In Store Stock

Below is a list of organic products that we stock in store, located at 92 Bawdan Street, Willagee. To purchase supplements and natural remedies from our online store please click here.

We stock a wide range of supplements, including

Probiotics including Organic3, Biokult and Ultrablend, AST range of Systemic Enzymes, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals, Superfoods, Cold and Flu Products, Collagen and Gelatine, Amazonia Raw and Mirrabooka Protein Powders, Heavy Metal Chelaters, Amino Acids, Clays, Bulk Herbs, Carlsons, Nordic Naturals and Green Pastures Fish Oils, Schuessler Tissue Salts, Superfeast and Teelixir Mushrooms, Bowel and Parasite Cleansing Products, including Qenda Bowel Restore and Superhealth Parasite Cleanse

Fermented Foods:
Kombucha, Coconut Water Kefir, Coconut Milk Kefir, Milk Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Cashew Cheese, Beetroot Kvass and Sauekraut Juice including brands like BioBeet Kvass, Kehoes, Botanical Cuisine, Foleys, Kommunity Brew, Lo Bros and Spoonful of Goodness.

General Supplies:
We stock a range of pasta, including a variety of gluten free options, sauces, spreads, sweeteners, and condiments, along with bread, dried fruit and nuts, flour, hemp seeds, tea and coffee, cereals, snack foods, grains and legumes

Dairy, Meat & Eggs:
We stock organic beef, lamb, chicken, sausages, salmon, tinned sustain-ably caught fish nitrate-free ham & bacon, goats milk, camel milk, cheese, Organic Fine Food Company Eggs.

A range of delicious nut milks, tofu, tempeh, cashew cheese, and of course, chocolate!

Natural Cleaning Products and Household Supplies:
Natural cleaning products, washing liquid and powder, compostable cleaning cloths and scrubs, reuseable beeswax foods wraps, reuseable coffee Cups, stainless steel water bottles and food containers and Biodegradable Baking paper, including brands like Trinature, The Family Hub, Lil Bit, If You Care, Keep Cup and more!

Personal Care:
We stock a wide range of personal care products including shampoo and conditioner, soaps, cosmetics and skincare, natural tanning products, lip balms and bath salts with brands including

Skinfood, Acure, The Good Oil, Kester Black Nail Polish, Inika Organic Cosmetics, Passport to Organics Skincare, Mokosh Organic Skincare, Skinfood, MSM Cream, Eco Tan, Essential Magnesium and more

Baby products:
Biodegradable nappies, lacation cookies and teas, pacifiers and teethers, pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements including WotNot, Ecoriginals, Natural Rubber Soothers, Boobie Bikkies, Franjos and more

Pet products: 
Woofing Wonders Dried Pet Treats, Banaban and The Good Oil Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

Books and Dvds:
Cookbooks (paleo, gluten free, whole food, fermenting, raw), health and wellness dvds and books

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:
Organic and spray free fruits and vegetables