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Inika - Lip Glaze 5ml - Rosewood

Inika - Lip Glaze 5ml - Rosewood

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Inika Organic Lip Glaze - 5ml - Rosewood: Shimmering Deep Rose Shine
Product Description:

Awaken your lips to vibrant color and natural care with Inika's Organic Lip Glaze in Rosewood. This luxurious, 5ml lip gloss delivers a shimmering deep rose hue with a high-shine finish in a single swipe.

Key Features:

    • Certified Organic &amp, 100% Natural: Nourish your lips with goodness derived from nature.
    • Non-Sticky Formula: Experience comfortable wear without the unpleasant tackiness of some glosses.
    • Vitamin E Enriched: Deeply hydrate and protect your lips with this essential antioxidant.
    • Long-Lasting Wear: Enjoy a touch of color that stays put throughout the day.
    • Sustainable Packaging: Feel good knowing the packaging is made from recycled materials.

Best Uses:

    • Achieve a captivating, high-shine pout.
    • Layer over lipstick for added dimension and shine.
    • Rehydrate and plump lips throughout the day.
    • Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Key Ingredients:

    • Organic Shea Butter: Softens and hydrates lips.
    • Rosehip Oil: Rich in antioxidants to repair and protect.
    • Jojoba Oil: Mimics natural sebum for seamless absorption and nourishment.
    • Candelilla Wax: Provides a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant for lasting hydration and protection.