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This table is a list of the comprehensive information categories, select the underlined hyperlink to go there. In store we provide hard copies for you to take home if you prefer.

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DI Diets - Information about various diets and why they may help
GNM  German New Medicine - Information about the German New Medicine. If you understand this your life will change for the better
GT Germ Theory - Information about the Germ Theory (bacteria, fungus & viruses) we need to be aware of. Our basic understanding of micro organisms is wrong and we need to correct this if we are going to understand health and disease better. Having the truth about germs will allow us to make better decisions when dealing with out health issues.
HF Herbal Formulas - Information about Herb Formula's that we make up ourselves. Many of these herb formula's are based on Dr Christopher's recipes.
HR Herbs - Information about herbs you may not find elsewhere.
HS Health Solutions - Information about health solutions, many of these articles are not part of any academic teaching and although simple, are very effective and worth trying.
HW Health Warnings - Information about diets, supplements, medicines, and health advice that you need to know if you want to stay healthy.
PC Protocols / Cleansing / How to - Information on how to do things like a Liver Flush and Bowel Cleanse
PS Paradigm Shift (challenging what we have been told) - Information that can open your eyes. Many of us believe something (like the earth is flat) but never question the truth of it. I hope these articles get you asking questions.
RE Recipes - Information on recipes you may like to try.
SU Supplements - Information about the supplements we sell in the shop. See supplements page.
VA Vaccination - Information you need to know. Is it worth the risk? What's the cost?