Christophers Complete Tissue Bone OINTMENT 118ml

Christophers Complete Tissue Bone OINTMENT 118ml

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Convenient form of formula Complete Tissue & Bone. It is made into an ointment using an olive oil and beeswax base. Apply Sensei or Cayenne after this for better penetration and quicker healing.

Complete Tissue & Bone
Formerly the Bone, Flesh & Cartilage Formula

1.   The bone, flesh, and cartilage combination, does wonders in restoring flesh and internal healing of bones and cartilage.

It can be taken in any of its forms, capsules, syrup, tea (internally and externally as a fomentation) and topically in a salve. All will do the job. The choice of how you take it depends on what the problem is.

2.   This formula has done miraculous things with broken backs, legs, hips, etc. This formula has been used on curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy, stroke and arthritis of the bone. This formula is used externally as well as orally and has brought tremendously fast results.

This formula is a "power house" and has been used on (and restored to health) cancer of the spine, arthritis and polio, and has helped rebuild torn cartilage and sinews, fractures, etc. etc.


1.   Complete Tissue & Bone Salve is an ointment using an olive oil and beeswax base.

2.   Complete Tissue & Bone Capsules or tea may also be taken daily: either two or three capsules three times daily or three cups of the tea.

3.   Complete Tissue & Bone Fomentation: Soak the combined teas in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of combined herbs to a pint of distilled water), then soaking four to six hours, simmer thirty minutes, strain and then simmer the liquid down to 1/2 its volume and add 1/4 vegetable glycerine (if desired). Example: One gallon of tea simmered (not boiled) down to two quarts and add one pint of glycerine.

Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears.

4.   Complete Tissue & Bone Fomentation: Another method. To make and use a fomentation: This is applying herbs to convey heat, moisture, and medicinal aid in order to relieve pain, to reduce inflammation, and to relax affected areas. Soak a Turkish towel or gauze or similar material in hot tea, lightly wring (just enough that the liquid will not run off the body), and place as hot as possible without causing blistering. Generally keep the fomentation moist and warm by placing plastics, oilcloth, etc., over fomentation. Dosage: Wet enough that the moisture will not run off the body, cover entire malfunction area, keep damp and change periodically.

5.   Tea for Severe Cases: Drink 1/4 Cup of finished concentrated tea with 3/4 cup of distilled water three times in a day.

6.   Stiff Neck: The following explanation of our "bone, flesh, and cartilage" formula is the most complete program for this condition of a stiff neck. The fomentation as it penetrates into the area will relax the muscles and feed the nerves so the bone structure (vertebra) will adjust itself. At the same time it will build up the blood circulation to carry off waste materials as well as feed the painful area with herbal food to put it into a healthy state of self healing. Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears.


Oak bark
Comfrey leaves
Marshmallow root
Mullein herb
Walnut bark (or leaves)
Gravel root


1.   Movement in Body after 15 Years Immobility: While sitting in his family restaurant that used to be located in the University Mall, across the hall came the most grotesquely-built wheelchair the Doctor had ever seen; it was all out of shape, having been built for someone deformed. And sitting in the chair was one of the most deformed people he had seen. The lady's arms and legs and back were twisted out of shape. She was being pushed by a young lady, who took her right up to Dr. Christopher.

"I am surprised to see you, Dr. Christopher," the lady in the chair said, "I just had to stop and thank you; you have done so much for me."

He began to wonder what the thank-you could be, because she was terribly malformed.

She said that she had been like a vegetable for nearly fifteen years, having to be fed and given liquid to drink. She couldn't even raise a hand or leg. She started on the Incurables program, with some people helping her, and they put the BF & C fomentation down her crooked back and over other parts of her body--and she said,

"Just look at me now."

She was moving her hand, and she raised it off the wheelchair a little bit. She did the same with the other hand. She could turn her head and move her shoulders. She could even move her back a little, although it had not moved for those fifteen years previous. Grateful for her new life, she felt that she would live to get up out of that wheelchair and walk. She was so grateful for the formula. And Dr. Christopher said it would be a wonderful day when this young lady could walk and be on her own after fifteen years. [EWH p.116]

2.   Scabs All Over Body: Here is an unusual case where Dr. Christopher used the B F & C formula on a young girl. He was lecturing in the Safford region of Arizona, and a man, who sponsored the lectures there, wished something could be done for his daughter, a teenager. They hated to sit down at the table with her, because she always scratched and picked at her head, digging the scabs out. The man brought her to the baths where the lecture series was located so Dr. Christopher could take a look at her.

The girl had red hair, but there wasn't much of it. You could see her scalp, covered with sores which could not be cleared up. Dermatologists and other specialists could do nothing to stop the irritation on her head.

Dr. Christopher had her use the B F & C combination as a fomentation on her head. She soaked a cotton stocking cap--white, he emphasized, as herb combinations should never react with dye--with the concentrated B F & C formula tea, wearing this at night with a bathing cap over it. This would be left on all night, six nights a week.

After three months, Dr. Christopher lectured in the area again, and the girl came to show him that the scabs were all gone. Within the first week the itching stopped, and the sores healed up. But the hair that had been so thin was thickening, and by the time Dr. Christopher came back, she had a good head of hair, beautiful red and full as it had been years before. [EWH p.12]

3.   Grandmother's Face Hits Cement: "The main reason for writing to you was to tell you what happened to my husband's 92 year-old grandmother who was visiting with us late July. While she was sweeping our porch off, her shoe loosened and she was climbing a short flight of cement stairs. She tripped and fell flat on her face. Her daughter, my mother-in-law, heard her face hit the cement, very loud crack. Grandma was taken care of--for the first aid part--by my husband (who teaches first aid and advanced courses for the Red Cross) and she rested. Grandma did not want any ice of the face for fear of catching a cold, so only cool towels could be used. She rested and claimed she was feeling fine -- but oh, did she look terrible.

Almost immediately her face turned purple. She is a spry lady and she went on being her chipper self, even after the accident. The rest of the family had the hard time -- looking at grandma and feeling so bad for her. THEN -- tada -- my shipment from the Herb Shop came with the Complete Tissue & Bone syrup, the very next day. I convinced my mother-in-law to try some syrup on grandma's face -- to (hopefully) take the bruise away. Grandma had scraped her face on her nose and forehead, and the syrup felt immediately good, so the rest of her face was covered with it. The syrup is so simple to use, too.

The day the shipment came, grandma went to the doctor to make sure nothing had broken or was damaged that was not obvious to us. He assured her that everything was fine, but that the purple would change to green, yellow -- the whole schmeer! Also, her face would be swollen upon rising in the morning, but not to worry. Four days after the beginning application (2-3 times a day) her face was almost completely back to normal color. There had been no swelling in the morning, as the doctor predicted either. By the fourth day she was with her daughter in Hawaii for a visit and she called to tell me that her mother was feeling fine -- and looking back to normal." [NL 2-5]

4.   Physical Injuries: Any physical injury to the kidneys, bladder, etc., can be remedied by the use of the Complete Tissue & Bone fomentation to the outside of the body. [NL 3-6]

5.   Bone Spurs from Arthritis: I have tried your comfrey herb combination for dissolving calcified bone spurs (caused by arthritis when a teenager). My metatarsal arch in left foot was in such bad shape, it had become very painful to walk. The herb began bringing results immediately. [NL 3-7]

6.   Broken Toe: I would like to relate the experience that I had with Dr. Christopher's BF & C. I was working in a kitchen when I dropped a #10 can on my large toe. The bone was crushed and even after proper care, it didn't set straight. Even though this was an old injury, I believed that Dr. Christopher's formula would help, even if it was only to relieve the discomfort. I made an ointment of the formula using olive oil as the base. I applied this ointment liberally on my toe, but after several weeks, to my surprise, my toe lost all structural support. I was naturally quite concerned, so I called Dr. Christopher, who wasn't very surprised, but told me to keep applying the ointment. I did and to my amazement, the cartilage formed, hardened into bone and now you can't even tell that it had been deformed. [NL 3-7]

7.   Spinal Disorders and Backaches: Serious diseases such as degenerative arthritis account for less than 5% of back pain. We treated a lady once who had such a disease. One of her vertebrae was degenerated and the doctors had given up on healing her. The bone had holes eaten through. She refused to change her diet in any way but she agreed to try some herbs. A friend persuaded her to use the BF & C spinal formula as a nightly fomentation. in about six months the woman had grown a new vertebrae-that is, the old one was completely restored and regenerated. The ...formula is truly one of nature's herbal miracles and can be used wherever there is damage along the spine. Where tumors are present, one would want to add the elderberry tincture or some other form of high potassium food as an internal supplement.

Although we always want to work on the cause of backache, we can relieve the symptoms by using the cayenne heating balm. This consists of cayenne pepper, wintergreen oil, pure mint crystals, and other essential oils in a base of olive oil and untreated beeswax-apply sparingly to sore places. We have found that the Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment works well together with the cayenne ointment. One takes the other into the skin more quickly and brings relief. [NL 3-12]

8.   Severe Cases of Skin Diseases: For the most severe cases of skin diseases in the advanced stage, use ... combination, internally and externally. Soak the combined herbs in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of the combined herbs to the pint of distilled water) for four to six hours, simmer thirty minutes (do not boil), strain and then simmer the liquid down to one-half its volume. Example: One gallon of tea simmered down to two quarts of tea, which is called "concentrated" tea.

Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetic--never use synthetic--wrap fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunction area and cover with plastic or wax paper, leave on all night six days a week and for as many weeks as needed until relief appears. Then continue a week or two for severe cases. Drink one fourth cup of finished concentrated tea with three-fourths cup of distilled water three times or more each day. [HHH p.68]

9.   Scales/Psoriasis: After a lecture, a woman came to ask Dr. Christopher to help her daughter, about fourteen years old, who tried to commit suicide. This girl required constant adult supervision to prevent her from harming herself. She had a skin disease diagnosed as being worse than psoriasis or anything else the doctors had seen. Scales covered her arms from the elbows down, her legs from the knees down, and her neck and face, with secondary bleeding. Having suffered with this for so many years, the girl could not attend school any longer, and was isolated at home. She gained tremendous excess weight, because in order to pacify herself, she would eat all day. Her mother called her a fat blob! And because she was getting worse and worse, she tried to kill herself.

As usual when presented with a difficult problem, Dr. Christopher offered a quick prayer, asking for guidance. The formula for the BF & C came to him, step by step, and he told the woman to write it down. She wrote down all the herbs he mentioned, as well as the directions on how to put them together. ... After soaking one ounce of the combined herbs in a pint of distilled water for four to six hours, she would simmer the mixture for thirty minutes, strain, and then simmer the liquid down to half its original volume. This could be made in larger amounts, whatever was needed. The mother would dip cotton flannel in this tea, or white cotton or wool stockings to cover the legs, with other long stockings to cover the arms. After covering all affected parts with these soaked cloths, she should wrap the arms and legs with plastic bags. This should remain on the girl all night, every night, until the morning. After a period of fresh air each day, the process would be repeated.

The mother tried this, and her daughter was very cooperative. The program began on a Tuesday, and although this disease had been worsening for many years, by Friday of that week all the scales had dropped off, and the skin was pink, healing.
After six months, when Dr. Christopher lectured in that city again, he learned that this young lady was back in high school, participating as a cheerleader, being very active. She was on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet, as well as the Blood Stream Formula tea, the blood cleansers. Staying with this, she went from a large fat blob into a slender, well-shaped girl, overcoming her weight problem as well as the skin infection. [EWH p.10]

10. Finger Regeneration: Once, when at a convention in the Northwest, a beautiful young lady came up to Dr. Christopher and his son, David. "How do you like my fingers?", she asked. They were well taken care of and the nails were done nicely. Dr. Christopher said, "Fine," and she asked, "Can you tell which finger has been cut off?" They couldn't tell. She showed him the finger that had been cut off; she used the BF & C, and the knuckle grew back, and the bone and flesh grew back in. The nail, which had been completely gone, grew back on, as pretty as the others. This was a truly unusual case of healing. [EWH p.11]

11. Cervical Arthritis: From a question to Dr. Christopher in his Newsletter. What could be done in a case where cervical arthritis is present, where X-rays show a narrowing of the interspace between C-5, C-6 and C-7, and where anterior and posterior spurs, heading for spondylosis, are present? Is there any way whereby the calcium deposits can be removed, extracted or eliminated to free the body from its painful burden?

We have seen numerous cases of the condition described in this question in most areas of the spine all the way from the Atlas Axis down to the tail base. After beginning the therapy with cleaning and mucusless dieting, they followed this procedure: make a fomentation of a tea combination which we call ... "comfrey combination"... Soak the combined teas in distilled water at a rate of one pint of distilled water to one ounce of combined herbs. Continue the soaking from four to six hours and then simmer the preparation for thirty minutes followed by a straining. After the straining, simmer the tea down to one half of its volume. If desired, a volume of natural vegetable glycerine equivalent to one fourth the volume of the tea may then be added. For example, if there is a gallon of the tea after the straining, simmer it down to two quarts and add one pint of the vegetable glycerine. Soak some flannel, cotton or other material except for synthetics which should never be used and wrap the soaked cloth fomentations around the malfunctioning area and then cover with plastic, oil paper or oiled silk. In turn cover the area with toweling and leave on all night. Repeat this for six nights a week until relief is accomplished and the calcified deposits disappear. Also, drink 1/4 cup of the finished tea, with or without the glycerine, but diluted with 3/4 cup of distilled water. This should be done three times a day for six days of each week until relief occurs. [NL 1-3]

12. Hemorrhaging in the Brain Stem: Question to Dr. Christopher in his Newsletter. If a person were in a coma caused by some hemorrhaging in the brain stem area, how might this be approached herbally?

[See dosage # 3 above]...Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the head area (like a nightcap), tied under chin to hold in place, also down the spine to the shoulders. The fomentation down the spine should be about four or five inches wide. Put a shower cap over the head and a piece of wax paper, oiled silk or plastic down the spine area. Keep this fomentation on the area approximately twelve hours each day, either during sleeping hours or during the day--whichever is more convenient. Drink 1/4 cup of finished concentrated tea with three fourths cup of distilled water three or more times a day. Do this entire program six days a week, week after week until healed.

This routine has been used with cases of tumors on the pineal and/or pituitary glands, and these tumors have decreased--in one case over 65 percent in six weeks, then over another month was completely gone. This herbal formula will aid in rebuilding the hemorrhaging area with surprising results. [NL 1-6]

13. Hernias: A hernia commonly refers to the escape of some part of the intestine from the abdominal cavity, through an opening in the abdominal wall. The intestine is pushed out from the inner body, often to a point just below the surface of the skin. When it reaches this point, we have a visible hernia. At first it is about the size and shape of a marble, and grows larger as more and more of the intestine escapes.

A number of patients with hernias and ruptures have used the BF & C formula with great success. This formula, ... is applied over the afflicted area as a fomentation a day and night, using a truss or pad to hold in place. Then soak some flannel in this tea and apply. It can also be obtained in a concentrated liquid form or as an ointment. Use whichever type is best in your case. It is also helpful to take the formula internally as a tea, or in capsule or tablet form--two or three of these three or more times per day. [NL 1-8]

14. Wrinkles: I must say the comfrey ointment is fabulous. You probably already know that there isn't any equal to it for getting rid of wrinkles. I had deep wrinkles around my eyes (crow's feet) when I attended your seminar, I started using the comfrey ointment day and night. In a few short weeks, they were gone. Glory to God! A few months ago a friend of mine asked me to try some "wrinkle oil" she sells, I finally agreed to try it. I used it only under my left eye and in about 2 weeks the wrinkles started coming back. I then asked her which eye looked the best, she naturally picked the right eye (it was obvious). Now she uses the comfrey ointment instead of the oil she sells... [NL 4-6]

15. Open and Draining Abdomen: "An open and draining abdomen, caused by extensive massive surgery, totally healed within 7 days time by using comfrey poultices and by taking BF & C. A special thanks to you. The abdomen was draining for three years!" [NL 3-7]

16.  I am a 46 yr old menopausal woman who had begun to get severe pain in my fingers.  So bad that I was becoming rippled.  On one hand my finger would stick at the middle joint when I bent it, the other hand my thumb was so stoked up it wouldn't bend at all. I had taken calcium/mag carbonate many years.  I tried the Complete Tissue & Bone formula.  By the 2nd bottle I was able to get some movement.  I am now on my 5th bottle and have no pain can use my fingers again.  I can sew button my shirt do all my chores and am pain free.  I praise god for Dr. Christopher--this product has given me my life back again.  Shelly via the Internet.

Useful in Treating:

* Abrasions
* Arthritis
* Athlete's Foot
* Broken Bones
* Bruises
* Burns & Sunburns
* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
* Cuts
* Dizziness
* Eczema
* Hernia
* Inflammation
* Itch
* Osteoporosis
* Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
* Skin Problems
* Sprains
* Stiff Neck
* Stroke
* Tumors

"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Health
Article taken from