Herb Tonic


The herb tincture is a blend of potent herbs, some with a history of use stemming thousands of years for a variety of human ailments and dis-ease. In more modern times, science is beginning to validate what was already known to our ancestors regarding the use of these herbs.

The following combination of herbs was carefully selected for their immune enhancing and detoxification properties.

Turmeric - works on two levels to prevent free radical formation and to neutralize free radicals that already exist. Among it’s plethora of functions, turmeric is found to offer DNA protection from oxidative damage, inhibition of tumor growth, blood purification, stimulation to production of insulin, bile and enzymes; some of which help the liver break down toxic substances, aids digestive function and is a potent anti inflammatory.

Black Pepper - when combined with turmeric, allows for better absorption up to 20 times. It also boasts as a digestive and blood circulatory stimulant.

Cat’s Claw - credited with being a powerful immune stimulant, anti parasitic and healing in rheumatic and degenerative conditions. Studies have shown improvement with diabetes and the reduction of tumor size pertaining to its use.

Chaparral - an effective cleanser of the lymphatic system which not only serves as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage but also provides tissue regeneration. Evidence of tumor shrinkage after use can also be found in the literature of the National Cancer Institute.

Blood Root - despite various current scare campaigns regarding high dosages, blood root has a long history of medicinal use and research is readily available regarding its anti-proliferative potential towards carcinoma and sarcoma cells without harming normal cells.

Graviola - displays significant anti-tumorous properties and selective toxicity against abnormal cell growth without affecting adjacent cells. It also eliminates parasitic infection, rebalances the internal environment and needed only in miniscule amounts to affect a positive influence.

Directions :

As in the case with any detoxifier, the principle is to start slow and build the dosage up over time. If detox symptoms are felt i.e. headaches or nausea, back off the current dosage, drink plenty of water and work your way up when you feel ready.

An adult may start with 1-2 ml (1 dropper) in water or juice one to two times a day and work up to 5 ml three times a day if you feel the need.