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Dr Superfoods Dried Cranberries Organic 125g

Dr Superfoods Dried Cranberries Organic 125g

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Dr organic whole dried cranberries are organically grown and sourced from USDA certified organic suppliers in the USA. There are no added artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or sweeteners. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and contain many other beneficial nutrients. Dr organic cranberries are infused with apple juice concentrate, making them refined cane sugar free. Being whole dried cranberries, they are deliciously juicy and plump. You will have not tried such delicious cranberries! We only source the best.

Country of Origin: USA

Ingredients: Organic dried cranberries, organic apple juice concentrate, organic sunflower oil (<1%). Storage Requirements: This product should be ideally stored below 25°C and in a dry location to maximise shelf life.