The Project

The Back to Precious Health Project is a family run humanitarian project and therefore seeks to forward and better the welfare of humankind; philanthropic, literally "love of man" in Latin, this organisation makes an effort to promote and encourage the happiness and social stability of communities of humankind; non-profit and therefore not geared to making a profit to distribute to members for financial gain.

We manufacture and provide natural health products that give the body what it needs to sustain life and high energy levels. Searching all over the globe for folk remedies that have been tried and tested, we bring to you a range of products that are toxic free and work.

Partner in the business and resident naturopath, Jeremy has also studied German New Medicine and is an Industrial Chemist. He is happy to provide one hour consultations weekdays between 9am and 12pm; feel free to call today and book yours in.

Our aim is to assist people in getting out of the sickness industry and take back their power to look after their own bodies, souls and spirits, and live fulfilled and healthy lives. Our greatest desire is to see children being fed and cared for in the way that nature intended.

Our methods are not new.  We believe that to maintain health and fitness we must:

  1. Make sure we have the nutritional requirements to support the body to heal, repair and regenerate;
  2. Be aware of and correct the acid/alkaline condition of our bodies;
  3. Rid ourselves of the toxins that invades us on a daily basis;
  4. Resolve our conflicts;
  5. Get lots of fresh air, exercise, sunshine and clean chemical free water.

Another major role in health which we tackle, is resolving "shocks" or "conflict traumas" that may have happened during life's journey. Seemingly small things are able to trigger dis-ease in our bodies, causing it react in a negative way.

In the practice of German New Medicine, the patient becomes the key and active participant in the treatment of their dis-ease.  Only the patient can resolve their conflict(s), which cause the symptom(s) they experience. 

The healing phase can be very painful at times and we strongly recommend the time it takes to rest and support the body.  We don't not encourage anyone to go down the path of having their body unnecessarily attacked with poisons and [in some cases] surgery, as we strongly feel that it is to the body's detriment.

Our aim is to assist the patient throughout their conflict-resolving process, to help bring their mind, soul and body back into ease and wellness.

We may not be able to offer a "quick fix" as some health practitioners claim to do.  However what we do offer is free information, gleaned from many years of compelling research into the human body, regarding the body's natural ability to repair and fix itself once its conflict has been resolved.

We feel it is our duty of care to speak truth in a world which sadly contains so much conflicting  misinformation about health and well-being.

We have sourced the best plant-based nutrition products that work.  The products we offer are not synthetic and have the required dosage to really give the body what it truly needs.

We encourage everyone to look at herbs and food as medicine for the body, which is far cheaper financially and very rewarding when we can sit down to a meal containing lovely, fresh, organic and life-sustaining food.

We don’t claim to know it all and we learn something new everyday.  But we do care for human health and we try to keep our prices affordable and our information free.