The dark history of modern medicine: U.S. surgeons routinely operated on babies without anesthesia

Thursday, August 10, 2006 by: Mike Adams (see all articles by this author)
Key concepts: Surgeons, Conventional medicine and Modern medicine


A warning to readers: this is a gruesome story. Do not read this if you are squeamish. It's a hard-to-believe (but true) account of the horrors of conventional medicine and its barbaric surgical procedures, many of which are still practiced today.

We begin by examining the astonishing practice of prestigious U.S. surgeons operating on babies with no anesthesia, subjecting them to the intense pain and trauma of having their skin sliced open with scalpels, their internal organs poked and prodded, and their surgical wounds closed up with staples and stitches... all with full awareness of each terrifying moment of excruciating pain.

To stop the babies from screaming in terror, surgeons gave them heavy doses of muscle relaxants, paralyzing them for the duration of the procedure. And so these babies could only watch in terrified amazement, prisoners in their own tiny bodies, unable to move a muscle or make a sound, as strange men wearing masks and wielding sharp instruments went to work on their flesh.

If it sounds like a "mad doctor" horror film, think again: This was a common practice by U.S. surgeons right up to the 1980's. Many adults living today were once subjected to the terror of full-consciousness surgical procedures as babies or infants, performed by the brightest and most authoritative surgeons of the day -- the same kind of arrogant surgeons who now tell us that bariatric surgery is a treatment for obesity, or that surgically removing muscles of the skull is a cure for migraines.

Surgery has a dark and dreadful history in the Western world, and the practice of operating on babies without anesthesia is just one footnote in a saga too terrifying to accurately describe. Its real history is hardly ever talked about today, just as doctors don't readily admit their profession once hawked cigarettes on television, proudly proclaiming Camels were, "Recommended by more doctors than any other cigarette!"

But the practice was real, and it was "standard operating procedure" at places like Oxford University and Boston Children's Hospital. It makes us all wonder, though... How could surgeons be so cruel as to operate on babies without anesthesia?

The bizarre beliefs of surgeons

The answer, as strange as it now seems, is that they actually believed babies couldn't feel pain. It's absurd, yes, but the mindset continues today with medical experiments on animals, where researchers tell themselves these animals don't feel pain either.

Much of conventional medicine has always been based on a lie, or a series of lies. Babies feel no pain. Lab rats feel no pain. Monkeys are not conscious beings. Health knowledge is gained by dissecting living beings and identifying their parts. Take your pick.

It was once common knowledge in the field of medicine that female reproductive organs made women crazy. Hysterectomies, which are still routinely performed today for no medically justifiable reason, derive their very name from the intention of the surgery: Hyster = hysteria, ectomy = to remove. Thus, hysterectomies were ordered and performed on the simple basis of removing hysterical behavior in women.

The procedure, of course, was almost always performed by men. It was the women, you see, who were all insane, they claimed. The men were merely scientists practicing what they called, "evidence-based medicine" -- a term you still hear thrown around today by doctors and surgeons defending modern medical scams.

The madness of surgery continues into modern times

The madness of conventional medicine and its surgical procedures, sadly, is not yet a closed chapter in the history books. We're still living it, and millions of Americans each year are being subjected to surgical procedures that can only be described as utterly mad, if not downright profitable for the masked men performing them: Hysterectomies, gastric bypass surgery, heart bypass surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, the surgical removal of wisdom teeth and many more.

None of these have any medical justification except in a few extreme cases. Nearly all are conducted for the sole purpose of generating business for surgeons who suffer serious delusions about the efficacy of these procedures, just as the surgeons of three decades ago once believed babies could feel no pain.

There's not a conventional dentist who has looked in my mouth, for example, who didn't immediately urge me to undergo oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I'm 36 years old. My teeth are fine. My jaw is fine. But my dentists are mad. Most patients would automatically say yes to such an authoritative suggestion, though. They'd agree on the spot: "Yes, I'll let you cut open my jaw and remove my teeth just because you say so!"

Two decades ago it was tonsils. Half the children I grew up with, it seemed, had their tonsils surgically removed. That particular procedure was a popular medical fad. Countless parents were hoodwinked into letting little Johnny go under the knife. But after hundreds of thousands of such procedures were performed, it eventually became obvious that removing the tonsils did nothing beneficial other than pad the pockets and egos of doctors. Today, it is rarely done at all. Tonsils get infected. It doesn't mean you should slice them out.

Besides, we have new surgical fads now like bariatric surgery -- a lobotomy of the stomach -- where surgeons maim patients for life and then send a bill to the ones who don't die on the operating table. Actually, they get billed, too. Surgery ain't free, you know, even if you're dead.