Brown Rice Protein


Product Information

Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw, Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein – A Beautiful Food

ezyprotein is Certified Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice that has first been sprouted and then bio-fermented with a special natural and non-chemical fermentation process.

The bio-fermentation process pre-digests the sprouted rice in ezyprotein resulting in a very high digestion-efficiency ratio (over 98%). This makes it extremely easy for the body to absorb and digest. It is then dried at a very low temperature retaining all the plant enzymes and phyto-nutrients and remains a raw food.

ezyprotein’s special sprouting and bio-fermentation method makes it very easy to absorb and to digest.

As a completely natural food ezyprotein is a complete protein containing all 8 of the essential amino acids. All of the amino acids are naturally occurring and exist in a beautiful ratio very similar to the ratio found in human mother’s milk.

Protein First

The word Protein originates from the Greek word ‘Protos’, meaning primary, or first. Protein is the building block of every cell in our body and is vital for:

  • Creation of structural components of body tissues such as muscle, skin, nails and hair

  • Maintain healthy brain and mood function

  • Regulate optimum weight levels

  • Boost and balance energy levels

  • Strengthen immune function

  • Aid in the repair and recovery of the body after exercise, injury or illness

Why Not Whey?

According to many Naturopaths, most people are unaware they are Lactose Intolerant. Many people who use whey protein experience cramping, gas and bloating while the small intestine struggles to digest it. Not only can these symptoms be extremely uncomfortable, undigested whey protein can interfere with the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from other healthy food in the diet.

ezyprotein is a nutritious wholefood protein that is:

  • Certified Organic

  • Australian Made & Owned

  • Sprouted and Raw

  • Bio-Fermented

  • Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein

  • 98.2% digestion efficiency – ezy to digest and absorb

  • Made with 80% Protein

  • Hypo Allergenic

  • High in plant enzymes and phyto-nutrients

  • Ultra-Smooth and delicious – available in Natural, Vanilla and Chocolate

  • Complete Amino Acid Profile – all 8 essential Amino Acids

Product Ingredients

Unflavoured: Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw) (100%)

Vanilla: Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw) (95%), Natural Vanilla, Pectin, Stevia

Chocolate: Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw) (95%), Natural Cocoa, Pectin, Stevia

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