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Swan and Mantis Magnesium Colloid 100ml

Swan and Mantis Magnesium Colloid 100ml

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Improved Sleep

Muscle Relaxation

Tension Headaches

Stress Relief

Nerve Function



Our Magnesium Colloid is a highly concentrated and bioavailable for of magnesium. With a generous 150mg of ionic magnesium per milliliter, it's a convenient way to boost your magnesium levels.


Magnesium is essential for nerve function, heart health, blood sugar regulation, and digestion. Plus, many find it helpful for improving sleep quality, relieving tension headaches, and reducing anxiety.



1ml 1-2 times per day.



USP Grade Magnesium Chloride, which is an approved ingredient by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) for use in Organic and Biodynamic Certified products, and pure distilled water.