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 Many of you may have rejoiced back in the era of 1955-1963 when at long last Dr. Salk unveiled his polio vaccine. You may have thought how wonderful science was! Your child would not have to face the terror of polio and perhaps even life in an iron lung. Of course, we were thankful eyen then that a child could live and be able to breathe in one of those big metal respirators barrels-on-wheels that was known as an iron lung. I was one of those mothers that rushed my kids down to the pediatrician to get those shots or sugar cubes because I wanted to save them from having polio. Little did I know that the polio vaccine would jump up some 40 years later as a possible ugly demon in our lives.

 Unknown to me and almost everyone alike, those exalted early polio vaccines were grown in Thesus monkey kidneys. The monkey kidneys seemed a good culture in which to grow the polio vaccine, but unfortunately, the polio vaccine picked up unnoticed baggage - something known as Simian Virus 40.  This SV40 is believed to allow a cancer cell to disguise itself with a shield that makes the body's natural antibodies believe it is normal.  The human body produces antibodies to get rid of junk like this and  normally would focus in on these mutant cells and destroy them. By skipping over them, the mutant cancer cells can then grow and become tumors.  It is kind of like a Stealth fighter plane that is there, but is not picked up by some radar systems so it can do a lot of damage before anyone knows it is there. 

In the early 1960s, Bernice Eddy, a government researcher, found that SV40 produced tumors in rats and realized that the monkeys may not have been the best place to grow the vaccine. She tried to blow the whistle to the government, but was hushed up. The polio vaccine was a government-sponsored program - and you guessed it, no way did anyone want any of the responsibility for any errors or even that there was an error. Years passed and everyone guessed that the 98 million children and adults who got the early vaccine during 1955-1963 had escaped unscathed.

Fast-forward to 1993 and an Italian doctor, Michele Carbone. Carbone was a young Italian researcher at the National Cancer Institute and had come up with a theory on the origin of mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs. Mesothelioma was practically unheard of before 1950 and has since become associated with asbestos exposure. One thing was wrong, though, while only 10 percent of those who had contact with asbestos contacted cancer, some 20 percent of those with asbestos related cancer had never been exposed to asbestos. Carbone contacted Dr. Harvey Pass also with the NCI, because Pass as chief of thoracic surgery had saved biopsies of mesothelioma surgeries: Carbone looked at the DNA of the large collection of biopsies and found that 60 percent of them contained SV40 and was capable of causing cancers.

Turkey and Finland are the only two countries that did not use monkey kidneys to grow the polio vaccine and have found no SV40 in domestic mesothelioma samples.

More bad news - certain states in the U.S. got more powerful dosages of SV40 in their vaccines and if you lived in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, you got the higher dose. Studies have also shown SV40 in bone and brain cancers and the sneaky little thing can lie dormant for 20 to 40 years.

Brain tumors, like mesothelioma have been dramatically on the increase in recent years. Researchers believe that SV40 is transmitted in bodily fluids just like AIDS and so could be transmitted from husband to wife and from wife to child.

Today SV40 is found in 45 percent of human sperm samples and researchers found SV40 antibodies in 10 percent of the population. Children born between 1980-1995 tested 6 % positive to SV40.

SV40 can be found in a large percentage of brain tumors, including glioblastomas, astrocytomas, ependymomas and papillomas. Our daughter (left) was born m 1956 and received the polio vaccine in Wyoming, one of the high dose states. At age 41, she developed an astrocytoma in her frontal lobe; no other cancers have been found in either side of our families in the past four generations. Today she has survived brain cancer surgery and stroke four and one-half years and we pray she will she will survive until they find a cure and perhaps invent a memory chip to help her short term memory problems. 


Recently it seems like everyone you talked to know someone who has a brain tumor. The deadly brain tumors hit double with Pat and Stan Schuda in 2001 as they lost two sons, Mike South and Mike Schuda, both in their early 40s.  We can only hope that one of the wonders just completed in 2000, the genetic code map, will help researchers come up with a cure for this and other cancers. In the meantime, if you would like to help battle the deadly brain tumor killer, you may do so by purchasing a joint labor of love from Pat Schuda and Patsy Moyer who have made a 145-page doll pattern book from patterns donated by a group of wonderful doll costumers. 

These kind and generous collectors have donated patterns on Betsy McCall, Bleuette, Fashion Dolls, Hitty, Mary Hoyer, Kripplebush Kids and Travel Dolls.  We donate all profit to the American Brain Tumor Association - our way of trying to do a little something to help.

You can order the Pattern Benefit Book I by using Paypal or sending your check for $27.95 or $34.50 for pattern Benefit Book II to Patsy Moyer, PO Box 311, Deming, NM 88031.  We print the books on demand and have them bound and shipped to you within two-three weeks. 

Thank you for your participation and go get that dolly dressed.


Patsy Moyer