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Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt

Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt

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Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt: Achieve a Flawless, Streak-Free Tan, Naturally

Product Description:

Looking for a streak-free, professional-looking self-tan without the stained hands? Look no further than the Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt! This innovative mitt is designed to help you achieve a flawless, even tan every time, while being kind to the environment.

Here's what makes the Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt special:

  • Eco-friendly materials: Made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials, this mitt is a guilt-free way to achieve a beautiful tan.
  • Double-sided design: One side applies self-tanning mousse evenly, while the other buffs for a flawless finish and contouring.
  • Streak-free application: The soft, velour material ensures smooth and even application, minimizing the risk of streaks.
  • Protects hands: Say goodbye to stained hands! The mitt keeps your hands clean and free from self-tanner.
  • Award-winning: Winner of the Organic Beauty Awards 2020 &amp, 2021 and Vegan Choice Awards 2021.

Best uses:

  • Applying self-tanning mousse or lotion for a natural-looking tan
  • Buffing and contouring for a seamless finish
  • Maintaining a streak-free, even tan

Key ingredients:

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable materials (specific materials may not be disclosed publicly)