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Swan and Mantis Alpha GPC Powder 30g

Swan and Mantis Alpha GPC Powder 30g

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Alpha GPC (300mg per serving): A naturally occurring choline compound clinically studied to support cognitive function.


  • Improved Focus and Concentration: Alpha GPC, the key ingredient, enhances your ability to concentrate and maintain focus, ideal for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to optimize their cognitive performance.
  • Enhanced Memory and Learning: Studies suggest Alpha GPC can support memory function and learning, making it beneficial for individuals of all ages.
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function: Experience sharper thinking, improved mental processing, and overall cognitive function with regular use.

Best Uses:

  • Individuals seeking to improve focus, concentration, memory, and overall cognitive performance.
  • Students looking to enhance their learning and academic performance.
  • Professionals requiring mental clarity and focus throughout the day.