Touchwood Turkey Tail Liquid Extract 100ml

Touchwood Turkey Tail Liquid Extract 100ml

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Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid

One of our most popular mushrooms, for good reasons.

Sure, Turkey Tail mushrooms have a silly name but they contain the highest polysaccharide and beta glucan levels of any mushroom. This is all linked to boosting your immune system and also having anti inflammatory properties.

Turkey Tail may support a healthy gut bacteria which also helps with improving digestion.

Pharmaceutical grade alcohol is added to our alcohol based tinctures to help careful and precise
extraction of all the valuable compounds from behind the cell walls of the fruit body of the
mushroom. It also serves as a preservative

Touchwood powerful Turkey Tail liquids contain 100% Australian Turkey Tail mushrooms — grown on our farm in Denmark, Western Australia. Our unique extra-strength formula is twice as powerful and saves you money!

  By using our powerful liquid extract, you'll enjoy all the medicinal benefits with only a few drops a day. This means you get more bang for your buck and less time spent in the kitchen.