Incurables Program


There are no incurable diseases, but at times there are incurable patients. The Creator has given herbs and assisting wholistic therapies for every type of body malfunction. If they are used, benefits will come. But if they are not used as directed, they can be of no aid.

Over the years, we have put together a healing program that has done miracles for those who have conscientiously used it. It has even brought people who were supposedly on their death beds back to a full and active life. Yet, this program yields no results unless the instructions are followed carefully.

No one can truly tell a patient that he or she has just so many days, weeks, or months to live. The scriptures plainly say that “everything moves in its time and season; there is an hour to be born and an hour to die.”  We have seen cases where the person was told that he had only a few days to live, and many of these people are alive and well today, because they had faith to turn to the natural ways of healing and have been healed.

For example, the parents of a small child, about eighteen or twenty months old, were told by their family practitioner that the child would not live until morning. He had a severe case of pneumonia. They lived in a rural area too far from a hospital. It was subzero weather, and the doctor said the child would die enroute to the hospital by car. He explained that he would return the next morning and sign the death certificate. The parents had the hope and faith that the child could be saved. After the doctor left, and after much telephoning, they were referred to us at about midnight. When we arrived and gave him natural healing aids, the child was soon sleeping comfortably. The next morning when their doctor came to sign the death certificate, the child was sitting up having some juice for breakfast.

We have seen cases where the patients were lying helpless on their bed so sickly they could not feed themselves and were waiting for death at any moment. These people, by correctly utilizing this wholistic healing program, are alive, active and well today.

Even when a person is near death and suffering great pain, the natural healing procedure can be used to reduce the pain and give comfort in the last hours. Every one of God's children deserves help to ease unbearable conditions with helpful but harmless natural aids.

This program has been used for many different malfunctions with great  success in nearly every case:  multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke, deteriorating bones, curvature of the spine, locked arthritis joints, tumors and cysts in nearly all parts of the body. We have seen great improvement-reduction in pain and often complete healing in these cases which are supposedly incurable. As in all natural healing, this program works with the body to cure itself and does not use any addicting medications or harmful therapies to affect health.


The patient may have suffered in their chronic condition for a long period of time. Because of the years of improper eating, the body is now suffering from malnutrition. This is because food is not being assimilated, causing starvation of the bodies cells. It is not the amount of food that has been eaten matters, but the quality and how well it has been assimilated. We may take a healthy quantity of food into our bodies, but only that which has been properly assimilated can be utilized for rebuilding and repairing cells and malfunctioning areas. Proper assimilation is acquired by drinking the solid foods and chewing the liquid food. This is an old and true axiom. What this means is we should thoroughly chew our solid foods which mixes the saliva with the food until it becomes liquid, and then we drink it. The liquid foods must be swished (or chewed) in the mouth, then swallowed. The saliva thoroughly mixed with the foods is the key that opens up the doors of digestion. Without mixing saliva with the food, the balance of the digestive juices are not activated for good assimilation. By gulping or inhaling our food without properly mixing saliva with it, we get only eight to ten percent of its value. By properly chewing, we can raise this to forty or forty-five percent. The remainder is generally cellulose or indigestible fiber. We not only receive better health but also save money. Food is one of our largest expenditures. If we can get four to six times better assimilation and use four to six times less food, we are saving a lot of money!  By this simple method alone, which gives better assimilation, we gain superior health and a happier life. With one fourth or one third of the food we have been used to eating, we can receive much more power and energy. Remember, a large part of attaining good health results from chewing both solid foods and liquid foods.

The First Week of Wholistic Aid


Many people feel that without three large meals of solid food each day they will starve, shrivel up and blow away!  Dr. N.W. Walker in his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, and Johanna Brandt in her book, The Grape Cure, both show that juices alone sustain health for a long time in addition to healing the body.

The following suggestions are for a persisting chronic condition, not an acute one requiring emergency treatments. For the first week, drink as much fresh carrot juice as desired. Some people are satisfied with a quart while others need a gallon or more. Drink by chewing an eight-ounce glass or more each hour during the day for six days the first week.

Drink one cup or more of slippery elm gruel each day. The liquid can be as thin or thick as desired. With this herb, you take the powder and carefully mix it with enough water (preferably distilled) to form a paste because it does not mix easily. Then thin it to desired  consistency by adding more water. A little honey can be added if preferred. In addition, drink one cup or more of comfrey leaf or root tea each day. Twenty minutes before or after drinking the juice, tea or gruel, drink as much steam-distilled water as desired.

Herbal Formulas  

During the first week, we also help the body rebuild itself by the use of herbal formulas. One cup or more of cell building tea, Complete Tissue and Bone Formula should be used for the rebuilding of cells in flesh, cartilage and bones. Also, take one cup three times a day of Blood Stream Formula.

Take the following every day with some liquid:

  •     Two or more #0 capsules of Lower Bowel Formula, three times a day. This is for regularity, as solids are not now cleansing the bowels.
  •     Two or more #0 capsules of Relax-Eze Formula, three times a day. This formula contains herbal nervines.
  •     Two or more #0 capsules of Pancreas Formula, three times a day. This assists the Lower Bowel Tonic.
  •     Two or more #0 capsules of Herbal Calcium Formula, three times a day This formula is a good source of herbal calcium.

Breathing With Depth   

The Lord put into us the breath of life, but we have to keep it there. Shallow breathing is not much life, but full breathing is the full breath of life. Learn to breathe deeply, as is taught in yoga, to get the breath of life into the upper lobes of the lungs.


Synthetic cloth strangles and chokes the body and is a barrier to oxygen-the breath of life. We should use only natural fibers for the clothes we wear and also for our bed covers. Never use synthetic cloth for straining herbal drinks or for fomentations and bandaging. Use only natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen or silk.

Releasing Static Electricity   

Walk or jog barefooted on the lawn to get rid of the static electricity in the body and to allow new electrical vibration to come from the atmosphere. This is pure universal electricity that operates all the parts and organs of the body. It cannot come if static electricity is present, which should be grounded through the feet to keep a continual flow on hand.

Three Oil Massage  

For the first two days, massage the patient with castor oil, using a clockwise circular motion from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, always working toward the heart. The next two days use olive oil, and the last two days of the week massage with wheat germ oil.

By using the skin as a filtering agent, the castor oil cleans and flushes the skin. It also goes into the blood stream, aiding in the removal of mucous and toxins from the inner body. The olive oil is a complete food itself and will penetrate into the body to feed and rebuild muscles, flesh and the entire system. Wheat germ oil is a healing oil, high in vitamin E, valuable in rejuvenating the body.

On the seventh day, rest the patient, using no foods, herbs or juice, only steam-distilled water as much as is desired.


Immediately after the massage, have the patient take a sunbath each day in the nude, not through glass but in direct sun. Only allow two minutes on the front and two minutes on the back the first day. Add two minutes front and back each day but no more. In six days you will be up to twelve minutes front and twelve minutes back. Do not sunbathe between eleven in the morning and one in the afternoon, that is, not at high noon. If it is a cloudy or cold day, use a sunlamp, but do not allow a burn.

The sun is the world's greatest doctor but must be used by building up the exposed time in the sun gradually so as to not burn. Do not be alarmed by articles in national publications each spring, warning people to avoid sunbathing, saying it is cancer-forming. The sun cannot cause cancer. When you do not gradually increase the use of it but lie in the sun for long lengths of time and burn, certainly it is dangerous for it will cause a severe toxic burn. But it is not cancer-forming. If cancer is already in the bloodstream and the body, the sun can ripen it and bring it to the surface, but that is the only way skin cancer can result from the sun.

Ask any Aborigine, Indian or member from any tribal area where only a loin cloth, if anything, is worn. Although their bare skin is exposed constantly to the sun year around, they have no cancer. If any of them develop skin cancer, it is because they have been eating a diet of modern processed food for a sufficient period of time to get the body into a toxic condition.

John N. Ott's book, Health and Light, explains the benefits of healing with light. This research scientist explains how natural sunlight is a food or nutrient and can cure many ills and keep us well, while the wrong kind (artificial light) can make us ill. Ott shows how certain ailments respond to a daily treatment of full spectrum light.


Each day the patient should have a hot bath followed by a cold shower or cold bath. No soap should be used for the bath unless it is a good biodegradable body cleanser. Each day before the bath, give a dry skin brushing (always toward the heart), using a natural bristle brush (not nylon). Sixty percent of all of our breathing is done through the skin, so it must be kept clean with water and brushing. The skin is our “second set of kidneys” and must be kept in good condition.

Herbal Fomentations  

We use an herbal fomentation each night of the six days of the week. It should cover the head area (hair line), down the spine, all the way down to the end of the tailbone. Make a cap fit down to the ears (or use a cotton or wool skull cap) and stitch a flannel strip four or five inches wide down the back over the spine area. After wetting the fomentation cloth with Complete Tissue and Bone Formula and lightly wringing it out, cover it with a plastic over the head (shower cap, etc.) and a strip down over the spine. The moisture will go into the body and not the bedding or mattress. The fomentation down the back can be held into place with sweat shirt and shorts.

To aid the motor nerve and spinal cord, use our Ear and Nerve combination, inserting with an eye dropper four to six drops of Oil of Garlic and four to six drops of this herb tincture into each ear six nights a week. Plug the ears with cotton overnight, and on the seventh day flush out the ears with half and half warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Repeat this each week during the program.

Zonal Foot Massage (Reflexology)  

If possible, use zonal therapy on the feet three times a week, leaving one day in between such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Zonal therapy will greatly speed up the program. You may find a number of good books on zone therapy at libraries or health food stores.

The Second Week

The second week will be the same as the first except, instead of fresh carrot juice, substitute apple juice. Freshly made apple juice is best. If you do not have a juicer or fresh apples are not available, use a bottled apple juice that has had nothing added. Use canned only in an emergency. Do not use frozen juice, as nearly all frozen juices have additives. During this second week use the three-oil massages, sunbaths, zonal therapy, fomentations, etc. With the sunbaths add two minutes front and back onto the final total of the last week.

On the day of fast, there may be some physical reactions because you have reached a cleansing cycle. Toxic poisons break up in the body, accumulating for disposal and causing some upset. Do not be alarmed, for with some people it is more pronounced than with others. This same cyclical reaction can happen in any healing program in the third week, seventh week, seventh month and seventh year. The longer spasms occur in the major cycles and can be more pronounced, by far, than the minor cycles. If a cleansing crisis occurs during this short time, be happy with it and smile through the tears, for it shows the program is working well.

The Third Week

Again repeat the full complete program, except instead of carrot or apple juice, during the third week use grape juice.  Freshly made is best from dark grapes (concord preferred), juice from organically grown grapes found in some health stores, or any of the standard brands in bottles such as Welch's, Church's, etc. Be sure in the bottled juice there are no additives (preservatives or sugar). It can be pasteurized but not frozen.

The Fourth Week and On

Continue to rotate the three juices each week as before. This program is life- sustaining as the patient is taking rapid-healing and wholesome food. If the patient desires more solid food, just add one solid meal each day. This meal should consist of a good fresh vegetable combination salad (as many raw fresh vegetables as you desire). If a salad dressing is desired, use a natural one, such as one made with fresh olive oil, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and, if desired, a small amount of honey, grated fresh onion and garlic to taste, savory salad herbs, coarse freshly ground black pepper, etc.

A small serving of presoaked, low-heated grain may also be added. This is done by taking the whole uncracked grain (wheat, rye, millet, buckwheat, barley or whole oat groats) and soaking it with distilled water. Soak in a cool place so it won't sour, up to twenty hours depending on the hardness of the grain. Then low-heat it in a stainless steel or Pyrex double boiler for twelve to fourteen hours. Use a food thermometer and do not allow the temperature to rise over 130° F. If you use a crockpot, equip it with a dimmer switch or some other type of control so it will not overheat.

In whole live grain you have nearly every known vitamin and mineral known to mankind, but this live food must not be killed by overheating. Professor Arnold Eheret and the Rodale Press have both advised against the use of grain because of its acidity. In its hard state, grain is generally a pH 5. By using presoaked, low-heated grain we raise it from the objectionable pH 5 to a pH 7 which is easily assimilated.

The salad and grains must be chewed thoroughly until they become liquid before swallowing. These additions can be used in the healing routine as long as is desired. On this type of food a person can live to a ripe, healthy old age. As the individual improves in health, a larger variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds can be used. Later, all the lentils, beans and harder seed types with longer soaking and more low-heating can be added. With these, and low-heated grains, delicious casseroles may be created. Also, potatoes which are steamed or slow baked using their skin are a very good food. Use fresh olive oil on them and coarse ground black pepper and, if desired, chives and/or other herbal seasoning.

Use no salt, sugar, eggs, meats, bread, milk or dairy products. In a short time you will find the hidden hunger will leave by using the food recommended. The cravings will disappear and will be replaced with a cozy, unbloated, satisfied fullness that will bring ease and peace.


A young man came to us with advanced curvature of the spine. He had been told that the case was so bad his back would have to be broken in several places to fuse it but with no guarantee as to results. He tried our program, and in shortly over six months, he had a back that was straight and perfect. He had regained the three inches he had lost with the curvature and is now 6'6" as before his curvature. He could now go back to yoga and the sports which he enjoyed.

In Mesa, Arizona, a young man in his middle twenties was brought into our lecture hall in a wheel chair. He was badly crippled with a combination of polio and arthritis. He was lifted out of his chair and placed on a pile of pillows. Looking at him, you could see the severe pain he was suffering.

During the lecture we discussed the program we have just outlined. After the lecture, he said he would like to try it. A practical nurse from another town offered to take him to her home and help him get well.

They followed the routine accurately and one year later we saw him again. Just before the lecture started, in the same hall as the year before, this young man walked down the aisle to the front of the hall and asked to speak.  In his short talk he advised the people to listen to the lectures and put them to use. He described how just one year before he had listened to this lecture in the hall as he sat on pillows. He had gained the desire to start on this natural program. Prior to that night he had been told he would never be out of the wheelchair unless it was to be in a hospital bed the rest of his days.

With the help of the kind nurse, he was now able to walk so well that he was traveling on foot, house to house selling, to pay off his large hospital and doctor bills. As he walked back to his seat, he had tears of gratitude in his eyes.

A lady called Dr. Christopher in Salt Lake City from Provo, Utah, saying that her daughter had flown in from out of town, extremely ill.  She was afraid that she was going to die, so she had come to her mother to take care of her.  She asked if he would come and read the young woman's eyes.   When he came, they told him that they had tried the best doctors they could find, but no one could help the girl (Dr. Christopher never said what the problem was, however).  He gave her an eye reading and she would remark, “Who told you that!”  Each thing he told her was the same thing that the doctors had diagnosed.  When he finished, she said she was still dubious about the natural program, but that the reading was so accurate, he must have something good.  She agreed to follow the natural program.  She was too sick to even get up and walk.

So they started off gradually on the Incurables program, using juices to rebuild the body.  Before many weeks had passed, she came to Dr. Christopher's classes and became quite a faithful student.  She even began to study iridology and became good at it.  She watched her own eyes and could see the healing taking place.  She had been told, though she had been married for some time, that she could never have a baby because of an immature pelvic area and an underdeveloped uterus, as well as other problems in her reproductive system.  By using the mucusless diet and herbs to rebuild her body-the Female Corrective and the Hormone-balancing combinations-and doing the exercises they advised, even these problems began to heal.

The wife did heal eventually, and traveled home on her own, without anyone assisting her.  She was an excellent housewife, and she showed so much improvement that the husband was astonished, because he figured she didn't have too much longer to live.  Best of all, she had two beautiful children, with natural childbirth, and although the husband was an electrical engineer with a high-paying job, he was so delighted with the results that he became a chiropractor.  He delivered their two children.  (Taken from Every Woman's Herbal)

Buckthorn is a minor ingredient of Dr. Christopher's Red Clover Combination, which is used for cleansing and which has also been effective in clearing up cases of cancer.  He told of a woman who had been diagnosed of cancer by a medical doctor, who also prescribed a lengthy and difficult chemotherapy regime.  The woman came to Dr. Christopher, who put her on the Incurables regime, stressing the use of the Red Clover Combination.

Although Dr. Christopher recommended that she remain on the program some time, during her cure she went back to the medical doctor for some idea of how she was progressing. Imagine her joy to find that she had been completely cleared of the cancer! (Taken from Buckthorn Newsletter)

One lady had bone cancer.  Her cancerous condition had gone throughout her whole body, but had settled in the bone, and one-and-a-half vertebrae were completely gone.  The bone in her body was disintegrated to a point that she could not sit up or walk around anymore; she had to lie in bed.  The X-rays showed that the vertebrae above and below the lumbar area were perforated with cancer, so they couldn't even fuse the missing vertebrae to give her support.  A lady who was helping in the home called one day, and told Dr. Christopher about the situation.  The woman, she said, was just lying in bed waiting for the rest of her spine to deteriorate.  Could the Doctor help at all?  He replied that if this woman would follow instructions, there could be some help.  The herbs would do nothing but good, and if the woman followed the program in the right frame of mind, she could be healed.

She was started in the Incurables program.  The lady had to clear her bowels with the Lower Bowel formula, and take the Red Clover combination to clean her bloodstream.  She had to switch from mucus-forming foods to the mucusless diet, and to go on the three-day cleanse every two weeks, in her case.  She had to use a gallon of steam-distilled water each day.

Now that the basic body condition was improving, they concentrated on the spine.  They put comfrey paste down the lady's spine, from the medulla at the base of the skull down to the bottom of the tailbone, about four or five inches wide, with flannel over this and plastic over the flannel to keep it from saturating the bed.  Many people have gone through this procedure for curvature of the spine, arthritis of the spine, and various ailments, with great success.

This woman followed through, and in under six months the back was feeling so good that she went back to her osteopathic physician for an X-ray.  Cartilage had come in and formed perfect vertebrae and a half to replace the eaten-away ones-not bone, but cartilage.  At the end of the year, the cartilage had turned to bone, and she had a perfect spine from the top to the very bottom.  All that had been perforated formed back solid, and the X-ray showed a spine as good as a teenager's.  The physician was astounded!  This case proved that even cancer of the bone can be healed with the proper program.  (Taken from Every Woman's Herbal)

There are many outstanding cases but these can give you a picture of what can be done with our good, wholistic program. Use it carefully and accurately for complete, long-lasting health.



Richard Parton, a student with The School of Natural Healing called on November 21, 1997 to report that his wife was doing very well, after being healed from cancer.  She had symptoms of Lobulaw Carcinoma since 1986, but was misdiagnosed until February 1996.  Doctors removed healthy lymph nodes and had missed and left in the hematoma.  During each relapse she does the Incurables program and recovers within days.

Multiple Sclerosis.  

Don is in his middle 30's and has had M.S. for approximately 10 years.  He has been through the whole gambit of the medical field to ease his condition but to no avail.  Don was always a very active person and to be stricken in the prime of life to a crutch and many times a hospital bed was his heaviest burden.  In February of this year I started working with him after some study in natural healing which included Dr. Christopher's book “The Incurables.”  Don and I decided on a modified program as outlined in the book.  He received twice a week treatments of B & B tincture rubbed into the spine and nape of the neck, foot reflexology, total body deep massage and meridian stroking.  Daily he gave himself a garlic and catnip enema, a dry brush massage, and at night B & B tincture and oil of garlic drops were placed in his ears.  He also took daily red clover and EZ herb combination.  His diet consisted of demineralized water, increased raw fruits and vegetables and many whole grains.  He avoided products which were refined and had additives.

Don is now walking without a crutch.  He can stand alone whereas before it was impossible.  He feels the muscles in his thighs, buttocks and lower back developing and he has strength to do many things to his amazement.  This is only the beginning after only four months of treatments.  Many thanks are given for the pioneer work done in natural healing to make this success story in progress possible.-Carol Heineman, Port Clinton, OH (Taken from the Cayenne Part I Newsletter)


A girl of fourteen had been born with polio, with one leg shriveled and four inches shorter than the other.  She wore a built-up cork sole on her shoe, but she was still crippled.

The family read about Dr. Christopher's Incurables Program, and they began to follow it, step by step, for this girl.  They used the Bone Flesh and Cartilage fomentations over that leg, continuing faithfully.  By the time the girl was out of her teens, the leg was four inches longer than when she was fourteen years old.  It was no longer shriveled; it filled out so it looked like the other leg.  She was now dancing, and by the time she was in her early twenties, she not only ran her own dance school, but was demonstrating dance over the United States, traveling as a professional.  The polio was gone.  By going to the cause of the disease and working from there, we can cure even incurable diseases.  (Taken from Every Woman's Herbal)


While sitting in his family restaurant that used to be located in the University Mall, across the hall came the most grotesquely-built wheelchair the Doctor had ever seen; it was all out of shape, having been built for someone deformed.  And sitting in the chair was one of the most deformed people he had seen.  The lady's arms and legs and back were twisted out of shape.  She was being pushed by a young lady, who took her right up to Dr. Christopher.

“I am surprised to see you, Dr. Christopher,” the lady in the chair said, “I just had to stop and thank you; you have done so much for me.”  He began to wonder what the thank-you could be, because she was terribly malformed.  She said that she had been like a vegetable for nearly fifteen years, having to be fed and given liquid to drink.  She couldn't even raise a hand or leg.  She started on the Incurables program, with some people helping her, and they put the Complete Tissue and Bone fomentation down her crooked back and over other parts of her body-and she said, “Just look at me now.”

She was moving her hand, and she raised it off the wheelchair a little bit.  She did the same with the other hand.  She could turn her head and move her shoulders.  She could even move her back a little, although it had not moved for those fifteen years previous.  Grateful for her new life, she felt that she would live to get up out of that wheelchair and walk.  She was so grateful for the formula.  And Dr. Christopher said it would be a wonderful day when this young lady could walk and be on her own after fifteen years.  (Taken from Every Woman's Herbal)