Phoenix Gravity



The simple solution for great tasting, clean drinking water which require no power, no plumbing and no heavy lifting of bottles. The gravity can be conveniently placed anywhere in the house or office, does not need to be close to the mains water tap.

It comes with two filters for quicker filtration and can be upgraded to use four filters when using at the office or homes that require more water.

The Gravity water filter is constructed from the highest quality food grade stainless steel, and utilises unrivalled three-stage ceramic filtration technology. Simply pour tap water in the upper chamber and enjoy clean, healthy delicious water on tap. Unlike many other gravity water filters, the Phoenix Gravity does not contain any plastic inner-drum, where your water comes in contact with chemically treated plastic and becomes further filled with contaminants.

The Gravity water filter has a polished stainless steel finish which adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Not only will its sleek design compliment modern kitchens, the Gravity water filter is extremely portable and uses no power, making the perfect solution for clean water when camping or outdoors.

Stainless steel is quickly becoming the most demanded material for manufacturers seeking the highest quality products. Not only for its stylish look, but more so its chemical free and odourless properties. The Phoenix Gravity water filter is constructed from the highest quality food grade stainless steel available (304), meaning your water is not compromised by any further contamination.





he Phoenix Gravity contains two Spirit water filter cartridges, which are both capable of producing up to 3000 litres of drinking water, depending on the quality of the water intended for filtration. However,Phoenix recommends the cartridges to be changed every 6 months, due to the exhaustion of the Activated Carbon’s filtration properties.