2Die4 Organic Activated VEGAN Walnuts 300g

2Die4 Organic Activated VEGAN Walnuts 300g

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Product Ingredients

Organic Walnuts, Filtered Water, Raw Australian Sea Salt.

Nuts naturally contain a few compounds that, if consumed in excess, can be detrimental or conter-productive to your health. Some of them being : 

  • Phytic Acid : the major form of phosphorus storage in plants. Majority is in the shell or bran of designated food. This acid has the chemical property to transform some ions into insoluble mineral salt by binding together, namely : zinc, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium & cobalt. So, when a food is high in phytic acid, absorption of the mineral it contains is made difficult (reducing bioavailability) and can, in some situations (when diet is high in nuts, seeds) result in mineral deficiencies.

  • Enzyme Inhibitors : found in nuts & seeds mostly. They act as a natural preservative for the nuts, and prevents it from prematurely sprouting). The issue is that - as their name suggests - they block the action of some enzyme in the body that play a role in digestion. Namely, trypsine, which is responsible for proper digestion of protein. So, they make digestion harder, slower, and not so confortable.

  • Lectine : a protein that, isn’t actually that bad - in fact, it’s actually vital to the body and helps in some immune mecanism. However, it’s been proven that it can lead to digestive issues, diarrhoea, nausea; and consuming too much of it, can lead to leptin resistance (hormone that plays a role in the regulation of fat storage)

Even more so if I tell you that the enzyme capable of breaking down the phytates, the phytase, doesn’t exist in the human body. 😧🤔 hummmm... 


I am a nut whose properties, or specifically minerals, have been made available, (or bioavailable) and assimilable by the human body. Activating us allows to neutralise the effect of phytique acid and to remove (almost entirely) enzyme inhibitors & lectines.