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Delgado Protocol Liv D-Tox 60caps

Delgado Protocol Liv D-Tox 60caps

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Whereas EstroBlock™ helps clear harmful estrogens and restores good estrogens at the biochemical level, Liv D-Tox™ stops testosterone from converting directly into estradiol. This helps reduce estradiol as it works at the cellular level to protect the body against cellular mutation caused by accumulation of estrogen byproducts.  This excess Estradiol is an unmetabolized estrogen is associated with an increased risk of endometriosis, one the leading reasons why millions of women have had hysterectomies, fibroid tumor growths, and uterine cysts, excess body fat gain, and breast tumors. 


Liv D-Tox™ blocks the receptor sites where excess estrogen attaches, thereby allowing the excess to be excreted out of the urine. Liv D-Tox™ and EstroBlock™ (or EstroBlock Pro™) work incredibly well in combination. Men and women using Liv D-Tox™ have observed reductions in abdominal fat, increased lean body mass, and have reported a pleasant natural detox effect. Safe for those with a depressed immune system.

We suggest consulting with your physician on matters of disease, diagnosis and the dosage of Liv D-Tox™ if you have a serious disease