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Cow & Bull Alpha Male 180s

Cow & Bull Alpha Male 180s

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Product Description: 

 Cow &amp, Bull Alpha Male provides bull testicles, beef liver and beef whole blood in a strategic blend to have you performing your best at any age!  If you are looking to increase sperm production, support reproductive health, address hormone issues, or increase libido, this unique combination of nutrients might be of interest to you. 

NXGEN Wholefoods Cow &amp, Bull Alpha Male contains: 

  • Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which are essential for oxygen transport, blood supply to sex organs, stamina and endurance.
  • Activin and inhibin, which assist in the development of sex hormones, reproductive cells and sex glands.
  • Follistatin, which regulates the biological activity of activin and inhibin and is present in seminal fluid.
  • Epidermal growth factor, which contributes to healthy sperm function.
  • Zinc, which enables testosterone production and is essential for sperm formation and sperm motility. 
  • LEAP-2, an antimicrobial peptide involved in immune response and glucose metabolism.