Blood Stream Formula

Blood Stream Formula Blood Purifying Formula Formerly Red Clover Combination

Usages: 1. An Aid to Assist in Purifying the Blood Stream, same type formula as used by Hoxey for years [SNH p.527] 2. The blood stream is life itself and it is our job to keep it clean and pure so that we can have a good circulatory system for delivering food to the body properly and, in addition, to carry off the waste materials. [EWH p.195] 3. This herbal blood rebuilder is made up of herbs that are cleansers, but also herbs that give astringency, others aid in removing cholesterol, kill infection, or build elasticity in the veins and to strengthen the vein and artery walls. [EWH p.195] 4. Acne and Boils: Dr. Christopher emphasized that we need to know the source of our problems. Perhaps our toxic condition begins with a poorly functioning bowel which should be taken care of with Lower Bowel Formula. But suppose a person has a case of boils or acne. The Blood Stream Formula should be used about three times a day, six days a week for six weeks. Then you can switch to another blood purifier such as burdock or chaparral or Brigham tea. Then switch back to the Blood Stream Formula. [UW-Red Clover] 5. Cancer: For many years Dr. Christopher taught that cancer is not an isolated problem in the body. If the cancer breaks out in a place where we have an old injury or a weakened portion in the body it only indicates that the cancer is in the bloodstream. It only accumulates, like a boil or an ulcer, in a weakened area and drains the poisons in the area. The medical profession cuts it out and says, "Well, the cancer's all gone!" The cancer breaks out in another place. The bloodstream must be cleaned. The Blood Stream Formula or even Red Clover alone has a powerful alterative effect to clean the bloodstream. [UW-Red Clover] 6. Rh Factor: See testimonial # 2. 7. A very fine herbal remedy for allergies, hay fever and sinus conditions. [HHH p.131] Dosages: 1. General: These herbs are now in tablet form and the recommended adult daily use is two or three tablets three times in a day. It is suggested to take kelp or dulse