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Martin and Pleasance Comfrey Cream 100g

Martin and Pleasance Comfrey Cream 100g

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Martin and Pleasance Comfrey Cream 100g: Soothing Relief for Skin Discomfort 

Product Description:

Experience gentle comfort with Martin and Pleasance Comfrey Cream, a 100g tube formulated to soothe occasional skin irritations and support a healthy complexion.

Key Ingredient: Comfrey Root Extract (10%)

Nature's Soothing Touch:

  • Comfrey Root: This herb has a long history of traditional use for promoting healthy skin and alleviating minor discomfort.*

Potential Benefits:

  • Soothes Dryness &amp, Itching: May help calm and soothe dry, itchy skin associated with minor irritations.* (Tags: comfrey cream for dry skin, itch relief cream)
  • Supports Healing: May promote a healthy healing process for minor scrapes and grazes.* (Tags: comfrey cream for scrapes, skin healing cream)
  • Moisturizing Properties: The emollient properties of comfrey may help hydrate and soften the skin.*

Ideal for:

  • Those Experiencing Dry, Itchy Skin: Find relief from occasional skin discomfort.*
  • Minor Skin Injuries: Soothe minor scrapes and grazes to support a healthy healing process.*
  • Dry Skin Prone Individuals: May help hydrate and nourish dry skin.*

How to Use:

  • Apply a thin layer of Martin and Pleasance Comfrey Cream to the affected area and massage gently until absorbed.
  • Use 3 times daily or as needed.

Important Note:

  • For external use only.
  • Consult your doctor before using if pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any allergies.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.