhood followed her example. We don't want to recommend such a high dose, but this example demonstrates the harmlessness of the extract, even in high doses over extended periods of time.
    Various doctors prescribe continuous administration for one year or longer in special cases, such as preventative measures for patients with recurring vaginitis. The physician Dr. Leo Galland of New York reports that even when ingested for twelve months, the extract showed no side effects. Furthermore, none of his patients developed immune resistance. The latter is a problem that can occur when antibiotics are frequently ingested. Grapefruit seed extract appears to keep its effect, even when used for a long period of time.
    We think that prevention is not necessary where the immune system is intact. However, if our immune system is weakened or chronic illnesses have taken hold, a few drops of grapefruit seed extract every day can be very helpful. Beside its curative effect, it can protect us from the additional stress placed on our immune system by acute infections.
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