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Nxgen Grass Fed Female Optimize Organs Women's Blend 160s

Nxgen Grass Fed Female Optimize Organs Women's Blend 160s

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Female Optimise is a FEMM supplement from bovine glandular tissue. 100% wholefood, to aid women of all ages through the different stages of their reproductive life.

Scientifically formulated for breast feeding mothers and for women experiencing irregular cycles and reproductive health issues.

There are four main female reproductive hormones: FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), estrogen, LH (luteinizing hormone), and progesterone. These hormones interact with over a dozen other hormones each cycle. This complex interplay is controlled by the brain to manage hormonal shifts. Your brain sends signal for FSH to be produced which selects a follicle inside the ovary. That follicle produces estrogen. When estrogen rises to a certain level the ovary signals the brain, and the brain triggers LH (luteinizing hormone).

LH helps to mature the follicle and egg, and with the help of progesterone, causes the follicle to rupture. The egg is released (into the fallopian tubes) and the empty follicle now produces even more progesterone. Without pregnancy, progesterone falls, causing the uterine lining to shed. You experience this as bleeding. This menstrual bleeding marks the end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new one.

Female Optimise works by helping to keep natural hormones in balance through better diet and as a result of specific peptides, cofactors and enzymes, unique to glandular tissue, that help repair damaged tissue caused by natural body changes, surgical operations and other health issues. 

Reproductive Hormones are vital to the health and maintenance of your brain, bones, blood sugar levels, mood, and more.

For most of human history, women from traditional cultures effortlessly consumed (nose to tail) the things we needed for strength, health, and happiness.

Raw tissue concentrates are made from toxin-free lyophilised glands from Lake Eyre Grass Fed Beef free of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives. Whole raw tissue concentrated from bovine sources specially processed (freeze-dried) at or below -45°C to preserve natural occurring vitamins, enzymes, nucleotides, lipoproteins and all other cellular components in balance with nature, the way our ancestors enjoyed them, with the aid of modern technology, for maximum food safety.

OVARY, rich in female-specific hormones, peptides, and enzymes, supports optimal hormone balance.

Located within the pelvic cavity on each side of the uterus are the ovaries, a central part of women’s reproductive system. These female-specific glands perform two major functions...first and foremost, women’s ovaries are responsible for the storage and monthly maturation of the primordial germ cells (undifferentiated stem cells). Essentially these are the eggs from which all new life will come forth. Healthy ovaries are at the forefront of the survival and health of future generations.

Secondly, ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone as well as a small amount of testosterone into the bloodstream. When the ovaries are healthy, these hormones will be secreted in perfect harmony with each other. These hormones are responsible for the release of an egg (ovulation). If these hormones are out of balance, health begins to decline, infertility arises, and women struggle to maintain their energy, drive, and mood.

An adequate supply of ovary specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and peptides, is required to support the optimal function of the ovaries. Bovine Ovary contains all of these specific nutrients and has been shown to *[3]:


  • Improve the integrity of ovarian cells*
  • Reduce hormonal acne, ovarian cysts, and female facial hair growth*
  • Improve mood and PMS related symptoms*
  • Restore menstruation in those who should have menstrual cycles, normalize menstrual flow*
  • Reduce cramps and hot flashes*
  • Reverse infertility*
  • Support libido*


UTERUS, rich in uterine specific peptides and enzymes can help to restore the endometrial lining.

While the ovaries produce eggs and are the conductors of hormonal harmony, the uterus (Latin for womb) is the cradle of life where the miracle of birth begins. The womb is the space where women derive their strength, femininity, and fundamental womanhood. This hollow, pear-shaped organ provides the structural integrity for the female reproductive system and also supports the bladder, bowel, and pelvic bones. It is a strong muscular organ that has the ability to stretch exponentially, so that it can nourish and support a growing foetus, as well as powerfully contract to move the baby out during birth.

Lining the uterine cavity is a moist mucous membrane, known as the endometrium. In the course of a woman’s monthly cycle, the endometrial lining goes through vascularisation, a process that synchronises with ovulation, in which micro blood vessels proliferate causing the endometrium to grow thicker in preparation for pregnancy. If a woman does not become pregnant, the top layers of the endometrium along with blood from the blood vessels are shed and flow out during menstruation.If conception does occur the endometrium will become the nest for the fertilised egg and eventually develop into the maternal portion of the placenta. The networks of blood vessels and nerves in the uterus direct blood flow to the ovaries and to the external genitalia which supports sexual function.

An adequate supply of uterine specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and peptides are required to support the optimal function of the uterus. Bovine Uterus contains all of these specific nutrients and has been shown to *[4]:


  • Improve the integrity of uterus cells*
  • Reduce inflammation of the lining of the uterus*
  • Reduces pain associated with endometriosis*
  • Reduce uterine cysts and aid with uterine displacement*
  • Relieve post-partum depression*
  • Support the uterus to contract back to normal size after childbirth*


FALLOPIAN TUBE, rich in fallopian tube specific proteins, peptides, and enzymes has been shown to increase fertility.

Extending from either side of the uterus are the muscular j-shaped fallopian tubes that connect the uterus to each ovary. Inside, fallopian tubes are lined with delicate hair-like structures. These “hairs” work in both directions; helping an egg to travel from the ovaries down to the womb (uterus) and helping sperm travel up from the womb towards an egg. Each fallopian tube ends in fimbriae, which are finger-like structures. The fimbriae catch and guide an egg when the ovary releases it. The fallopian tubes play an important role in conception because most eggs are fertilised within the fallopian tubes. If any part of the fallopian tube is damaged, for example by surgery or an infection, they can become blocked by scar tissue and reduce fertility and optimal overall function.

Our functional health care practitioners report that an adequate supply of fallopian specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and peptides are required to support the optimal function of the fallopian tubes. Bovine Fallopian Tube contains all of these specific nutrients and has been shown to: *


  • Reduce inflammation of the fallopian tubes*
  • Increase the chance of egg fertilisation*
  • Restore the integrity of the fallopian cells*
  • Reduce scar tissue and aid in recovery from fibroid removal*
  • Reduce pain in the pelvis associated with blocked fallopian tubes*
  • Support the fallopian tube micro biome*


MAMMARY, rich in mammary specific peptides and enzymes helps to support the proper development and function of breast tissue.

All mammalian mothers hold a great sense of purpose in nourishing their young with the life-giving milk that flows from the mammary glands. It is this specific characteristic that gave our class its name... mammal is derived from the Latin word mamma which means breast.

Within the female breast exists a perfect combination of mammary glands, adipose, and collagenous tissue. The mammary gland is composed of milk-transporting lactiferous ducts which expand extensively in response to a woman’s hormone fluctuation during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and even during her monthly cycle. Breast tissue development begins when a young female is still in the womb of her own mother and will continue up until her first pregnancy when her mammary glands fully develop. After she goes through menopause, the reduction of estrogen causes the connective tissues of the breasts to lose elasticity, and without proper nutrition, breasts can lose their shape.

Mammary glands are among the most intelligent glands in the female reproductive system. These glands have the ability to decode the saliva of a newborn mammal and generate the perfect quality of milk needed to support the newborn's immune system and gut health. In order to produce breast milk, her mammary glands will derive nutrients from her bloodstream, remove excess iron, and then concentrate sugar, fat, protein, and micronutrients into the sustenance that develops our complex brains and growing bodies.

Our ancestors never had access to formula. Native mothers nursed exclusively until age 2 and most children still nursed until age 3-5. Native women did not struggle with poor breast health, improper development, fibrocystic breasts, nipple infections, poor milk supply, etc.

The topic of breast health in the modern world is often only spoken about in relation to a disheartening statistic... one out of every eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. *[5] For most women, it's not a matter of if…. it's simply a matter of when. Supporting optimal breast health should be a high priority for all modern women.

An adequate supply of mammary specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and peptides is required to support the optimal function of the mammary glands. Bovine Mammary contains all of these specific nutrients and has been shown to *[6]:


  • Improve the integrity of mammary cells*
  • Support the proper development of breast tissue*
  • Reduce mastitis, nipple pain, inflammation, congestion, and lactation difficulties*
  • Reduce inflammation of the lymph nodes*
  • Reduce menstrual pain*
  • Reduce fibrocystic breasts*



Grass fed liver is one of the most nutrient-dense, health promoting foods you could possibly eat. Grass fed liver is particularly rich in B vitamins, vitamin A, choline, folate, and many other powerful nutrients that most people are deficient in. Grass fed liver also contains compounds that help the human liver function better. Other substances in liver increase energy, improve hormone health, and support brain function.

Bone Marrow contains all the nutrients, specialised cells (including stem cells and base cells), collagen, growth factors, fat soluble activators, and substances that the body uses to build, repair, and maintain our living bones, connective tissues, and more. In the Chinese paradigm, bone marrow is considered the deepest tissue of the body and contains the essence of the being. It is an interesting correlation to consider that modern science has shown that within bone marrow are high concentrations of stem cells, the very organising influences, and genetic material, for the being. It is these essential nutrients that help our bodies continue to build healthy, vital constitutions and repair cellular damage.

Many people look to targeted support "like supports like" while neglecting the very fundamental nourishment that governs our biology, health, and well-being. It's no wonder that so many people successfully support organ and glandular related health conditions (thyroid, adrenal, and gut included) by just nourishing their bodies with the fundamentals — Liver and Bone Marrow.


Based on the concept of "like supports like," consuming FEMALE OPTIMISE may strengthen and support women’s ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and mammary glands. This ancient superfood is especially rich in uterus, ovary, and mammary specific enzymes and peptides. These essential nutrients all work synergistically with each other in harmony with nature, and in harmony with the wisdom of our ancestors.

Peptides are tissue-specific information molecules, which influence gene expression, start the process of protein synthesis in cells, and regulate proper cell functioning. Enzymes are biological catalysts that encourage metabolic, catabolic, and digestive processes in the body, in other words, they help cells rebuild and detoxify.

A young, healthy woman's sex organs consistently produce an optimal amount of peptides and enzymes, but as she ages and is impacted by a number of different stressors ( environmental toxins, poor nutrition, stress, etc.) her ovaries, uterus, and mammary glands will decrease protein synthesis and no longer be able to form new peptides or enzymes. Deficiency of these nutrients results in cellular dysfunction, degenerative diseases, and accelerated ageing.

One of the most effective ways to counter this deficiency is the consumption of ovary, uterus, fallopian and mammary specific peptides and enzymes, by consuming their respective glandulars. While ovarian peptides and enzymes are only found within ovarian tissues, the same goes for uterus, and so on... it turns out mammalian specific peptides and enzymes are bio-identical to one another. In other words, bovine peptides and enzymes are accepted by the human body as our own endogenous substances. Consuming glands from a healthy animal supplies a woman’s body with peptides and enzymes her body can recognise and use.



  • Pasture Raised In Australia
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried & Non-Defatted
  • Third Party Tested For Purity
  • Allergen Free


Our nose-to-tail product line is always from grass fed, inspected animals born and raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Health of livestock used for manufacturing in Australia is closely monitored by a world leading biosecurity system that is second to none, and is a global exemplar. Strict government licensing, auditing and certification procedures mean that our genuine Australian freeze dried products can be used with complete confidence in their origin, safety and efficacy. Freeze-drying preserves the heat sensitive vitamins, minerals and co-factors of components leaving the nutrients in the same balance as found in nature.



  • Serving Size: 4 Capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 40




  • Grass Fed Reproductive Tissue (Bovine) 1100MG- Ovary, Uterus, and Fallopian Tubes
  • Grass Fed Mammary (Bovine) 300MG
  • Grass Fed Liver (Bovine) 300MG
  • Grass Fed Bone Marrow (Bovine) 300MG


OTHER INGREDIENTS: (Beef Gelatin) Capsules

SUGGESTED USE: Four capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Product information and statements made are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Ancestral Health and Ancient Nutrition 

Chronic disease is, by and large, a uniquely modern problem. Throughout most of our species’ existence, humans lived largely free of the illnesses that plague so many today. So what changed—and what didn’t? Our environment and our genes, respectively. We’re designed for the hunter–gatherer lifestyle, yet we live as sedentary shoppers, and our well-being suffers as a result. Ancestral health offers a path for helping yourself, or your clients, reclaim the natural vitality our ancestors enjoyed.

What Is Ancestral Health?

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our ancestors laid out the blueprint for healthy living for us to follow: eat real food, move frequently and sometimes intensively, and give our bodies time to recover. Much has changed since the Paleolithic era. Our jobs often require we sit at a desk for hours on end; there are grocery stores, filled with food-like items at our fingertips—meaning that you may not be following that time-tested plan. Yet, as humans, we remain biologically adapted to life on the land.

When we don’t live as our ancestors did, we create a mismatch between our genes and our environment that drives chronic disease. Ancestral health is a prescription for correcting that imbalance. It’s the antidote to chronic illness, and its steps are simple. By eating nourishing meals, sitting less and exercising more, keeping a lid on stress, and getting good sleep, you can stave off the most common conditions and feel—or, if you’re a Functional Medicine practitioner, help your patients feel—their very best.

Getting Started

There’s no such thing as an optimal human diet, or one diet that works for every individual. However, there are foods that humans, from an ancestral health perspective, are designed to eat. These are the foods our Paleolithic ancestors consumed; thus, eating them is called following the Paleo diet or Paleo template.

Those foods include meats, especially organ meats, fish and shellfish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, and starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes, along with healthy fats. You may also discover that full-fat dairy products are a healthful addition for you and that you enjoy and tolerate some legumes well. A wealth of delicious options abound.

Why You Should Exercise like Your Ancestors

When you picture a hunter–gatherer, do you picture him lounging lazily on the sofa? Of course not. Our ancestors were almost always on the move. They had to exert themselves, and often quite strenuously, to survive: they sprinted, jogged, climbed, carried, and jumped intermittently throughout the day, on top of walking and running.

Of course, this is in part why they stayed naturally lean and fit. You can too by mimicking the way they moved and embracing ancestral health. That doesn’t just mean hopping on a treadmill for 30 minutes or practicing a session of high-intensity interval training or lifting weights a few days a week. It also means sitting less—a lot less—and moving more every day.

How to Live an Ancestral Lifestyle

You focus on diet and exercise, knowing they’re crucial to being your healthiest self. But how much thought do you give to your sleep? Or to your relationships or the amount of time you spend in nature or let yourself play? These lifestyle choices have an equally important role to play in well-being.

While our Paleolithic ancestors ate high-quality, nourishing foods and moved almost constantly, they also allowed themselves to rest—to shake off the stress of fleeing a predator or a challenging hunt. Although we live in a culture that values productivity and activity above all else, we can say no to the chronic stress our busy lives create and embrace more ancestral lifestyles.


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