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Ezy Protein Natural 1kg

Ezy Protein Natural 1kg

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Ezy Protein Natural 1kg: Easy to Digest, Plant-Based Protein Powder

Product Description:

Looking for a clean, plant-based protein powder that's easy to digest and absorb? Look no further than Ezy Protein Natural 1kg!

Key Features:

  • Certified Organic: Made with sprouted and bio-fermented wholegrain brown rice for a naturally pure and potent protein source.
  • Highly Digestible: Over 98% digestion efficiency, making it gentle on your stomach and easy for your body to utilize.
  • Complete Protein: Contains all 9 essential amino acids in a balanced ratio, similar to human breast milk.
  • Neutral Taste: Easily blends into smoothies, shakes, or your favorite recipes without overpowering the flavor.
  • Allergen-Free: Free from gluten, soy, dairy, lactose, and common allergens.

Best Uses:

  • Increase daily protein intake for muscle building and maintenance.
  • Support healthy weight management by promoting satiety.
  • Enhance post-workout recovery and repair.
  • Boost energy levels throughout the day.
  • As a convenient protein source for vegans and vegetarians.

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Sprouted and Bio-Fermented Wholegrain Brown Rice

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