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Genesis Liquid Ionic Sea Minerals SupaBoost 150ml

Genesis Liquid Ionic Sea Minerals SupaBoost 150ml

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Mineral deficiencies are at the heart of many major health threats. They deplete our energy, inhibit our ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients, and undermine the body's most basic defence mechanisms.


Minerals are the key to life. They are needed for the biological processes of every living organism, human, plant or animal. An imbalance in minerals, both Macro (major minerals) and Trace (minor minerals) will disrupt the levels of all other micro nutrients, including vitamins.


The importance of minerals is not overlooked by government and big business. The cost of a mineral-deficient diet far outweighs the cost of supplementation. With this in mind, developed nations have, for some time, been adding micronutrients to certain processed foods. Unfortunately, addressing the shortcomings of modern foods by simply adding one or two macro elements (major minerals like Calcium and Sodium) along with synthesized vitamins has not solved the problem of mineral or even vitamin deficiency.


Minerals are the key to unlocking the nutritional treasure trove in our food, whether they be sourced from animal or plant sources. The metabolizing fats, proteins and vitamins would not be possible without the participation of minerals, nor would the astounding 20,000+ enzymatic reactions in which minerals play a pivotal role. You cannot address a mineral deficiency by taking vitamins, but a vitamin deficiency can be addressed by taking minerals


Genesis Sea Minerals are from the sea - naturally harvested from the pristine ocean waters in the Great Barrier Reef region of Australia. Ocean water contains over 100 minerals and trace elements in a very complex combination. And do you know what is the most amazing thing about this natural formula? It is virtually identical to the mineral constituency of human blood plasma. That can't be a coincidence.


Further to that, naturally harvested minerals from ocean water are also ionic. This means that the mineral particles are small and easy to absorb (smaller even than colloidal minerals). Ions are also charged - they are attracted to the inner lining of your small intestines, where all nutrients are absorbed, like a magnet is to metal.


A good balance of Electrolytes is required for both young and old. Electrolytes directly influence every biological process of every living creature. They assist the body in extracting and processing vital nutrients.


Electrolytes fall under the classification of micronutrients. An imbalance in minerals, both macro (major minerals) and trace (minor minerals) will disrupt the levels of all other micro nutrients, vitamins included.


Deficiencies in micro nutrients have finally been recognized by the United Nations as one of the leading causes of illness and death in adults and children in developing countries.


Ocean derived Mineral Liquid supplement will assist the body in maintaining viable electrolyte levels in the body fluids.