Rose Stevens


My journey into the holistic world of health began 8 years ago when I discovered the  hidden truth about the dangers of  vaccinations.  A former laboratory technologist, and mother of three children, I was horrified to find out that perhaps my own children had been damaged by the childhood vaccines they had received. My quest for the truth led me down a very enlightening road that changed my life for ever. I soon realized that  I should have done my own research and not just blindly trusted the medical profession or the government to know what was best for my children.

I took the public health department to court in Manitoba for their lack of providing informed consent regarding the hepatitis B vaccine they were giving grade four students in the schools. Although I lost the court case, it was a moral victory in that many parents did not give their children the vaccine and started asking questions on the safety and efficacy of this vaccine, instead of blindly trusting their doctors and the public health department. Why was mercury and formaldehyde in the vaccines, and  what about the 200 doctors in France that had autoimmune disorders that they felt had been directly linked to the vaccine.? Why had Dr Byron Hyde’s research papers on 100 nurses who had been damaged by this vaccine been “shredded”?  My trust in the medical system and the government was shattered. I realized it  was really all about the money in the end. He who has the gold-- rules. Drug companies were making millions of dollars on vaccinations and many of vaccine safety studies were funded by the drug companies.

I debated chief medical officers of health and many doctors, both on radio and television, but in the end, it was just too exhausting and they were the ones with the  deep pockets and favor with the media.  The movie “Wag the Dog”, is a very real prospective on  who controls the media.

I was one of the Directors of the Eagle Foundation which helped with the emotional and financial support for families who had children that became autistic after a vaccine.  The Eagle Foundation funded the court martial trial for Sergeant Mike Kipling, the Canadian soldier, who had refused the anthrax vaccine. Did you know the Eagle Foundation won that trial?? Interesting; that this never made the news. I suppose it would have made the military and government look too bad, and of course the press would never want to do that-- would they.

In the end the Kipling trial broke the Eagle Foundation financially. For more information and truth about vaccinations you can now contact

I also volunteered as Director of Vaccine Safety Concerns for the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation.   Associating with brilliant  doctors and research scientists such  as Dr Garth Nicolson , Dr  John Martin , Dr. Leonard Horowitz .  I learned the deception was even far worse than I could have imagined. Of course in the eyes of the media and medical profession this was just “conspiracy theories”.  If you view  Boyd Grave’s website at  you will be able to see how AIDS  was created in a US laboratory under the guise of cancer research.  They spread the AIDS virus using the small pox and hepatitis B vaccine as a means of controlling population in Africa.  I also learned that mycoplasma was a contaminant in vaccines and probably the source of all neuro- systemic degenerative diseases such as lupus, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, gulf war illness, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  Professor Don Scott , the president of the CCMRF has written an amazing synopsis of how they created AIDS in the Journal of Degenerative Diseases Volume 5  Number 3.   The web site  has the actual Journal online. If you click on  “AIDS” you will see how AIDS was a man made disease.

This is when I realized that I was going to try to make a difference in this world by helping those who had been victims of vaccine damage and our managed so called “disease care” system. I used my skills as a laboratory  technologist  to pursue dark field microscopy.  I then researched many modalities of energetic medicine, such as the Bio Cell therapy, Photon Genesis, CK6, Beck Units, Rife machines, QXCI and finally the  AG- Enviro device.

Today I continue to empower many people to regain their health through education on life style and dietary changes and the use of subtle energy devices.