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Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme 30g

Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme 30g

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Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme: A Vegan Dream for Choco-Mint Lovers
Product Description:

Unwrap a symphony of flavors with Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme! This delightful, single-serve treat (30g) is a dream come true for anyone seeking a decadent and vegan-friendly twist on the classic choco-mint combination.

Key Ingredients:

  • 70% Dark Chocolate: Rich, bittersweet Peruvian cacao offers a luxurious dark chocolate experience.
  • Creamy Vegan Peppermint Filling: Made with plant-based ingredients for a smooth and refreshing peppermint taste.
  • Organic Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil: Create a dairy-free and creamy center.
  • Peppermint Oil: Delivers a delightful and cooling minty sensation.
  • Touch of Matcha: A hint of energizing matcha powder adds a subtle complexity and potential health benefits (antioxidants, anyone?).

Perfect for:

  • Choco-mint enthusiasts seeking a vegan option.
  • Fans of dark chocolate with a refreshing twist.
  • After-dinner mints with a decadent edge.
  • A satisfying and guilt-free indulgence.

Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme is a delicious way to:

  • Enjoy a delightful and refreshing vegan treat.
  • Savor the rich taste of dark chocolate with a cooling peppermint finish.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your dietary preferences.
  • Experience a touch of energizing matcha (perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up!).