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Gev Bone Broth Body Glue X 390g

Gev Bone Broth Body Glue X 390g

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Gev Bone Broth Body Glue (390g): Supercharge Your Health From Within

Product Description:

Nourish your gut, boost immunity, and support healthy joints with Gev Bone Broth Body Glue, a potent and delicious bone broth concentrate. Made with just 100% grass-fed Australian beef bones and naturally evaporated sea salt, this easy-to-digest formula is packed with essential nutrients:

  • Collagen and Gelatin: Support healthy gut lining, joints, and skin.
  • Essential Minerals: Replenish electrolytes and aid in digestion.
  • Natural Protein: Keep you feeling satisfied and energized.

Gev Bone Broth Body Glue is perfect for:

  • Enhancing your favorite dishes: Add a depth of flavor to soups, stews, sauces, and even rice.
  • Creating a DIY broth: Simply mix a spoonful with hot water and your preferred herbs and spices.
  • Supporting gut health: Enjoy a warm cup first thing in the morning or throughout the day.
  • Boosting immunity: The natural collagen and gelatin support a healthy immune system.
  • Aiding recovery: Replenish electrolytes and support joint health after exercise.

Available in a 390g jar, this versatile concentrate provides 39 servings and makes a whopping 9.75 liters of broth.